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Homemade Remedies for Boredom Require Trial and Error [Sudoka]

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Zane threw a rock into a puddle. The water splashed. The rock fell to the bottom of the puddle. "Well, that was anticlimactic." Zane thought to himself, having been hoping for a more exciting outcome. "You threw a rock into a puddle. Why would you expect any other outcome?"

The demonic voice inside of Zane's head had a point. That was what happened when people threw pebbles into puddles. Sighing, Zane sat on a nearby bench. Faintly lit street lamps illuminated the area this evening, their light reflecting off of Zane's far too blonde hair. "Aren't you bored?" Zane asked within the confines of his mind, implying that he was so desperate for things to do he was even settling for throwing rocks into puddles now. "You get bored far too easily. Why not just find something to do? I'll admit this town seems far from pleasant, but there must be at least something entertaining in this dump." Sighing, Zane lifted his hands onto his knees and stood up from the bench. Placing his hands into the pocket of his coat he'd begin to walk down the street once again. He walked and walked, passing by mostly residential areas. He was definitely on the wrong side of the city if he was looking for some kind of nightlife activity. It was past midnight by now.

Zane's search would eventually bear fruit though, his eyes being attracted to the only pub in the entire neighborhood. This place actually seemed to be rather well taken care of. "By Oak standard anyways." Beelzebub commented, interrupting Zane's third person inner monologue. The blonde man nodded at his demonic companion, a smile creeping up on his face as his hand reached for the door of the establishment. In this building he was sure to meet exciting people, all engaging in exciting things and having an exciting time. Were his expectations out of check considering he was going to a rather small pub in an almost purely residential area at a late hour? Yes. Stepping in, Zane's eyes found only a handful of customers remaining, a fair portion of them seeming rather old. At the moment none of the people were doing anything interesting. They all looked tired. Zane couldn't even pick up on the sounds of idle chatter anywhere. To his knowledge it seemed nobody was even talking, let alone doing anything else. Zane took a deep exhale. "I can salvage this." he thought, Beelzebub immediately preparing himself to recoil in embarrassment, though as a soul that simply resided in someone's head he didn't really have a body to recoil. Zane headed up towards the counter for now.

Zane propelled himself off the ground with a clang of his steel boots, taking a jump that was far too long and extravagant for the simple purpose of getting up on a stool. Landing on the stool proved rather difficulty as well considering that Zane overshot his jump. Zane's hands had to quickly hang on to the sides so he could properly adjust himself onto it properly. This whole act had already earned Zane a couple of looks from some of the elderly customers. "It's times like this when I very much wish I could've had literally anyone else as a vessel." Zane's face soured a bit at Beelzebub's comment, ready to go on with an argument inside of his head as he usually would. But Zane had more important things to worry about. Putting a smile on his face instead, Zane looked toward the bartender - a middle aged man who already seemed at least moderately uncomfortable.

"Hey there." Zane said. His  hand was soon brought to his chin soon after, thinking about what he had said. "No no, that's too generic... one second, lemme think of a better opening line." Zane turned his stool away from the bartender as he closed his eyes in an attempt to look smarter as he thought of what to say, the poor bartender's face growing increasingly more confused and uncomfortable by the second. Opening his eyes, Zane spun around once again on the barstool, this time going about 90 degrees too far, facing the wall instead of the bartender as he spoke. "You're lucky, sir. Now that someone as famous as me is he-" Zane paused as he realized just where he was facing, quickly readjusting himself to actually face forward. His entire plan had been messed up now and he wasn't even able to continue on with what he was going to say. Giving up on winning over everyone in the establishment with his amazing and charming (source pending) personality, he'd go with a more foolproof method of making everyone like him instead. "I'm buying for everyone!" Zane called out, though most of the pub still didn't seem too excited - most of them still just seemed tired.

Zane paid up to the bartender and sighed, placing his elbows on the counter and his hand on his head. The bartender took the chance to get everyone a drink as a way to get as far away from Zane as he could for the time being. "That went well." Zane nodded slightly. "There's no way we can salvage this alone, Beelzebub. All I can hope for at this point is that someone who was already here was impressed enough by everything I did that they liven up."

"I really wouldn't bet on it."

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Sudoka Kanekite
Sudoka Kanekite had been bar hopping all over Fiore since the start of the week. How many days had it been since she started? Two? Five? Maybe it wasn't even days. Eh, who cared? Point was, she eventually found herself at a little pub in Oak City. And by little, it was the only pub in Oak City. In fact, it wasn't even half as impressive as the previous towns and cities she went to. In fact, if she had to sum it up into one word...

