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Forging A Blade [Quest][Solo]

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It had been a little while since he’d last stepped foot in Baska. Mikajia had recently made a trip back to Oak to finish up some business with some acquaintances, but what was supposed to be a quick job, had turned out to be much more difficult than he’d expected, and the man had wound up spending a much more excessive amount of time in the town. He wasn’t particularly impressed with Oak, but unfortunately, Oak and Baska were the two towns he had come across in Fiore so far, that had citizens whom were willing to openly work with someone of his reputation.

It was rather dull to say the least, constantly traveling back and forth between the towns, but it couldn’t be helped. He had heard some rumors about potential clients popping up in some unexpected locations recently, and he would most certainly be one of the first ones to check out the validity of those rumors when he got the chance. But for the time being, he was stuck dealing with his usual clients. Not that it was all that bad, on the one side, it was the same kind of business as usual, on the other hand, that meant the client trusted him to do good work, which was its own reward in a way.

Mikajia worked very hard to ensure his clients could always trust him to complete whatever job he took on, no matter how tedious. He almost had no choice really. When you possessed the kind of reputation he had now, you couldn’t really be all that picky with your clients, and so it was absolutely essential that he had a stellar reputation regarding his work. That would tend to make the client spread good news of your talents, and secure new clients.

WC = 300/2,000

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Mikajia honestly couldn’t care less what people said about his morals, and he would pull no punches when he mentioned them himself. What mattered to him were the things people said about his work ethics, as that would hinder his progress and income. That being said, he would also defend himself against outright lies. He held no qualms over killing or stealing, as he had shown time and time again, however, it was always for a reason. Mikajia never just killed for the sake of killing, it was always for a job assignment, or if someone was genuinely trying to kill him, and he ended up killing them instead.

He had been called a monster on more than one occasion, which he denied, as he had never done anything that he would consider monstrous. But then again, ‘monster’ is a relative term. To a canary, a cat is a monster, and he didn’t fancy himself to be the canary. Most of the time, Mikajia just brushed aside these accusations and went about his day. And even with the letters arriving more frequently, detailing threats or snide remarks aimed at him, he still continued with his business as if nothing had happened.

Mikajia was walking down the streets of Baska, letting himself have a good chuckle as he thought back on the most recent letter he’d received. The man that wrote it was apparently trying to call himself the leader of this little group hell-bent on ridding Fiore of his ‘blight’ as the man called it. He was actually a little flattered that people would go out of their way to send him these letters. Especially considering he didn’t have even so much as a single jewel on his head. He had yet to actually commit blatant murder in the public eye, as so many other wanted criminals had.

WC = 608/2,000

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And yet, even though there were dozens of other criminals, much worse than he was, at least bounty wise, these fools saw fit to single him out as a ‘blight’. He couldn’t help but wonder at the sheer level of ignorance some people possessed, or their unwavering faith in an unbelievably corrupt religious entity. But whatever, let them have their so called crusade. If any of them saw fit to actually face him, rather than hiding behind their letters, he’d gladly accept the challenge. Instead, all he received were empty threats and halfhearted pleas.

These people disgusted him. Which is why when he was approached by Godfrey, the blacksmith he had worked for on several occasions, requesting his help with finishing his latest project, he didn’t bat an eye at what the blade would actually need to be finished.

As Mikajia was walking down a sidewalk, he felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning to see who it was, he was met with the stern features of the blacksmith, Godfrey. The man interrupted Mikajia’s question, motioning for him to follow, then led him back to his shop. Once inside, he immediately took him to the back room, where he performed much of his craft. The room had changed quite a bit from how he last remembered; the scroll which Mikajia had stolen for the man, which detailed the means to crafting a powerful ancient sword, lay unraveled on a pedestal.

Godfrey had the rest of the materials in his possession as Mikajia entered the room, letting him know what it was he required from him. Apparently, one of the final steps to crafting the blade was a constant supply of magic power, or mana. Not thinking the sword would require too much, Mikajia agreed to assist. However, when the blacksmith was finally done with the forging of the blade, Mikajia had poured in almost all of his mana.

WC = 926/2,000

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He stared at the finished blade with an arched brow, wondering just what kind of weapon required such a significant amount of mana for its creation. Mikajia had to shield his eyes as the blade began to glow with a brilliant white light, before settling down moments later. He assumed that meant it was finished, watching Godfrey pick up the blade and admire it for several moments. However, when the man went to cut at a piece of cloth armor, Mikajia stared dumbfoundedly as the sword barely managed to nick the material. Considering how sharp it looked to his eyes, he half expected the sword to both cut through the material, and the mannequin.

The only thing that kept Mikajia from saying anything was the fact that Godfrey didn’t appear phased in the slightest by this discovery. In fact, he simply nodded, which meant he expected it. And Mikajia soon found out why. Apparently there was one final step required to finish the forging of this blade: the blood of innocents. Mikajia finally understood why it was called a cursed blade, and why the knight had been so careful about trying to keep the scroll out of the wrong hands.

