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Clemisa Everdeen

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#1Clemisa Everdeen 

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Clemisa Everdeen


Name: Clemisa Everdeen

Age: October 31, 778 (12)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Questioning

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian.

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian.

Class: Gunslinger

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Purple, left hand.

Face: Clementine, Telltales: The Walking Dead


Height: 4'11"

Weight: 65 lbs.

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: brown

Overall: She's a petite street rat looking girl wearing dirty clothing often torn and has visible dirt marks on her face. Her skin is a light brown tone naturally. Her hair is naturally curly and cut short, the loose ends tied up with purple hair thingies.

Her eyes often look sad, showing that she has been through far more struggles than any child should ever be exposed to. She's often seen dressed in very tomboyish styles, mostly for comfort and easier to run away from potential danger or those she stole from. She may often be seen covered in bruises or scratches from shoplifting and pickpocket attempts gone wrong.

Extra: Wears her hair in short pigtails. Always has on her dirty-looking hat. Has a long scar on her left arm from a dog bite.


Clem's personality is best described as a caring and protective older sister. She does everything she can to make sure her baby brother is fed and cared for before even thinking of herself. She uses her gun skills to defend herself and her brother from those that would do her harm, however, because she's so young and small she is at a disadvantage against most adults and older teens. This is why she practices with guns. She has no aptitude for magic, but her dad had taught her how to shoot when she was 8 years old.

She isn't an evil person, however, she will do bad things if the end result benefits herself and her brother. She isn't against stealing or negotiating with people of all backgrounds to get what she needs to keep her brother alive. She's a sweet and caring person who values her friends, however, she hasn't had many opportunities to show that side of her. Having suffered so much loss in such a short time has caused her to become cold and defensive, not trusting strangers easily. One would have to prove their intentions to help her and her brother in order for her to be willing to open up to them.


  • Apples: They're her favorite fruit. She has been seen robbing fruit carts just to obtain one of these delicious snacks.
  • Purple: It's her favorite color.


  • Murderers: I'm sure it goes without saying that no one likes a murderer, however, Clem holds a deep personal hatred toward those who take life with no valid reason.
  • Liars: No one likes a liar, right? Well, Clem (while being a liar herself when she needs to) does not like being lied to.


  • Tadeo: Her one driving goal, the one thing that keeps her going above all else is that of her infant brother, Tadeo. She would die to keep him safe if she had to.


  • Being Alone: She's an orphan who lost everything. With her brother as the only family she has left, she fears losing him and being left on her own.
  • Dogs: During her travels as a street rat, she had an unfortunate encounter with a dog. Fighting her over a can of beans, she was bitten pretty badly and had to stitch her own arm.


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 11

Speed: 6

Constitution: 11

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 1


A small-town family, the Everdeen household wasn't rich but they weren't poor either. They were doing well enough to raise two children. Levi who was 10 and his newborn sister Clemisa. Life was relatively good for the family, and the kids grew up living happy normal lives. That is until Clemisa turned 12 years old and Levi turned 22 years old. Their mother became pregnant, which brought future financial problems to the household. Clemisa's dad decided to take his Gunslinger skills to join a Guild and earn extra jewels through the job board. Levi decided to stay home to help his mother take care of Clemisa while dealing with her pregnancy.

Everything was going well. The dad was moving up in the ranks and taking more dangerous higher paid jobs; despite the mom's worries for his safety. However, it was not a job that would be the downfall of her husband. The Guild he had joined was Penumbral Guard. It was destroyed during a raid and burnt to the ground. He was one of the victims to end up on a pike, leaving behind a heavily pregnant single mother. She spent the remaining few months of her pregnancy in tears, stress, and depression.  When it was finally time to give birth, the mother lost her life leaving her adult son to raise both of his siblings alone.

The baby was a boy. They named him Tadeo. Levi took a job to support himself and his younger siblings. Tadeo even joined Fairy Tail, and they offered to help support the family in any way possible. Shortly after joining, however, there was another raid burning over half of the Guild Hall to the ground. Levi didn't make it out alive. This left Clemisa and Tadeo as orphans. And she knew if they went to an orphanage there was a possibility they'd be separated. So, Clemisa took the newborn baby and ran away. She survived out on the streets for a couple of weeks or so, stealing to survive and picking pockets to afford formula. She was captured and punished a few times, but eventually, she became better at it. Most seeing her as a bad kid, she was only a child trying to keep her baby brother alive.

Reference: Rinni Faithe's Alt

Clemisa Everdeen Tumblr_p9z5wteqw41r8ifo5o1_400
Languages: Fiorian

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