"Boring!" A glass slammed upon the surface of a table splashing its contents, nestled into a mostly empty corner of the pub. The noise caused a few people to flinch, looking up to see what the commotion was. The source of the ruckus was that of a Nekomata, not a common race to see in Fiore, sitting red-faced by herself. She had clearly been drinking all morning, if not all week, or longer. She downed the remains of her double shot glass in one gulp. "What does a Neko have to do to get shitface smashed around here? UGH! This is the most boring city I've EVER seen!"

She had been there every bit of fifteen minutes, and she was already bored out of her mind. In fact, she would have left by now. If she actually had someplace to go, that is. She was homeless and spent her days bar hopping and passing out in abandoned buildings or the beds of random strangers after a drunken night of fun. Her ears lay flat, blending into her hair to the point that at a distance you couldn't even tell they existed. Her eyes narrowed in annoyance as her long slender tail swished like that of a very aggravated feline.

Her ears twitched at the sound of a tiny bell as the door to the establishment opened. She barely gave the blond man a glance as he entered. 'Oh great. Another dull pretty boy....' She thought in Joyan. It wasn't like anyone here could read her mind. But in the event a mind reader was in the room, the fact she thought in her native tongue made it easier to keep her thoughts to herself. Considering most of the patrons were elderly, Sudoka turned a bored gaze toward the man in hopes that he could provide some sort of entertainment.

He didn't disappoint.

She watched amused at his over-dramatic leap as he completely overshot the chair. Points for an awkward recovery. She smirked in amusement at his antics as her tail tip twitched, draping over the chair seat. He then made an awkward introduction to the bartender, clearly making the man uncomfortable as he attempted a 'cooler' redo, only to end up greeting a wall. Was he drunk already? Or just stupid?

I'm buying for everyone!

The red and black cat ears instantly developed a boner. Her lips curled into a devilish grin as the Nekomata leaped from her seat, running elegantly from table to table before appearing in the stool beside the blond. She hadn't made a sound in her approach, so her sudden appearance may have startled the man as she turned her heterochromatic eyes to meet his gaze, a grin still plastered onto her face. "Now you're speaking my language, handsome." She would then call to the bartender, "Hey! I'll take the largest keg of whiskey you have! And put it on his tab!"

As her request arrived, she picked up and began to guzzle a barrel larger than half her body.

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A sudden movement came from Zane's right as he recoiled back, his stool tipping a bit away from the counter. Zane had quick enough reflexes to grab hold of the counter swiftly, just barely enough to make sure his stool didn't topple over from the shock he'd just experience. Turning to his right and catching his breath, Zane was just about ready to yell at whoever scared the hell out of him. Then he saw who did it. "Ugh, there goes all the remaining intelligence you had..." Beelzebub commented, knowing just how Zane would start acting once he caught whim of who had rushed up to be beside him. Zane's eyes practically sparkled as he took look at the woman, her face being quite beautiful with two different eyes colors, her hair also following suit. Of course, that wasn't where his ideas would be for very long. Zane had definitely met a lot of people in his time travelling Fiore - hundreds at this point. These were definitely near the top. Ready to get right to sweettalking the woman as she called him handsome, Zane placed his hand on his chest and be-

Wait a second! Zane let out of a gasp of shock as the woman so rudely manipulated his offer. "Hey, hold up!" Zane pointed a finger towards the woman, irritated at her cleverness. "That isn't what I meant by one drink and you know it! I don't care how busty you are, nobody's worth an entire keg's price!" Zane looked towards the already exhausted bartender, ready to tattle. "Bartender!" He said, almost as though he was a child snitching to their sibling to their parents. "She's cheating! That's not what I meant!" The bartender closed his eyes and angrily sighed, turning around as he left his work unfinished. "They don't pay me enough for this." He simply replied, hastily grabbing his coat and leaving the bar. The other customers would soon follow suit, presumably for the reason that none of them wanted anything to do with the two extremely odd strangers. Zane blinked as he turned his stool to watch them leave. "I'd do the same, honestly. Oh well! We have this entire bar to ourselv- wait, no we don't. And you're going to act stupid for the woman now, aren't you?" Beelzebub sighed. "This is why I hate Earthland."

