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Proletarian Shopping [Quest] [Solo]

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#1Zyl Noct 

Proletarian Shopping [Quest] [Solo] Empty Thu Jan 21, 2021 2:05 pm

Zyl Noct
Another day, another quest. Zyl was thinking to himself about how easily he was falling into this routine, but when will the real fun start? Having already set up a small base of operations, Zyl found himself just really looking at the quest board for something to do now. Today's quest was no different, some kid wanted help and was offering to pay what he had saved up. "Probably just some orphan with only a few scrapes of money, but whatever... a job's a job, and I need to start saving up." He said out loud as he turned the corner to where he was supposed to meet the quest giver.

Terrified at the recognition, the kid instinctively reaches to cover his neck and takes a couple steps back. "YOU?" he squeaks. Zyl is slightly surprised at the fact that this is the same brat from the other day that he had stuck the barrel of his gun to, accidentally branding him. "Kid, still no patience... make it quick or I leave" he utters coldly as he starts to turn around.

"I don't steal anymore! please don't go! honest, I gave up stealing, but neither you or the old man didn't say anything about others stealing for me... and I need food for me and my friends. Enough for to feed the lot of us a week, from the old man that hired you last time!"
He nearly half commanded, Zyl had to commend the kid, at least he had courage, or maybe because it was Zyl that had accepted the contact that the kid felt more confident the he'd listen.

Zyl nods, then walks off. 'Back to the old man... how'd it come to this?' He thought to himself. Regardless, now the planning had to happen within a few minutes.

"Screw it..." Zyl says as he pulls out the pistols. "Sorry old man, but this ain't about you or me, need all the food you can put into 10 bags, NOW!" he commands as he watches the old man scramble across his shop filling bags. Zyl reaches down and grabs a small bag of sweets and pockets them.

Twirling one pistol in hand, Zyl gives a message to the old man that this is taking too long and the old man starts to move faster. Eventually getting 10 bags on the counter. "There! you blasted no good hooligan!" he says as Zyl has already scooped up the bags in one arm and has begun walking away.

some several minutes later of taking side roads and back alleys just to make sure no guards were on his tail, Zyl arrives back at his meeting point and places all the bags down before the kid. "There we go, as agreed upon. Name's Zyl, don't forget it."

The kid says something in his excitement that sounded like Jerr but Zyl couldn't quite hear him. Zyl had his hands shoved in by a small bag and then gets up to walk away.

Not a bad way to end the day Zyl thinks to himself as he pops a candy into his mouth from the bottom of his mask.

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