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Tournament Arc - A [2/2][NQ][Solo]

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Tournament Arc - A [2/2][NQ][Solo] Empty Thu Jan 21, 2021 7:44 pm

He had barely managed to defeat the girl, showing exactly how much the tournament had changed. And from what he was hearing, it was all thanks to the rumors floating around about a powerful fighter who always showed up to defeat the current champion, but never stayed around to defend his title. Apparently, no matter who took the title of champion, he would always show up and defeat them. That was true yes, he did always show up and defeat the current champion, and then would leave and let someone else take his place. However, he wasn’t some amazing fighter.

Mikajia had skill as a martial artist, and had been training for the better part of over half his life, which meant he could almost be classified as a master. However, he certainly didn’t qualify for a title like “Legendary Warrior”, that was for sure. Yet, that’s what they were calling him. It was so embarrassing, that Mikajia had actually decided to cover his face, preferring to finish this fight anonymously. He had confidence in his skills, and he wasn’t afraid to say that he was a skilled martial artist, because he knew he could always back it up. But he never actually bragged.

Considering how much he hated arrogance, especially misplaced arrogance, he honestly felt he would rather kill himself than become one of those idiots that ends up eating their words. In a way, it was almost a fear he had, of one day overestimating his skill and being made a fool of. Some might consider it extreme, but he would honestly rather die than be one of those people. He didn’t know why he felt like that, just that it had been that way for him as far back as he could remember. And honestly, that’s fine.

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As far as he was concerned, he’d much prefer to overthink some things, and give his opponent more credit than they deserved, rather than find himself eating pavement because he was cocky. It also meant that he typically had a lot of energy and mana left after a fight, because he didn’t just fire spells off at random. That’s not to say that he didn’t have a decent reservoir of mana built up now. He had been working hard and climbing the ranks as quickly as he could. It would be impossible to do that, if he just half-baked his efforts.

He had managed to build up both a decent repertoire of spells, as well as a reserve of mana at this point, so he knew he could afford to be just a bit more reckless at times, but it was just too ingrained in him at this point. He was sitting there in the stands, contemplating how he would go about defeating his next opponent when he heard a gasp. He looked up to see a man holding the severed head of his opponent. He locked eyes with Mikajia as he dropped the head to the floor.

Mikajia assumed this was supposed to be some form of intimidation. If only this fool knew exactly who he was dealing with. Actually though, maybe he did, those eyes were staring at him in a way that made Mikajia think this guy knew exactly who Mikajia was. Did he know his actual name too, that he was merely here on business? Or maybe he just recognized his fighting style from the last few times Mikajia had participated in this tournament. He couldn’t quite put his finger on what exactly the man seemed so sure about. So it seemed he would need to just challenge the man and find out.

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One thing was for certain, he would need to take that fight more seriously than most others, considering the guy had no hesitation in decapitating his opponent. Death was in fact a possible, and sometimes expected result of these fights, that was true, but it was honestly fairly rare from what he’d seen. Hell, Mikajia had very nearly killed multiple opponents during his appearances here. He hadn’t though, simply due to the fact it often painted a target on your back, and he didn’t feel like dealing with that headache any sooner than he absolutely had to.

Yeah, it certainly made things easier, but at least for now, Mikajia needed to be able to move about freely. Having a bounty placed on his head would certainly make that harder. So for now, he ended his fights without bloodshed. He also respected his opponents, if they were deserving of it, of course. Arrogant little shitheads however, received plenty of pain and suffering from him during their fights, that they frequently ended up wishing he would just kill them.

During this time around, he also noticed more people using magic as well, which meant a lot more severe injuries being dolled out in the ring. This was definitely turning out to be much more exciting than he ever thought this tournament could be. And that got him thinking back to the woman he had just fought. How he had needed to almost push himself to his limit to defeat her through physical means, and wondering at how the outcome might have differed if they had been using magic. On one hand, he wanted to know what the outcome might have been, on the other, he was afraid to know. It was a difficult matter to wrestle in his mind. He certainly liked winning, and always tried his best to reach that outcome. But he also couldn’t deny that there obviously were better fighters out there.

