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Name: Ramses

Age: 121

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Asexual

Ethnicity, Father: Desiertian

Ethnicity, Mother: Savannan

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Liche

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Calvaria (Black)

Face: Brook | One Piece


Height: 6'7"

Weight: 150 Pounds

Hair: None (Once Black)

Eyes: None (Once Red)

Overall: There isn't much that could be said for Ramses' overall appearance. He has no facial features, nor anything that stands out about himself, unless you count the fact that his is a living skeleton. Besides that, Ramses is just your ordinary individual. He stands taller than most people, a feature that he was always known for during his days as a human, but that's it.

The way he dresses varies by how he feels. He doesn't limit himself to just one outfit. One day he may come out as just a skeleton, another day as a cloaked figure. It all depends on his mood or how the day itself is going. The only thing odd about him is that he seems to wear an afro wig everywhere he goes.  




Ramses' character traits could be somewhat described as the same as his physical traits. The combination of the two create complex layers, which often leads to his overall mystique. His physical attributes are just as much a member of his personality structure as they are his appearance because they have shaped how he sees the world, responds to those around him and how those around him respond to himself. Characterized by his subdued and stoic nature, he is seldom the first to speak or object, even in moments of contention.

Even when he does decide to contribute, his voice will often be curbed by his laconic disposition. His contribution will be concise, balanced, and above all else, meaningful. As a man of few words, when he does speak, he is sure that the words he offers have value. His position on the matter is one that must be deliberate and put forth only material that will promote the subject, not create divergence or distractions.

A man of a certain values, he strongly adheres to a system of rules that urge patience, reservation, and wise decision making. There are some who find his reservation unnerving while others welcome him to their inner-circle, valuing his level-headed input. In fact, while he does not offer his wisdom occasionally, he is known for his knowledge on many matters. His reclusive and solitary nature is concerning as it promotes his fascination with reading and learning. A rarity among most people, he is unquenchable in his efforts to learn new things about the world he lives in. Perhaps this drive comes from inborn curiosity, perhaps it is the last remnants of his humanity, or simply a product of his lost self. Whatever the reason, his habits have led to respect in this area.

It is true that he, in many cases, lacks the more openly aggressive and dominant nature of other people, but he evokes an odd and relatively indecipherable fear from his subordinates. It brings the dialogue back to his physical attributes that contrast so greatly with his character. One would expect someone of his stature to be imposing in appearance and personality. They would expect him to be cruel, vicious, and unforgiving. And while he does possess those qualities, they rarely show during his day-to-day behaviors. But many have witnessed his callous and cold-blooded efficiency in battle. He did not earn the title of Ghost King for being an inactive pacifist. No, he earned such a title because his skills and attributes have prepared him well for combat and made him lethal and calculating. There is much to be said about those who remain subdued and silent. It is for this that many fear him despite his mild temperament.

Identifiable by his odd mannerisms and contemplative temperament, he does not simply find the juvenile prattling and aggressive behavior irritating. He finds it entirely intolerable and unacceptable. It is rather uncommon for him to involve himself in petty fights, but when the authority of his rules are disrespected or in-fighting creates unnecessary chaos, he will abandon his quiet observations.

Concealed beneath his hermetic self lies a beast that is only seen during battle. This is the entity that both inspires and horrifies. It has become synonymous with the title of the Ghost King. His more sinister and unforgiving qualities slowly emerge during battle, both urging his brutality and cruelty. Even when he is at his most vile he is level-headed and deliberate. His choices are informed, precise, and purposeful. He has no reservations, however, about killing an opponent. He will calmly slaughter and patiently torture until he retrieves or accomplishes whatever it is he needs to do. His reservation dissolves to the extent that he does not contemplate whether to preserve a life. He will simply take it, no matter the opponent. This not only illustrates his more savage and brutal nature, but his tenacity and determination.

In Ramses’ mind, there is no room for failure. In fact, he has never failed to produce results and deliver himself victory. His record is impeccable and untarnished. The mere notion of failure is unacceptable to him. In his style, he does not actively acknowledge the fears he possesses. He is closed off from his fears and his doubts, which have the potential to create severe consequences for him psychologically. Despite this, he suppresses these details and focuses exclusively on the goals given by his mind. This aside, he can be praised for the way he is thoughtful and calculating when confronting enemies. He is not impulsive or reactionary, much in the same way he is not socially.

