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Lost in the moment [Judina]

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#1Aura Chou 

Lost in the moment [Judina] Empty Thu Jan 21, 2021 11:33 am

Aura Chou
It has been many months since she touched the lands of Fiore. So far the mystery behind the country was still a mystery. The people here were not so bad when it came to how they treated her. Most people that were from Joya or even went there knew Kitsunes with multiple tails were a godsend. Even if that was a fact, she did not feel like that herself. Being unique was a curse, a bad omen as people loved to enslave unique people for money. After her run-in with Manzo, she was left alone for a few months to defend herself. It was scary, but then she ran into a tall man in a business outfit who offered her money.

All she had to do was sing and dance as those two things were her favorite things to do. She will for now only sing Joyan till they teach her how to speak fluent Fiorian. Her business 'person' told her to go to Hosenka as that was her first gig. She was anxious and afraid as she got to the city. Unlike the open fields of tickling grass and round mountains, this was covered in buildings and full of people. Aura felt lost as she could not find the place she needed to be. To not attract attention she only had one tail formed as her heart raced, panicking. ''Ooou, where is the theater?" She quietly spoke in Joyan. Her eyes squinted to clearly see if there were any signs.

Lost in the moment [Judina] Xz55h710
#2Judina † 

Lost in the moment [Judina] Empty Fri Jan 22, 2021 7:00 am

Judina †
What a time to adjust too, such a time Judina did not realize she still needed to focus on getting use to the area her guild would be considering it's base at, thus now she was in Hosenka looking around and see what all she could take into account to learn, It was an vastly different area then the normal town of Fiore she was use too.

Alistair however was just being himself the casual lazy cat, Judina could be seen trying to wake up Alistair from a long nap he had been having, where was he having this nap exactly? by the theater Judina had left him alone for the most part as she roamed about.

For the most part she was done with her roaming."Come on Alistair....you choose a horrible time to take a nap..."She did not sound annoyed or anything she just seemed like she had wanted to move on with her day, For a massive size cat, Alistair was interesting by looks, in some way however Alistair did also just act like a normal house cat.

So for now, Alistair would be left where he slept, No like anyone could steal a massive cattain, Since well he was just as powerful as a tiger, Anyone might not live dealing with Alistair if ever ordered to attack or fight, unless they were a trained fighter.

Hearing some one ask where the theatre was Judina had no problem walking over and just saying."Over here is the theatre."Judina would mention because well, She did not mind entirely just taking her time to mention these things to some one else, it was a simple task, as well as it gave Alistair more time to nap, Like Judina had a choice to move him and had it easy waking him up.

Lost in the moment [Judina] Alexss10

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