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He took a deep breath, then slowly exhaled, letting his frustration go. Mikajia honestly couldn’t remember the last time he had faced a foe that had pushed him as hard as she had. But it was pointless to sit there, constantly pondering the what-ifs. It certainly wouldn’t do him any good. So he took a few deep breaths, then refocused on the fights happening in front of him right now. And as he watched, he realized, he might have his work cut out for him with any of the upcoming fights. He arched a brow, marveling at how effective just a few rumors could be.

Mikajia let a grin spread across his face. Instead of worrying about if he lost, he decided to focus just on actually enjoying himself. After all, it had been a while since he’d had a good challenge. The woman he’d just fought, had pushed his physical skills, maybe he was about to be tested with his magical ones as well. But he was also honestly a little worried. After all, magic was far more destructive, obviously. Any serious battle with magic was bound to cause the whole place to be reduced to rubble.

However, at the very least, even just using basic spells would cause a simple fight to be much more deadly and difficult. Considering over half the fights now involved magic, Mikajia knew a fundamental shift had happened somewhere along the way. As the last fight before his next one came to a close, he let his magic surge through him, a dark grin spreading across his lips, unseen beneath his makeshift mask. His eyes panned across the contestants, finally lighting upon the man to be his next challenger. He could sense a strong magic power coming off the man, making his eyes flare up with excitement.

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The man was of roughly the same stature as Mikajia, just a bit taller, which made him pretty massive in comparison to most people, considering Mikajia was six-foot-four. As they both approached the ring, they each sized up the other, determining if the other had any actual skill or experience. Mikajia was not upset to see that the man was clearly experienced in actual combat. The way he carried himself told Mikajia that he would be in for a real challenge, probably more so than any others. This was also the man that he had watched decapitate his opponent.

Unfortunately, his attention had been drawn elsewhere at the time, so he hadn’t been able to see exactly what the man had used to kill his opponent. He figured; the bright side of this matter was that absolutely no one here had seen Mikajia use his magic in any form. So, they were both in a similar situation. That meant, the deciding factor in their fight would be who could land the first blow. That hit would determine the entire fight. He could feel his senses kicking in to overdrive as he mentally prepared himself for the fight to come.

There was no denying, this man was going to attempt to kill him, and he would succeed if Mikajia didn’t take this fight seriously, and fight with everything he had. As he stepped up to the ring, he let his Daemon blood take over; his eyes turning completely black, two large black wings sprouting from his back, signifying for all to see, what he truly was. The man across from him didn’t even flinch, instead grinning darkly as he let his body shift like Mikajia’s. He wasn’t a Daemon like Mikajia was. Instead, this man began to physically shift, his hair growing longer, fingers lengthening, and fingernails sharpening to a deadly point. The changes continued till the man he was staring at was almost one meter taller than he had been before, with his entire body now being covered in fur. He was a werewolf.

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He had yet to actually fight against a werewolf yet, but he knew from everything he’d read and herd, he would be in for a very difficult fight. He stretched his wings out, flexing them and getting a better feel for the extra appendages. He had only recently discovered this form, and unfortunately it was still somewhat incomplete. He didn’t know how else to describe it except, it felt like he was standing at the final step, inches away from the precipice. But this would have to do for now. He would simply have to rely on his experience and instincts.

They both held wicked grins as the two transformed fighters fully entered the ring. The stands were filled with manic onlookers, the people practically becoming crazed with the expected bloodbath between these two fighters. They began slowly circling around each other, making the final adjustments to their estimations as to the actual capabilities of the other. That’s when Mikajia let loose his Fear ability. It was a skill he usually kept tucked away, considering it made it incredibly obvious what he was. However, it also served to actually weaken his foes, which, considering how resilient werewolves were, he would need every advantage he could muster. As soon as the wave of energy was released, he heard a symphony of gasps, chokes and stutters as all the weaker people were nearly reduced to tears at simply being so close to him.

Almost every single person in the stands was left frozen in fear as his ability rolled over them. His opponent however was not so heavily affected. That’s not to say nothing at all happened. The werewolf did falter slightly, taking a few steps back from Mikajia. That told him that his opponent wasn’t quite at his level, considering opponents of equal strength could withstand the ability as if nothing at all was happening.

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What’s more, werewolves that could completely transform also ended up with a decent little extra resilience to magic and physical attacks. So the fact his fear was actually making him step back some, told Mikajia that this man was at least one rank below him on the spectrum. That meant that Mikajia was still to be the likely winner, however, that didn’t mean this would be easy. Quite frankly, he still could lose this fight if he wasn’t careful. He withdrew his dagger from its sheath, spun it around a couple times before gripping it tight; blade facing downward.

