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Akushitsuna's destination had been Godfrey's shop once again, as per the request of the owner himself; however, the exact specifics of the request had been left quite vague just as the last time. One could only assume that this meant a questionable request, but he wasn't one to deny such a thing should the price be right. Aku would simply sigh as he made his way across town underneath the blistering heat of the noon sun; begrudgingly so, as the beads of sweat began to roll from his face.

It wouldn't be long before the Mage approached the shops entrance, stopping just a moment prior to entering the swaying doors. "I wonder just what this mission might entail, quite odd that he would request me in particular instead of Ikazuchi as well." He looked up for a moment, and noticed that the sun had since reached a mid-point in the afternoon. It would soon begin its timely descent into darkness, which would have made sense given the assumptions that Aku had for the task that would soon be upon him.

Godfrey was idly waiting behind the counter of his shop as Suna made his way inside. The ring of the bell brought the attention of the shopkeep, who would instantly notice his presence. Godfrey began to walk towards the back of the shop, while signaling for the well acquainted colleague to follow almost seamlessly behind him. Upon entering the room Godfrey would turn around to address Aku directly. "I have brought you here today to ask a rather specific favor, because I trust you among the few I do so to get the task done without any major issues arising in the process. "

At this point Suna was somewhat intrigued, and leans back against the door allowing his staff to rest on his side while speaking. "Then what is it that you need of me, consider it done.'' He was rather direct and to the point in this particular situation, but there wasn't much that the man wouldn't do for the right price. "I need you to mask a deliver of Cadmium as a normal delivery of iron, as it is toxic if not used correctly, and this prohibited in normal circumastances." The man would let out a rather obvious sigh before continuing, thus showing his lack of excitement upon the need to do it this way. "I need you to meet with the smugglers outside town and make sure that things go smoothly, but please make sure not to kill any of the rune knights along checkpoints, they serve no quarrels in my goal." Aku would then stand upright before grabbing his staff as he began to make his way out of the establishment, grabbing a detailed paper from the hands of the blacksmith with more precise information. "You got it."

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Aku quickly made his way towards the checkpoint that would mark the start of his mission. He couldn't help but notice the rising of the wind pressure amongst himself as the blistering sun came to its end. He could feel night arising with an approach of storm clouds, and the perfect makings of a storm/tornado warning. This proved to be both a challenge and a blessing in disguise. Those who saw it as only a difficulty didn't see the fact that most if not all those incapable of dealing with such circumstances would run into hiding. This made for a rather easy transport should they be lucky enough to bypass guards and weather without a hiccup.

Soon enough Aku would arrive to those who were guarding Godfrey's shipment of goods, and no rune knights were to be seen in the distance. "I'm  here, lets get a move on before any rune knights or this storm puts a hamper on things." The helper sitting in the wagon nods, snapping the 'whips' to cause the horses to start walking at a steady speed that all the guards would accommodate. Aku stood at the front, with four others covering the other points of possible invasion.

Suna would've walked with a very weary eye for any possible invaders, while constantly turning his head back and forth to assure no poachers approached their carriage. As the weather picked up with incredible gusts of wind, it would've appeared that most travelers had abandoned their posts. "See I told you that this would be easier than you expected it to be." Aku then cocked an eye to his his right side where the front and back traveler had been conversing. "Keep your eyes open fools. A simple mission turns into a catastrophe in a moments time when those given a certain task don't take it seriously."

His accomplices had since learned their place in this mission, and complied accordingly so that things would move smoothly. As the group would move past the Rune Knight checkpoint, they would realize that is was empty. A few of Aku's colleagues seemed entertained by this, and made a sort of praise about the situation. "Keep your eyes open for the knights or other possible intruders, don't celebrate foolishly idiots!" His colleagues soon finished before murmering about the strong ally they'd acquired for this mission; however, Aku didn't care so long as things went smoothly.

A few moments later they reached the destination where the traders had been waiting for a slight while. "Where were you, we have been waiting." Aku simply looked at the folks as he inspected the product before replying. "We had to travel through a storm while avoiding knights, consider yourselves to be lucky for receiving such a deal. The two locked eyes before inspecting each others deliveries, and being on their way. Aku was glad to have been lucky enough to have avoided the law via a horrible storm, and make their way back.

The group of people would've eventually reached Godfrey, and shown him the products requested, before receiving the payment and his praise.

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