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Sigvald Amadeus

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Name: Sigvald Amadeus

Age: 24, 17/6/766

Gender: male

Sexuality: bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Bellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Minstrelli

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo:  Slightly above his left shoulder blade but, near his neck, the tattoo is purple

Face: Jester - Darkest Dungeon by NKOV on DeviantArt


Height: 194 cm

Weight: 79 kg

Hair: Dirty blonde

Eyes: grey-green (he doesn’t have heterochromia, his eyes are just something between grey and green)

Overall: Tall and young looking man, with a somewhat angular, yet still soft looking face. His eyebrows are pretty thick and darker than his hair. Eyes have a dark border around them, usually from bags under his eyes, but he does sometimes hide it with makeup. His hair isn't particularly long, he tends to keep them rather short, so it’s easier to maintain.
He also often has some five o clock shadow, though he does shave regularly enough to keep his facial hair (that doesn’t grow too much anyway) almost nonexistent.
He has wide shoulders and thinner waist, though not much muscle on himself, since he’s not one to get into physical confrontations.

Extra: Few bruises and scars are usually visible on his body, be it from being beaten up or just failures when training.


Salacious, scandalous, sensansional, sensual, scion of sordid acts. Striding with such scintillating swagger only someone so self absorbed as Sigvald could seriously show such sickly and sinful spectacle to these stupid and sensless scums.

Sigvald’s personality is quite complicated as he is first and foremost an entertainer. Thus, he puts on an act to entertain. Sometimes he’s self absorbed, other times salacious, other times completely tame and gentle. Be he a court jester dancing and joking, be he a bearer of news. A traveling minstrel like him, has to be able to do a lot of things, thus for some a line between Sigvald the person and Sigvald the Actor is muddy.

While he’s neither self absorbed nor thinks other people are stupid, sensless scum, it’s hard to understand the man behind a mask, and while jesting and mockery are his tools of the trade and the source of his arcane might, he can be quite friendly, though still sometimes will jokingly mock even those he cares about. Old habits die hard after all and if those habits aren’t old at all… they don’t really die.

But worry not fine sire! Wonderful lady! The Jester is here! And he is here to brighten your day! So, on whom the joke may be today?


  • Art: Sigvald is a fan of great songs, ballads, paintings, limericks and so on. Art is worth the pain after all.

  • Traveling: One place can’t hold the Great and Powerful Sigvald in one place for too long after all!


  • Seriousness::Who could have guessed that a Jester doesn’t like when things are too serious?

  • Fake Artists:Stealing glory? Taking credit for work that isn’t yours? Flexing abilities that you don’t have? Oh, the jokes will be on you today then!


  • Creating a Magnum Opus: his main drive to do anything is to create a piece of art that shall be remembered for the ages.


  • Failing at his goal: But what if he’s not good enough to create a Magnum Opus?
  • Not being remembered:  He cares not for death. Only for the glory that it might bring. He is afraid however, it won’t bring any and the name of Sigvald the Jester shall be nothing more than a name on a tombstone, or worse, nothing at all.


Strength: 3

Speed: 6

Constitution: 5

Endurance: 5

Intelligence: 11


Magic Name: The Sound of Perseverance

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Enhancement: Lifesteal

Magic Description: A way of casting magic via singing, dancing, playing instruments or oration a.k.a. Bard’s specialty.
Most of the spells can be either played or sung, but overall it takes away any possibility of the magic to be cast quietly, forcing Sigvald to always be quite loud and in the center of attention. Some spells can be spoken, thought not in a regular way. Any casting motions using voice must be used at a volume that could be considered a yell.


A song of people from two different worlds. From countries separated by many kilometers. A son of a bard and a military man. Torn between art and duty, yet in the end choosing art.
A man with parents who both couldn’t reach their destiny. A traveling troubadour, a valiant swordmage. It’s a tale of hardship and magic.

His parents met during their travels and Sigvald for a long time didn’t really have a home so to speak. Born on the road, brought up in travels, his disdain for staying in one place for too long came from this strange upbringing. His mother was a part of a traveling circus in which his father was both a bodyguard and frequent visitor. His father often took contracts making him somewhat of a figure available only sometimes. Though Sigvalds and his father's relations are positive, his mother and other workers of the circus were bigger influences on his life.

He was a gifted child and it was apparent from a very young age. Quickly learning to speak, walk and even dance. He was destined for his role as a part of the circus.
And while it was something he did happily, he always felt emptiness. His art being also an outlet for his magical powers led many visitors of the circus to be enthralled by his performance.

But he wanted, needed and longed for more.

He wanted to be remembered as a more than just a circus jester or a street performer.
He wanted to be a legend.

No matter if a brutal, bloody, sad or terrifying one. He needed to be remembered.
But there was no more inspiration in the circus.

Thus, he needed to find it in the thunderous rhythm of battle. Howl and sizzling of spells and conflict, adventures and drama.

He needed to go on his own, to make a name for himself.

And die a glorious death.

He swore to be remembered. Not for his parents, not for the world, but for himself.

So that his name may forever be etched on the pages of history.

Reference: No one


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This character application has been approved.

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