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The Legend Of Hamasuke [Quest][Solo]

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The Legend Of Hamasuke [Quest][Solo] Empty Thu Jan 21, 2021 4:12 pm

Some time had passed since Mikajia had worked with the mysterious necromancer known as Cain. They were some of the strangest requests he’d ever received, but the man always made good on his payment, so Mikajia of course had no problem with him. A lot of people held a certain level of distaste or distrust for necromancers. He couldn’t completely blame them after all, but preferred to make his own judgement based of his personal experiences with the individual. And as far as Mikajia could tell, so long as he continued to execute his jobs favorably, there would be no reason for either to distrust the other.

He certainly found some of the man’s methods rather questionable, but considering what he had just went through with the blacksmith, he didn’t think much else could leave such a bad taste in his mouth. Mikajia had been making his way home from the market, grabbing some new groceries, when he was approached by a familiar woman in a maid outfit. She didn’t say anything, just handed Mikajia a letter, then wandered off. He decided he would read the letter after making his way back to his loft and putting away his groceries.

Once home, and chore done, he turned to the letter, opened the envelope and read the contents. From what he could tell, it was a bit similar to his last task for the necromancer. This time though, it was just one man that he wanted killed, instead of a whole party. Apparently this guy was nothing but a nuisance with too much money, and not enough sense to keep his mouth shut. From what he gathered, this guy came from a wealthy family, but didn’t possess any particular skill for combat, and instead used his family’s money to buy himself special armor and weapons.

WC = 304/1,500

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What’s worse, this fool apparently thought himself quite the capable adventurer thanks to the gear making him appear better than he actually was. On top of that, he also used his wealth to purchase three elven slaves, and used their magic to add to his strength. As he read this letter, his eyes burned in hatred. People like this fool absolutely disgusted him. Claiming to be skilled, and having the audacity to boast arrogantly over his supposed ‘skill’, when he obviously had nothing to do with it. As he read this letter, Mikajia felt an overwhelming desire to tear this man to shreds.

Few things made him feel such bloodlust as encountering someone arrogant with no reason to be. Letting their overinflated egos take control and make a general fool of themselves. He would be looking forward to showing this fool exactly how weak he actually was. The letter mentioned that this man and his elven slaves would be making their way into the tomb, and they were apparently searching for one more member to join them on the expedition. So Mikajia was to be that final person, and while they were in the tomb, make sure this idiot came to an untimely demise.

It was easy enough, especially considering how gullible and idiotic this fool was. From what the letter told him, this man practically believed anything and everything he was told. Which was probably how he had come to think so highly of himself, despite all of his recent accomplishments being the work of his gear or slaves. As he thought about it, it would certainly be easy enough to lure this guy in to the same kind of trap he’d used on the last group, but that would mostly depend on how willing the elves would be to lie to and betray the man. If he had to guess, it wouldn’t be all that difficult. Mikajia imagined that anybody stuck serving that airhead had to be in agony every day.

WC = 637/1,500

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There was one final thing the letter mentioned. According to some past explorers that made their way into the area of the tomb this group was going in, there seemed to be some kind of powerful monster that liked to lay in wait, ambushing explorers and quickly maiming and deforming their bodies, if they were lucky enough to escape. The beast was also very swift, so there were no real descriptions of what this beast actually looked like, just some random and ludicrous theories. And from what he could tell, they seemed to grow increasingly ludicrous with each telling.

Some said it looked like some kind of chimera, others said it resembled a bear with a long tail, others said it was like a massive beaver. If nothing else worked, Mikajia figured they could just leave the fool to die at the hands of this mysterious beast. He certainly wouldn’t have a problem with that. And who knew, maybe if they offered him up like a sacrifice, maybe the creature would just leave the rest of them alone. He highly doubted that, but hey, it didn’t hurt to dream. Mikajia read through the letter once more, making sure he hadn’t missed anything important.

When he was sure he had all the information he would need, he tossed the letter then started getting ready. Once he had all his gear gathered and put on, he left his loft, quickly making his way to the meet up spot the group had listed in their original job posting. As he got closer, he had to make sure he had a good grip on his Fear. His joining them under the guise of an ally would be completely pointless if they instantly started to fear him from the moment he walked up to them.