Mikajia knew this fight needed to end quickly. The longer it was drawn out, the more his mana would be drained, and that would obviously be detrimental. The werewolf started flexing, letting his muscles ripple as he extended his claws even further. With no more hesitation, the two fighters lunged at each other. A second before they clashed, Mikajia cast two spells almost immediately; the first covering the ground beneath the two of them with chains, the second as soon as he took off into the air with the aid of his wings, throwing a ball of chains down at his opponent.

The two spells were meant to try and bind his target, but he knew the man would be able to simply tear through them. As the werewolf shredded through his spells, Mikajia tossed the dagger into the air, and with two free hands, simultaneously cast two offensive spells at the werewolf. Immediately after grabbing the dagger from the air, he used his free hand to cast one more spell. Forming a tether and pulling himself towards the werewolf at incredible speed, beating his spells to the target by a fraction of a second. As he passed by the beast, he barely dodged a swipe aimed at his head, feeling the claws rake through his hair, then swiped at the beast’s side.

WC = 2,216/2,000

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The werewolf attempted to dodge, but was a fraction too slow. The dagger only nicked him, but that was all Mikajia needed. With that nick, the ability of his dagger took effect, blinding and silencing his target. A fraction of a second later, the werewolf was hit full force with two spells, crying out with the blunt hits, and screaming as he wildly flung around, attempting to shred through the chains again. Mikajia crouched then sprung at the beast, a circle appearing around his hand, then his leg before it became enveloped in chains. He spun around before landing a heavy kick at the beast’s back, then quickly launching himself off the beast’s back, letting the link of chain left behind start to wrap around the beast.

As he flew back into the air, he extended his free hand, causing a large chain to spring forward. He swung down at the beast, bringing the large chain down on the werewolf with incredible force. A howl of pain could be heard through the area as he finally landed a solid hit on the beast. He didn’t like having to rely on mostly his magic, but unfortunately he could tell, if he tried to fight this beast on the ground in melee range, he’d most likely lose. So he had to use what he could to win. Otherwise, this man would undoubtedly attempt to kill Mikajia, and he obviously had a problem with that.

As soon as he saw his opening, he struck, landing his strongest spell on the beast. As soon as the creature was stuck in the bind, Mikajia landed then imposed the condition that the werewolf couldn’t use physical attacks against him. And considering fully transformed werewolves couldn’t use magic, that meant the beast was bound and powerless now.

WC = 2,516/2,000

Tournament Arc - A [2/2][NQ][Solo] Maxresdefault

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He didn’t wait for the man to decide to switch back, running forward and jumping into the air. Mikajia spun around and landed as strong of a kick as he possibly could muster, hitting the werewolf squarely in the side of his jaw. The force of the blow snapped his head around and sent him flying sideways, slamming hard into the ground. Considering the werewolf was deaf and blind, he had no way of knowing which way Mikajia was coming from, and wasn’t able to brace himself.

Mikajia was a bit worried that he might have actually killed the man, but actually breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the werewolf actually breathing. However, his body began reverting back to humanoid. Mikajia made sure to keep the bind on the man as he walked forward, then kneeled down next to him and checked to see if he was still conscious. A second later, Mikajia turned to the ref, informing him the man was out cold. With that, the ref gladly called the match, giving Mikajia the win. He then began reverting back to his humanoid form and released his spell on the man, then turned and exited the ring.

Some of the people watching said he won by a landslide, but he had to disagree. Mikajia wasn’t all that proud of how he had beaten the werewolf, but he knew that if he hadn’t utilized every tactic at his disposal, the werewolf would have won, and definitely attempted to end his life. So he really had no choice. He wasn’t about to try and fight honorably when he knew his opponent had no intention of doing the same. He strolled away from the ring, his coat slung over his shoulder and made his way up to the stands. His final fight would be coming soon, where he would challenge the current champion. He was getting even more excited now.

Daemon Transformation:

Spells Used:

Weapon Used:

Daemon Transformation (5 Posts) = 700 Mana
Spells (50% Man Reduction) = 625 Mana

Mana: 1,475/2,800

WC = 2,836/2,000

Tournament Arc - A [2/2][NQ][Solo] Maxresdefault

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