Zane turned his stool back towards the woman, seeming somewhat grateful at the opportunity she had given him. "Oh wow, the place is all our's now! Thanks! Let's get the record straight right now though: they definitely left because you were too weird, not me." Zane had to make sure to clarify that before continuing on with the conversation. Holding his hand out to the keg-bearing lady, Zane desperately struggled to keep his eyes (or eye, since one was behind an eyepatch) looking at her face as opposed to elsewhere as he introduced himself. "My name's Zane. (Sorta) Famous mage, collector, explorer and most importantly the most handsome man in all of Oak. Nice to meet you." Zane waited for the woman to shake his hand back, a nice smile on his face. Thinking back on it, he probably should've said all of Fiore instead...

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Sudoka Kanekite
During Zane's outburst of her manipulation tactics, Sudoka calmly downed the keg completely oblivious to her male companion's annoyance at her quick thinking. She found a way to get smashed. That was all that mattered to her. At this point though, the bartender had had enough and left his shift. It seemed she was too much woman for this place as everyone, save for Zane, followed suit. As they all headed home, the Warrior tossed the now empty keg to the side. She paid no mind to Zane as she climbed over the counter and began to dig through various wine and whiskey bottles.

My name's Zane. (Sorta) Famous mage, collector, explorer, and most importantly the most handsome man in all of Oak. Nice to meet you.

"All of Oak, huh? I can believe it." She said as she stood up with five bottles in her hands as she began to mix her own lethal concoctions. "I mean, if your only competition is wrinkled old men, then yeah. You are the most handsome man I've seen in all of Oak City." She teased. So much for being complimented. She very easily turned that praise into an insult.

She slid a tall glass of her own mixed beverage toward Zane and then proceeded to pick up her own drink. Her eyes glinted curiously toward his eye patch as she took a long sip of her 98% alcoholic beverage. She also couldn't hide the smirk tugging at her lips as she noticed his struggle to not admire her breasts. "The name's Sudoka, handsome. Nekomata runaway straight from Joya and party animal, drink you under the table, sex kitten." She then winked at him as she took another sip of her drink.

As if trying to drive him crazy (or perhaps not really caring one way or the other) she hopped up onto the counter and squatted in front of the blond. Her chest region was precariously right up in his face at this point making them hard to ignore. She sat in a squatted position with both hands rested on the counter between her legs. One hand reached toward his eyepatch attempting to remove it. "So, why's a handsome man like you hiding such a beautiful set of eyes behind an eyepatch? Unless you're a pirate, this look is a bit outdated..." She purred, her tail swishing lazily.

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Zane's face turned to a pout of sorts as the woman turned the compliment into an insult. He really should've picked a wider criteria. "All of Fiore too! I caught the way you were looking at me earlier, you can't deny I'm the best one in this country." Zane actually didn't see her look at him earlier - he never paid attention to where her eyes were. "You better get something for me while you're back there! And it better not be a whole keg!" Zane was admittedly worried as to what the woman was going to get him. If she could drink something that large in such a short amount of time she would probably only have an eye for the strongest of offerings at this establishment.

Grabbing the bar that the nekomata woman had brewed him, Zane took a sip and found it rather enjoyable. Relaxing a bit in his stool he found himself closing his eyes for a moment, thinking about just what he'd do with this girl. He could try to convince her to leave - she did seem like she could cause him trouble - or he could let her stay. All in all the latter option seemed better. She was loud yet entertaining, and Zane was pretty bored before this after all. Those were definitely the only reasons... "Oh, she's from Joya! Can you ask her abo-" "No." Zane quickly replied inside his head as Sudoka introduced herself, not wanting to have to deal with Beelzebub's plethora of questions. Still closing his eyes, Zane thought about what she said. A nekomata runaway, right? Zane was sort of like that once, though in his case 'drifter' was a more accurate description. Sudoka was a nice name too. Wait, did she just describe herself as a sex kitten?

Zane opened his eyes as he processed what Sudoka said, finding his face rather close to her chest. A slight redness came to his face, something Zane would like to believe was from the liquor - it clearly wasn't. Before Zane could even react he'd find the woman's hands on his eyepatch, tugging at the poor thing. "H-hey! Paws off, neko girl!" Zane responded, wondering just why so many people wanted him to take the thing off. Beelzebub had always hoped that a time would come when Zane would just take the hint when it came to his eyepatch wearing habits, but no luck had been found so far on that front. Zane's hands found their way to Sudoka's arms, gripping her wrists rather tightly - though not enough to hurt in any way. "At least buy me dinner before you start tryin' to rip my eyepatch off, geez..." Zane commented, still attempting to keep her hands off his eyepatch for now. "It's a very stylish and intelligent fashion choice. Besides, what would you know about fashion?" Zane's eyes looked the woman's outfit up and down - or what little of what she had that could be considered an outfit anyways. "W-well, you certainly pull it off well..." Zane tried to focus on the task at hand regardless - keeping his eyepatch on for now was more important than admiring her.