The horrified expression on Godfrey’s face also made much more sense to him now, as though Godfrey hadn’t been opposed to using force to achieve success, or to intimidate people into working with him, he had never been the kind to really relish in such behavior. However, something seemed to have changed in the man, as he basically told him the final requirement with practically no emotion in his voice or face, like he was listing off the ingredients for a simple shopping list. It was quite the development to say the least, and apparently nothing else was as important to the man as finishing this sword.

WC = 1,233/2,000

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If Mikajia were a squeamish man, or a better man, he would probably try to turn the blacksmith in now. However, he was a dark mage, no doubt about it. He had committed more crimes than he could remember, but none of them were what he would typically call monstrous. None of the people he’d killed were particularly innocent, and none of the things he’d stollen were all that valuable, nor had he ever really stolen from some tiny little merchant or those who were hard off. All in all, Mikajia really wasn’t that horrible of a criminal by all accounts. But that was about to change.

He always knew the time would come when he would eventually cover his hands in innocent blood. Without hesitation, Mikajia took the sword from the man as the blacksmith told him he would need to bathe the sword in the blood of no less than ten innocent people. Mikajia simply nodded before sheathing the sword and heading out of the shop. Night was fast approaching as Mikajia wandered down the street and into an alley. Though he had used much of his mana to help finish the forging of this sword, he still had plenty left to help him quickly traverse the alleyways of Baska.

Mikajia used his tether spell to ascend to the top of one of the buildings, then sat there and waited for nightfall to fully arrive. It would be much better for him to do this job with as few prying eyes as possible. At the same time, he began surveying the alleys below for possible targets. Though he certainly wouldn’t mind using some Rune Knights for this, Godfrey had already told him that they wouldn’t count, seeing as they weren’t innocent bystanders. Mikajia would have to make sure that the people he targeted appeared as innocent and wholesome as possible.

WC = 1,545/2,000

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Once the stars had fully come out, Mikajia began. First he wandered to the edge of the roof he was on, staring down at a secluded alleyway. In it were two people wandering along, apparently rather inebriated, a couple bottles in their hands; the two kept stumbling into the sides of the buildings, laughing as they did. Mikajia didn’t hesitate, he stepped up to the edge of the roof, leaned forward slightly before giving himself a slight push off the edge. He silently sailed down through the air, landing quietly on the ground behind the duo. He somersaulted behind the first man, unsheathing the sword as he stood back up and then quickly impaled the man through the back. Without skipping a beat, Mikajia removed the sword from the first man, and before his friend could notice, also stabbed the sword into the man’s side, sending the blade up through his chest and piercing his lungs.

Mikajia grabbed the man’s mouth, covering it to keep him from screaming out, then broke his neck, killing him instantly. As he removed the sword, he noticed the blade was already much sharper than before. He quickly moved the bodies out of obvious view, covering them in some bags of trash laying about. With the evidence mostly hidden, he continued about his business, finding a ladder nearby and climbing it to get a good vantage point once more. A few minutes later, he spotted a group of three people wandering down another alley. Two men and one woman, all appearing to be in their mid to late twenties. Considering they were holding up a brochure, he figured they were tourists looking to explore the local Baska nightlife. Unfortunately for them, Mikajia couldn’t pass up such an easy target, or targets rather. A moment later, he pounced.

WC = 1,847/2,000

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He dove from the roof, landing behind the trio, and stabbing the man in the middle, straight through his heart. Before either of the other two could react, Mikajia pulled the sword out and stabbed the woman through the back of her neck, killing her instantly. He pulled the sword back just as the last man began to register what was happening, spun around and then cleanly loped the man’s head off. A moment later, he heard a gasp as the man’s head rolled around the corner. Wasting no time, Mikajia ran ahead and turned the corner, spotting three more people as they started to run and scream for help.

He threw the sword like a spear, impaling the woman through the chest as he ran forward. He grabbed the sword as he ran by. A couple seconds later, he’d caught up with the next man, slicing the sword cleanly through his neck as he continued to run on by. He was absolutely amazed at how sharp the sword had become at this point. The last person was roughly fifty feet from the street, but Mikajia sent out his Shackle, putting the man in a bind a second later, and yanking on the chain. The man was sent flying backward as Mikajia sprinted forwards, shoving the sword directly into the man’s throat, shutting him up and killing him instantly.

A couple minutes later, he had his final two kills from a newlywed couple. And with the tenth and final kill needed, Mikajia watched as the blade began to glow an eerie black color. Mikajia carefully sheathed the sword, then quickly made his way back to the blacksmith’s shop, sticking to the roofs to avoid suspicion. Once back in the shop, Godfrey simply asked him how it went, giving a nod when Mikajia presented the blade, now constantly emitting the eerie black glow. He took the sword, then handed Mikajia his payment, before telling him he was done and could leave, as he wanted to be alone with his masterpiece. Mikajia simply nodded then turned and left.

Spells Used:

Mana: 2,700/2,800

WC = 2,193/2,000

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