WC = 937/1,500

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He had a pretty good understanding of the ability by this point, so it wasn’t too difficult to keep it reigned in. However, literally less than five seconds around the pompous prick that was Vezio, and he already wanted to take him back to when he’d dealt with the girl being possessed by the cursed blade, and let her literally tear this man apart, leaving his limbs and head strewn all over the street. It was a good thing he had an excellent poker face. The arrogant fool instantly started bitching the moment he saw Mikajia, saying he was very late, and how unprofessional it was to leave a man of his stature waiting.

One of Mikajia’s eyes barely twitched before he gave the man his best apologetic smile and said sorry for being so late, even though he was literally less than five minutes past the time they had asked someone to arrive. The fool then made matters even worse for himself by stating that he saw no reason as to why he had been encouraged to ask for help from such weaklings and cannon fodder. That surely no one thought him incapable of dealing with this entire tomb on his own. It was preposterous of anyone to assume he would need any assistance at all.

Mikajia had to swallow hard, as he felt some vomit trying to escape while he listened to this dumbass. It literally felt like he was losing braincells by the second as he listened to the arrogant drivel spewing out of this fool’s disgusting gaping mouth. Mikajia wanted to kill him right here and now. His hand twitched ever so closely to his dagger, but he stopped himself before he could actually draw the weapon. If there was one thing people could count on about Mikajia, it was that, no matter the task, he always completed his job.

WC = 1,251/1,500

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He hadn’t failed a single job yet, and he wasn’t about to let that reputation become tarnished, especially by gutter trash like this arrogant fool. While the moron continued to talk and attempt to further degrade Mikajia, he simply tuned the man out, focusing instead on the elven slaves behind him. The fool had three female wood elf slaves standing behind him. The three looked absolutely beautiful, as one might expect of elves, each possessing a different color of hair, and striking visual features that made them almost appear unreal, in their exotic beauty.

Though he was gay, he could definitely appreciate how beautiful these women were. And as he watched, something about their stances, how they held themselves as if to try and stay hidden as much as possible told him all he needed to know about this filth. Even as a criminal, he still had lines he wouldn’t cross, everyone did. And it became all too apparent to Mikajia that this arrogant fool in front of him had crossed that line with these slaves. He felt his eyes glow a bright crimson as he looked away. He took a deep breath to center himself again and calm his eyes.

Now wasn’t the time to lose his composure. If he killed the man right now, it would mean he had botched his job. The client needed this man to die in the tombs. So, like it or not, he had to stomach the nauseating personality of Vezio just a little while longer. They would be entering the tomb soon enough, and once inside, he just needed to lead their little group to the beast the letter had mentioned. From there, he could let that creature take over and dispose of Vezio for him. He let images of Vezio’s mangled and lifeless body drift through his mind, calming him.

WC = 1,560/1,500

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Once inside, it only took a short while to locate the area the letter had described. At least, that’s what he would have liked to say. Instead, their trip through the tomb ended up taking exponentially longer due to the fact that Vezio believed his internal compass was perfect, and kept second guessing every suggestion Mikajia made. Now, granted, Mikajia was in fact trying to lead Vezio to his death, but couldn’t he be a good sport and just play along? Of course not. So rude.

Roughly two hours after the small group made their way into the tombs, Mikajia finally saw the first signs that they were approaching the nesting grounds of a massive creature. He couldn’t outright see the beast, but a chill down his spine told him they were definitely being watched by something powerful. Mikajia drowned out the annoying sounds of Vezio’s voice as he looked around the large open area, doing his best to find some tiny symbol to tell him where this beast was hiding. However, his search was cut short right as they entered the middle of the room. They heard something like the sounds of hardened nails being scrapped against a chalkboard as hard as they could. It felt like the sound was piercing the very insides of his brain.

The sound very nearly crippled the whole group, Mikajia included, as they stood there, trying to protect their ears from the sound. The next moment, an absolutely massive creature jumped down amongst them from a small crevice hidden away in the ceiling. The next moment, the creature made a massive strike against Vezio. Unfortunately, between the gear and the buffing magic the elves were using on him, the fool actually managed to block the attack fairly easily. Mikajia slumped a bit, disappointed at this turn of events.

WC = 1,865/1,500

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The creature, as it turns out, looked like a massive hamster, one that was almost three times the size of a full-grown bear. But instead of the normal stub for a tail that hamsters had, it had a snake, one as large as a python. It was a rather odd creature, but very powerful from what he could tell. Unfortunately, even though it was strong, the combination of Vezio’s gear and the buffs from the elves meant that he was actually holding his own. Mikajia’s mouth curled up in a contemptuous snarl as he watched for a bit longer.