Zane was still deadly persistent a this point. His eyepatch definitely represented at least something to him - most likely his insecurities - but he was far too thick headed to really understand that. He had taken it off willingly a few times beforehand mind you, but his mood on the matter varied. "This eyepatch isn't comin' off for free. He plainly stated, definitely the type of statement that would sound way different if it was based around just about any other article of clothing other than an eyepatch. "Do I have to get a spray bottle on you? Do nekomatas dislike that stuff? I dunno, never really had many run ins with you all before."

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Sudoka Kanekite
"Looking at you? Oh, sweet baby boy, you had me at free drinks. But, I will admit, you are pretty nice to look at..." She winked and then shrugged. "...for a human."

Although Zane appeared to be enjoying the drink Sudoka had provided, he was rather touchy when it came to his mysterious eyepatch. They say curiosity killed the cat, but she was quite curious... even more so after seeing his reaction... and yet she hadn't died yet. She let out a surprised gasp, her ears pricking up, tail swishing as he grabbed her wrists restraining her quite easily. He was stronger than he looked, and a lot hotter up close. She smirked as he rambled about buying her dinner first and stated that taking off his eyepatch wouldn't come free.

Her eyes trailed to his hands as they still grasped her wrists. They then trailed back to lock eye contact with the attractive blond male. She hummed seductively. "If you wanted to hold my hands that badly all you had to do was ask, handsome. Of course, if your goal was to restrain me, I find handcuffs to be far more effective." She dropped her tone into a seductive whisper, leaning in closer to his ear. "And preferred."

As she awaited his response to her open flirting, she wondered several things. How much could he drink before he was drunk? What was he like as a drunk? And what was the story behind that eyepatch? Also, was he single? Did he have kids? And most importantly his age. She wasn't about to get herself in trouble for fun with a minor. Though, she was pretty sure he was at least over 18. She was still leaning toward him, her breath against his ear and neck as she still hadn't moved. She also made no attempt to free her wrists from his grip.

Her claws extended as he mentioned cooling her off with a spray bottle, implying an inherent fear of water. In short, comparing her to an average cat. "Well, that's a pretty racist stereotype. Do I look like a cat to you?" She jerked back from his grasp, offended, but wasn't strong enough to break free.

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Most of the women that Zane encountered were never this forward with him. In fact, most of them found themselves somewhere between tolerating him and being endlessly annoyed by Zane. Zane couldn't even begin to remember the last time that he had received such a flurry of compliments from a girl - and while he thought he would simply be happy (and he was happy mind you) he also felt oddly embarrassed. His face grew quite red over the course of their conversation, Beelzebub groaning in Zane's mind. "I'm just going to shut off for now." Beelzebub commented, Zane conversing with Beelzebub slightly as he continued listening to Sudoka. It was a skill he had come to master at a certain point, his multitasking ability having gotten so high he could practically have two conversations at once. "Shut off? What are you, a desktop computer?" Zane asked, though certainly unsure if those even existed in this universe. "I wish I was a desktop computer. That way I wouldn't have thoughts that could make me hate the time we spend together. Night." Zane wasn't really sure if Beelzebub actually stopped listening or not as there was no concrete way to tell, but he had a feeling that the lord of the flies probably wasn't lying. Fine then. Zane didn't need that sourpuss anyways - he had all the puss he needed right here. Zane smiled a bit at his ability to think up multi-layered puns.

