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Zyl Noct

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Zyl Noct


Name: Zyl Noct

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelese

Class: Gunslinger

Race: Daemon

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Purple on back of right hand.

Face: OC


Height: 5’11”

Weight: 86 kg.(190 lbs.)

Hair: Jet Black Shoulder Length Hair

Eyes: Bright Amber

Overall: Standing at 5 feet 11 inches, Zyl has shoulder length black hair darker than a raven’s feather and eyes of amber. Tends to wear darker clothes to blend into the shadows around him and always keeps a face mask on so that way people can’t see his true face. This mask changes from time to time, and cycles through the designs of a fox, a wolf, a skull or a plain black void… each mask is supposed to represent something, but what? People don’t know. Zyl also has a hooded cloak to hide what he carries on him, this cloak is very light in weight and somewhat fluffy to touch… makes for a very comfy blanket or pillow on long trips.

Extra: Four claw-like scars going across his upper left arm as well as a single scar across the left side of his neck. One of four masks that are hardly ever removed. A dragon’s claw pendant with a silver locket on a leather strap around his neck. And a book holster on his back for a grimoire sized book that is really just an encyclopedia on poisonous plants.


Quiet at first around those untrusted, but is vocal and sometimes commanding to those around him that he’s gotten used to. Calm and Collected and always watching what’s going on around him, almost as if he’s sizing up all nearby constantly, determining who's a threat and who's a friend. Intelligent enough to know when to back off and reconvene for a better stratagem, but reckless enough to know when to attack an enemy at their weakest with reserve or hesitation nor mercy. Can be easily distracted by shiny objects, objects of power or by food, but can be brought back on course with a task at hand serious enough and worth completing or by superior officer’s words. If you aren’t paying enough attention to him, you will lose him in a crowd, or a building, or even in your own home as he is naturally curious and MUST explore for possible plants to use as poisons and for hiding spots. Acts all high and mighty, but really is just trying to show off because he feels as though he must, otherwise when there is no need nor feeling to show off, reveals his true side by just being lazy, committed to his poison work, or just by being a foodie. He can be nice to others if he doesn’t have a reason not to, but generally acts indifferent to those around him. (200 Words)

Likes: Food because he enjoys all flavors and dishes of things that he is unable to cook, Shiny Objects (like coins or gems) because of his habit of collecting pretty things and hoarding money to never experience poverty, Hiding in Shadows to not be seen because being seen can lead to being a target which can lead to becoming dead, Making Poisons to beat opponents stronger than him, Reading about Poisons to learn what he can use to gain an upper hand over those stronger than him, and Being on a Boat because he can’t swim.

Dislikes: Being Broke because no one likes to not be able to eat or live comfortably, Being Lost because he must be in control of all situations around him, “Power of Friendship” because he believes no such power exists or because it sounds idiotic (“One’s strength comes from themselves, not others” style of thinking), and Loud Noises While He’s Reading About Poisons because he likes to read in peace without distractions.

Wants to become rich and powerful, Wants to have his name down in history for his glory-seeking. Doesn’t want to go through anything he’s already gone through to this point again, so he wishes to become stronger to keep himself from repeating history.

Fears: Losing anyone else close to him, because of his past which is also why he’s a little reserved and introverted around people he doesn’t know. Has a fear of heights because he doesn’t want to fall to his death or injury. Can’t swim so he doesn’t like to be in the water. Likes to know where he is at all times, so being lost sends him into a panic because of unknown variables he isn’t in control of.


Strength: 1

Speed: 11

Constitution: 10

Endurance: 7

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/a

Magic Enhancement: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: Zyl never knew his father, all he knows is that his father was a Fiorian bandit. Raised by his Herbalist mother until he was 16, Zyl learned the ways of Herbalism to make healing salves and poisons as well as tranquilizers for capturing animals. Shortly after his 16th birthday, Zyl was coming home from hunting when he came across his home on fire. Frantically searching for his mother, he didn’t notice the bandits holding her hostage and the next thing he remembers is seeing a large shadow in his peripheral vision, being hit, then waking up the next morning at an old man’s place down the way a bit from his home. Told he was found there nearly dead from bleeding out and that his mother was nowhere to be found. It took Zyl two years of training to have proper use of his left arm again after it had been brutally slashed, and as it recovered, Zyl had caught wind of a rumour that someone matching his Mother’s description had been seen in Fiore in the company of a person named Therian Noct. Unsure about the rumours being true or not, the name of the man in question is what intrigues Zyl… he had figured his father dead, but if that were true, who is this man in the rumours? Zyl had to find out, so he set off towards Fiore in hopes of rescuing his mother and return to a peaceful life, and to make his father pay for what had happened that night.

Zyl finally finds his way into Fiore, and is immediately lost in the lands of unfamiliar territory. He asks around for his father by name and where he can find him, only to be met with either fear or anger as everyone suspected Zyl’s intentions were to join this man. Months go by before he finally gets a lead that points him in the right direction, and along the way a Stranger promises him the strength to save his mother, all he needs to do is give in to the dark emotions. Zyl declined the stranger’s offer and went along his way towards Therian’s hideout. Upon reaching there, Zyl had learned that he was severely in over his head, as this place had many people stronger than him as well as ARMED… Zyl has never used a weapon on another person and all he had was a knife, what was he going to do against swords and bows and magic and guns? He didn’t know, all he knew was that he had to rescue his mother.

Somehow he found his way into this hideout. Somehow he hasn’t been spotted yet. And somehow this was going all too well… Zyl was sure that this was becoming more and more like a setup, he was expecting an ambush at any moment every time he walked around a corner… but still he pressed on. Eventually he came to a dark room with two people fighting inside, Zyl heard his mother’s voice! He saw two shadows struggling, one was thrown to the ground and the other was holding out something, Zyl couldn’t see but all he heard was a *CLICK!* sound and fearing for his Mother’s life, he lunged and stabbed the still standing silhouette through the chest. Caught off guard by this figure from nowhere, the person falls and the gun in hand flies into the air and into Zyl’s hand. The other person starts to stand and looks to attack Zyl out of fear, which in reflex Zyl turns and points the gun at the shadow and pulls the trigger. In the flash, Zyl sees the face of his mother before a hole appears right where her heart should be. “The shadow wasn’t attacking! They were going for a hug because they were saved!” almost immediately the thoughts rolled in and regret filled Zyl’s heart. The stranger appears once more, seemingly out of nowhere and offers Zyl strength and power once again… There is no response, just silence as a hand reaches and grabs another in the darkness as they leave the hideout in the middle of the night.

Reference: Who referred you here? Gunter Von Wolf.

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This character application has been approved.

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