Finally, an idea struck him. He looked over to the elves, none of them looked happy in the slightest. The three elves obviously had no desire to be there helping this filth fight the creature. So Mikajia quickly made his way over to them. At first, the elves seemed to shrink away from Mikajia, but a moment later, he started telling them how he would gladly help them get out of this place if they stopped helping Vezio. At first they were worried, wondering how they would survive this encounter. But then Mikajia pointed out that the creature Vezio was fighting, wasn’t as dumb as it looked. This entire time, it had only been concentrating on Vezio. That meant this beast only fought those that were outrightly seeking to fight and harm the beast. That meant that they could quickly be rid of Vezio if they were willing to work with Mikajia.

It took no more convincing after that. Once the elves knew they would be safe, they quickly cut off their supply of magic to Vezio. Without the buffs supplied by the elves, the man quickly became overwhelmed by the hamster creature. The next moment, the man was sent flying against a wall at incredible speed.

WC = 2,171/1,500

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With that hit, Vezio’s sword was knocked out of his hands, and much of his armor had been torn off. Mikajia’s senses told him this fool would be no more difficult to defeat than a newborn baby. The man removed himself from the wall, screaming obscenities at them, telling them they would regret this, and he would have the slaves defiled in ways they never thought possible. He would make sure they were left to rot in the sun, but only after every last shred of dignity and self-respect was ripped away. As Mikajia listened to the filth spewing from his mouth, he felt his blood beginning to boil.

The elves grouped together in fear, thinking this fool could somehow actually make good on his threat. Mikajia motioned to the creature as it was about to attack, ”Stay.” He said, his voice ringing clear as a bell in this room. All eyes turned to him, the creature stopped then sat back on its legs, watching him with curiosity. The elves and Vezio looked at him, the elves with uncertainty, Vezio with haughty arrogance. However, a second later, all of their looks changed. He let his eyes, pupils and all completely shift to black as he let the Daemon blood surge with power. The next second, two massive black wings sprouted from his back, and he let his Fear ability surge forth with the force of a tidal wave all around him.

”You will die here, you pathetic scum.” Said Mikajia, his voice practically dripping with wrath. He withdrew his dagger, then a second later, lunged forward with as much force as he could muster. A second later, he was stopping just behind Vezio. He stood up, let his Daemon form shift back to looking more human, and turned around just in time to watch Vezio’s head fall off his body.

WC = 2,477/1,500

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The next second, he withdrew his Fear, watching as the elves each slumped to their knees, breathing heavily. He turned to them saying, ”Sorry about that. But don’t worry, you’re free to go now.” And motioned towards the way they had come. He then turned to the creature, letting it know that they had no need to bring the decapitated fool back with them, but didn’t know how good an arrogant coward would taste. Apparently, it didn’t matter much, as the creature looked hungrily at the headless body with blood pooling around its form. As they left the area, they could hear the sounds of the creature helping itself to the deceased Vezio. A pleasant smile could be seen on all of their faces, his and the elves as they walked away.

Once at the entrance to the tomb, he sent the elves on their way, wishing them the best of luck. Soon after that, Mikajia was approached by the same woman that had handed him the letter for this job. She asked him what the creature had been like, and what had happened to Vezio. Mikajia wasted no time in explaining their encounter with the massive hamster creature and the demise of Vezio. She showed no remorse for his death, which was no shocker, considering his death was part of his job.

Satisfied with his recollection of the events, she handed him his payment, then wished him a good day before turning and leaving. Mikajia happily pocketed the jewels then made his way back to his loft. He didn’t know what else to expect from working with Cain, but something told him he would be finding out very soon, as from what he had been told about the group, there should only be one or two more groups to deal with regarding the expedition into the tombs. Mikajia didn’t know exactly why Cain was so against these people exploring the tomb, but that honestly didn’t matter. All that mattered was that he got paid for his work.

Daemon Transformation:

Name: Daemon
Mana Cost: 5% of Total Base Mana
Requirements: 50 RP Posts as Daemon; At Least C-Rank
Type: Transformation
Range: Self
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Sustain
Effect: The user's eyes burn a bright black light and they materialise a pair of 2 meters long black wings that allow them to fly up to 5 meters above ground. All the Attributes of the user are increased by 20% of their base amount. This is a transformation and not a spell. Therefore, it cannot be cancelled by artefacts or magics that can cancel spells.

Mana: 2,660/2,800

WC = 2,813/1,500

The Legend Of Hamasuke [Quest][Solo] Maxresdefault

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