Speaking of smiling, Zane's smile was rather nervous at the moment. Sudoka was very, very, very inviting. He actually felt somewhat intimidated. Biting down on his lip, Zane tried to think of the best reply he could to Sudoka's teasing about handcuffs and the like. "I'm not a police officer." Zane plainly said, the realization of how dull he must've sounded coming a few seconds after. Zane was sweating even more at this point, especially after he noticed Sudoka's hands exerting what seemed to be a type of claw after his racially insensitive remark. Zane meant to grip her hands softer at this point, but his flustered nature caused him to do the opposite. Zane's grip tightened on Sudoka's wrists, though still not to the point where they would cause any kind of serious pain. "...And what I mean by that is that using handcuffs would be going far too easy on you." Zane tried his best to salvage what he had said, but the result still ended up terribly awkward. He cursed himself inside, wondering if perhaps Beelzebub had been right. Maybe he was an idiot. Maybe he was a buffoon. Maybe he really should try keep his idiocy out of the gene pool, lest the fate of all Earthland be doomed. Beelzebub was especially harsh with that last one. But Zane couldn't just accept it that easily. He wasn't going to let some stupid greedy demon fly rain on his parade. He'd score it big tonight and rub it in Beelzebub's non-existent insect face, all 200 or however many eyes flies had.

Zane seemed to have regained his composure, evident in both his face and his grip which had softened just a little bit since his last line. Without saying a word he'd lean in on Sudoka, kissing her for about as long as his nerves let him. Was that too long? Too short? Zane has read in some tabloid that it was a good idea to have it end at... he didn't remember. Oh god. Oh god. The nervousness was setting in. Not even his third person inner monologue made any more sense and he qwdsqwfhoe fwegjoignwohfwibg. Zane let go of Sudoka, trying his best to spin around on his feet in a "cool" way as he regained his composure once again. He had to do something cool. Walking over to the door as he thought to himself, Zane flipped the "open" sign of the pub to "closed", the pub now being very clearly closed to people. Not that it mattered much considering the demographics of this particular neighborhood. Nobody was gonna show up anytime soon either way. Making his way back towards the counter, Zane was trying his best to find something else to speak of now, even if chances are what happened half a minute ago wasn't exactly easy to forget. He bent down a bit behind the counter, looking at the bartender's selection. He actually didn't care about what he drank here. He just wanted to discuss something else to reset the situation. "Hey, there anything particularly nice here?" Zane asked, perhaps the most generic thing he had said all evening. There was no way he would be able to hide how flustered he was at his own behavior. "I remember this one from back home in Baska..." Zane noted, trying his best to make small talk. That bottle wasn't from Baska. Zane hadn't even seen it before in his life.

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Sudoka Kanekite
Sudoka absolutely could not suppress the grin tugging at the corners of her mouth at the expense of Zane blundering and tripping over himself in an effort to impress the highly attractive Nekomata. She found his frustration to be both adorable and comical. Truly, leaving this man flustered was just the cure for boredom she had needed. Her tail swished in pure excitement at how entertaining this night had become. Perhaps it was just that she was shitface drunk, but she found this guy's company quite enjoyable. She could only chuckle at his police officer remark, followed by his very quick attempt at smoothing things over with a darker remark.

"Too easy on me? Baby, who do you think you're talking to? I assure you, I've done things that would make a preacher blush." She stated coolly with a flirty wink from her yellow eye, leaving only her blue eye visible. She couldn't help but notice his grip had tightened. Was he nervous? Or excited? Maybe a bit of both. Either way, she retracted her claws when he changed the topic away from his unintentional insult relating to water. Eventually, the blond loosened his grip and caught her off guard with an unexpected kiss. So much for being shy and awkward/nervous. The kiss lingered for quite a while, and before he drew back her may have caught a soft moan from the Neko. As he eventually released her of his grasp, her cat-slit eyes watched him as he spun his stool around and stood up coolly heading to the door.

Was he about to leave her? No one has ever walked out on her before, so this sudden action caused her to shift position, plopping down onto her ass as her legs dangled from the counter. Her tail draped down the back of the counter, her ears twitching toward him as he flipped the sign to say closed and then strolled back toward her to speak some more. She grinned as she realized what he was doing; or trying to do. But as he said, it won't come free. More drinks would be in order. Ok, seeing as the bar is technically closed, maybe it would come free.

I remember this one from back home in Baska...

She could tell he was grasping at straws, trying to both converse and impress. He must really want some kitty. The fact he was so flustered implied he had never met someone like her before. Not just the Nekomata thing, but someone of her caliber. An open flirt ready to drink herself silly and wake up in his bed. So to speak. To be honest, she'd probably wake up in this pub. I mean, she woke up in far worse places. So, can't complain. Not that she would. As long as she's having fun, she's a quite cheerful and easy to get along with person. She also woke up beside worse company. At least Zane was good looking. Very good looking. She purred at the thought of what kind of adult fun they could have alone in this pub.