While he does have some daily pleasures, he exhibits a fairly ascetic lifestyle, which has a profound impact on his social functions. Finding little interest in social protocol, he is much more inclined to remain alone with his thoughts. He leads a rather solitary life, chary for who he allows around him. His interests in people extend no farther than an alliance. He sees no benefit in close companionship and is fairly satisfied with his solitude.


  • Smoking: Before his rebirth, Ramses constantly smoked to calm his mind, whether it be medicinal herbs, cigars, or cigarettes.
  • Knowledge: What led Ramses to his current state was him seeking knowledge that not many knew of. Some may say his curiosity might be his downfall, but he thinks otherwise.
  • Travelling: The thing he loves most in the world is travelling. Venturing to new lands and learning about different cultures excites him greatly.


  • Ignorance: Ramses knows that most people don't possess as much knowledge as himself, but he hates when that lack of knowledge greatly exceeds what he thoughts of them.
  • Leadership: Ramses has been alive long enough to believe that not anyone could lead him to something he hasn't already saw or gained. He looks down upon those who believe they hold control over a group of people.
  • Sand: Growing up in Desierto one would think that Ramses could care less about sand, but that is one of the things he despises most, even more than people who display extreme ignorance.


  • Power: Having already achieved his main goal, the only thing that currently motivates Ramses is growing stronger in terms of power.


  • Death: Ramses pursued immortality for a reason. It wasn't because of some simple goal like conquering the world. As he lived in Desierto, he saw so much death that he vowed to never experience it himself.


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 21


Magic Name: Arcane Reaction

Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Enhancement: Spell Fury

Magic Description: Arcane Reaction is a simple magic that is used by the user forcing there mana out of there body with concussive blows. This mana can be shaped as the user likes into any type of construct. The mana the user uses appears as a grey light.



Over a hundred years ago as Desierto was plagued by war, Ramses was born in a loving household where he only lived with his father and mother. As the years grew and the wars grew would Ramses experience pain and death at an early age. Before turning seven, his father and mother had been killed during a surprise attack in one of Desierto's cities causing him to become a orphan and wander the region all alone. As he travelled across the land with no money, Ramses only hope for survival was either stealing or taking whatever he came across. Something that would be considered hard for your average child, however Ramses learned to endure all of the things that came his way.

For him, the years seem to go by quickly and not long would he already be a teenager with a small name that was heard across the Sandy Country. The little fame that he had led him to teaming up with small groups of people to raid tombs and steal the treasures beneath. Earlier in life, he would have thought that such acts were disgraceful, but he figured that if he was to indeed survive then souvenirs for the dead should be up for grabs.

It wasn't until around the time nearing his sixteenth birthday that they would come across an ominous tomb. The markings on the wall had hieroglyphics that seemed to absorb the light around them. Ramses nor the people he were working with could understand the ancient language causing them to go into a tomb that was filled with many curses. Ramses watched as one by one his group died from extreme causes. He was the last one standing, only hanging on to life by a thread. However, as he was chasing death a man would appear before him clothed in white with skin that reminded him of tree leaves in the spring time.

The being explained several things to Ramses and if he were to do them as he was dying then he would live beyond his death day. Without second thoughts, Ramses began to perform a quick ritual. Using the objects around him as conduits, unknowingly he was performing the ritual to become an undead Liche. The ritual had only taken five minutes, but he knew that with how complex it was if someone didn't have the instructions then it would take them years.

After completing the ritual, Ramses skin began to peel off his body. Everything connected to his body would turn to dust besides his skeleton. Days after, Ramses found himself hiding from the world trying to make his way out of Desierto. For years he would roam the land while absorbing as much knowledge as he could. Twenty years after the faithful day would he meet a man named Ezekiel. The two came together to save a local village from slave traders. Something clicked between the two and they vowed to help each other whenever and for whatever.

That meeting has led Ramses to where he is now. On the inner parts of Earthland, he is making his way to Fiore after receiving a message from Ramses stating that it is time for them to group up again.



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