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Tsukahara Raikou

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Name: Tsukahara Raikou [束原雷公]

Age: March/30th/X777

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Spellsword

Race: Demi-Human[Oribi]

Rank: D-rank

Guild: -

Tattoo: Behind the left ear - Yellow

Face: Rokumei Otakemaru - Onmyoji


Height: 170cm

Weight: 60kg

Hair: White

Eyes: Yellow

Overall: Raikou Nurakami looks pretty tall with his skinny body. He doesn’t have a big bulky muscular body, but he keeps his body in shape. He has a pale color skin that looks almost grey but doesn’t pale enough like a dead body. His white hair and his yellow eyes make the face really get the attention when people meet him. He also has two horns sticking out from his forehead. He has this obsession with demonic creatures, and when he was hunting down the first and only demonic creature he ever hunted, the soul of that creature manifested with Raikou’s influencing his appearance and general characteristic, giving him the horns of Oribi.

Because of his family background, especially his dad who is a samurai, Raikou uses the bottom part of the samurai armor most of the time, and with no shirt or anything to cover his upper body. He doesn't mind using other clothes to cover his upper body, but it’s really hard to tell him to change his bottom samurai armor.

Extra: Raikou use gold color magatama earrings on both of his ears



When Raikou knows his father reacts to his changes because of the manifestation, Raikou develops his trust issue. He then decided to be a lone wolf, he cut off his friendship and acted alone, trying to avoid friendship.Raikou is also a logical person, this makes him use his brain instead of his heart to solve problems, to make decisions, and to react to other people.
Because of the manifestation that happened with the demonic creature, Raikou became Cold-hearted. He rarely feels any emotion except anger, which seems like the manifestation gives him the dominant feeling of the demonic creature. He is still able to feel emotional stuff, but most of the time he doesn't have any interest in it. Growing up trained by his father to be a great samurai, Raikou acquired a well of self control. His mother teaches him to be calm and alway think about his next move through. His mother used to talk to Raikou while taking care of their rock garden. Lucky for him, this self control helps him to hold the anger he felt from the manifestation. Raikou is never afraid to tell the truth, he is never scared to tell people what’s in his head even though that might hurt that person. This is also affected by his cold characteristic that makes it hard for him to feel someone else’s feelings.


  • Demonic Creatures: Raikou has this obsession with demonic creatures, he admires their physical features and their special ability. This obsession comes when Raikou goes to the forest to train with his father,  they encounter this demonic creature that looks like an Oribi and Raikou sees it as a beautiful creature. But his father told him to hunt that down for his training.

  • Sword Art: Growing up as the son of a samurai, and also trained to be one, Raikou developed a really deep connection with sword art. Not only the skill to control them as a weapon, he also saw the beauty of creating them, he even named some of his swords that's special for him.

  • Tea Ceremony: Growing up in a family of a samurai, Raikou happened to love tea ceremonies just like his father.


  • Lies: Raikou doesn’t believe in the idea of white lies, in his opinion lies are lies. Since it’s hard for him to put trust on someone, he will be disappointed if he finds out the lies from the one he trusted and usually cuts off the relationship immediately.

  • Drama: Because of his personality, Raikou doesn’t like the drama caused by deep feelings. He can understand that people normally developed feelings deeper than him, but in his opinion it’s just stupid when they’re drowned in that feelings and loses their ability to think cleary.


  • Learning More Style of Sword Art Technique : Since he enjoyed his connection with the swords and sword art, Raikou have this will inside him that push him to have his own adventure and journey to start looking for sword masters and learn from them to have a better understanding about the sword art itself and to understand the sword from a different style of wielding swords.


  • Committed Relationship : Love is the relationship he always tries to avoid so hard. He still wants to focus on himself, he wants to learn more. More about swords, more about his magic, he still wanna grow the possibilities in him to make him better. He also feels like he’s not ready to give someone his trust to be together their entire life.

  • Incapability: He always pushes himself near to the cliff, pushing his limit. Because he's afraid that he might not be able to face some situations, that he might not be able to solve a problem, that he might not be strong enough, or smart enough to pass those problems.


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 10

Speed: 6

Constitution: 4

Endurance: 4

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: Rakurai

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Enhancement: Blind on hit

Magic Description: Electricity is everywhere, it's in the air, in the human body, in animals, it's everywhere. Taking advantage from this, the user might use the lightning to create a high voltage offensive attack. This also allowed the user to use electricity in their body to boost the nerve system for more strength or speed.


History: Tsukahara Raikou is the only child in his family. He is the son of Tsukahara Takamoto, one of the samurai from Joya. He grew up looking up to his dad as a strong figure. Raikou followed his dad's move with a stick if he happened to see his dad training in their house. His father was a loyal samurai, putting his life in danger, and always ready to sacrifice his life for his lord. Raikou was trained to be the great samurai like his father, a loyal warrior to protect the next generation of the lord. Without knowing the loyal code of samurai, Raikou was super excited to grow up and become a strong samurai, an image of his father.

Raikou’s childhood was filled with training sword art, prepared to be like his father. When Raikou was 5 years old, his father took him to the rock garden in their house. His father told him how he became a samurai, he told Raikou how he had to train hard everyday because of Raikou’s grandfather who is also a great Samurai. Raikou’s grandfather forced his will on Raikou's father to be a samurai, and Raikou’s father ended up being a really great samurai. But Raikou’s father doesn’t want to do the same and forces Raikou’s to be samurai, his father asked what he wants to be. Without knowing what it takes to be a samurai, he answers straight that he wanna be like his father. After that Raikou started his training with his father, a tight schedule everyday. They trained sword technique, strength, hunting and adjusting to his physical shape and his magic. They decided to take advantage and push his speed up. Raikou’s magic is a lightning base magic named Rakurai. He inherited this magic from his mother.

Raikou’s mother was a household wife. She is the one who teaches Raikou how to keep calm and always try to think clearly through every problem. His mother taught Raikou how to meditate and control his emotions. His mother likes to take him to the theater for the free time they have and enjoy the performance. One time they went to the theater and Raikou was amazed by one of the performers. That kid used fire magic, the element that is usually used for harm. But this kid can use that element beautifully as the part of his act and dance.

One day when Raikou and his father are doing their routine to hunt in the woods, they find these demonic creatures that look like an Oribi. Seeing this creature in the woods makes him stunned and admires this creature. He was shockingly awakened by the command of his dad, he was told by his father to hunt that creature down, they never hunt down demonic creatures that look like this. With a shock in his heart, he still has to hunt that creature down. This has become a life changing moment for Raikou. The moment he’s able to kill that creature, the soul of that creature manifests with Raikou’s and that changes his appearance and affects his emotion. The horn of that oribi comes out from his forehead and he becomes cold hearted. This moment doesn’t only affect his life, this also makes his father look at him differently. His father has to tell him that he will never become a samurai with that appearance. When his mother finds out what happened, she asks Raikou to stay and keep his dream. But what his father told him and the emotional effect from the manifestation that happened to him made Raikou build this anger feeling to his father. Thanks to his mother who taught him how to control himself, Raikou decided to leave his family and his hometown. Raikou doesn’t want the anger he felt to take control of himself and do something he will regret. He decided to start his journey and go to fiore, and this is how his journey started.

Reference: No one


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