"Again, I ask who you think you're talking to. If there's nothing good here." She took the bottle from his hand. "I'll make something to die for."

Deciding to throw Zane a bone, Sudoka resisted the urge to humiliate him further and opted to instead play both bartender and patron. Without the paying customer part. Honestly, by the time the bartender returns there won't be any alcchohol left to serve.  She proceeded to fix various drinks, setting each glass on the counter. She handed one to Zane and announced proudly, "This is a recipe I learned back in Joya." She would then proceed to down the drinks one after another, leaving Zane with an equal amount of glasses for him to enjoy.

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Sudoka saved the day for Zane luckily, the man quickly moving his feet and getting away from the back of the counter to let the nekomata woman do her stuff. Zane took this chance to let out the deepest exhale he'd ever produced. He could do this. Now having taken at a seat back at the exact barstool he had nearly fallen off a couple of times, Zane waited patiently to be served. His head peeked out from behind the counter to watch just how Sudoka was making the drinks, but he didn't really have enough of an understanding of alcohol to truly grasp it. Zane was a chef for a long period of time in the past, but drink mixing was never really his specialty. Most of the time the only liquor he was using as part of his cooking career was adding red wine to a variety of dishes that required it. While Zane often tried to act cool and goofy these days, there was still that more serious part of him that missed the years he spent doing nothing but honing his cooking craft. That part of him extended to watch Sudoka mix the drinks as well, his eye carefully watching her hands rather than her body - something that most people wouldn't expect out of the current Zane. As Sudoka finished up, Zane tried his best to pretend as though he wasn't really looking - though he had a feeling there was a good chance he'd been spotted.

"Joya, huh? I spent a lot of time over in Hosenka, so I've certainly had a lot of Joyan-made drinks in the past little while." Gripping the glass and looking down at the liquids within it, Zane tried his best to sneak a little compliment in there. "Though I'm sure this'll be better than all of them." Wasting no time in downing it the moment he could, Zane took a moment to see how he felt afterwards. Looking to Sudoka, he tried his best to gauge just how many drinks it would take for him to regain some of that confidence he had from earlier. Zane turned his head and got to work on drinking 3 of the other glasses Sudoka had prepared, not even stopping to talk between each one as he usually would. While Zane enjoyed the nekomata woman's company, something about it had bothered him as well. Zane almost always managed to keep his confidence, as idiotic and silly as it always was. But not with this woman. Somehow she had managed to reduce his confidence significantly. Perhaps it was simply that Zane was an open person and Sudoka was an open person. He had let her openness beat his, and that disappointed him. He wanted to win this contest that he had somehow made up in his stupid head. After what was far too many of Sudoka's mixed drinks in his systems Zane had finally become brave enough (or stupid enough, depending on your interpretation) to make his move. Leaning forwards, Zane stood up in front of where Sudoka sat on the counter, grabbing her arms in an even tighter grip than earlier, pushing her down so that most of her back would be laying on what was thankfully a very large bar counter. His lips embraced her in the same matter as he did earlier, though this time with much less hesitation and 100% less awkward walking away. Meanwhile, Beelzebub was asleep in Zane's mind, or at least as asleep as a soul could be. He was dreaming of bread crumbs, or whatever the hell flies really liked. Biting people for no reason, maybe? Who could say.

After a while Zane had his fun and decided it was about time to get home.


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Sudoka Kanekite
Sudoka casually went through all her mixed drinks, her face reddening from how drunk she was at this point. She barely noticed anything Zane was saying to her at this point, and only remembered he was in the room after she found herself pinned to the counter and locked in a kiss. His size and strength easily overpowered her struggles, as she refused to be the submissive one in this arrangement. However, it appeared things were for once in her life not going to go how she wanted them.

Let the night begin...


Several hours later, the nekomata woke up drunk and oddly satisfied. What exactly happened? Sitting up shakily, suffering a massive hangover, she turned her heterochromatic eyes toward the blond that lay passed out naked on the floor. Oh, yeah. Now she remembered. The poor guy must have rolled over and fallen off the counter at some point during their catnap. Sudoka stretched herself out, much like a cat, her tail stiffening behind her with the fur standing up.

Her black ear flicked as she looked down at the sleeping Zane. She climbed off the counter and poked him to make sure he was still alive. Upon hearing snoring or whatever noise or movement he would react with, Sudoka would simply smirk and head toward the exit and leave the pub. This night was quite eventful. But no more so than her usual.


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