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Paradise Dawn

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Paradise Dawn

Earthland remains a world dominated by human beings, while other species are forced to turn to darkness to survive. Vampires, Werewolves, Daemons, Liches- even Elves, Dwarves, and Demi-humans have been subject to humanity's lack of kindness for centuries. Vampires and werewolves are hunted endlessly, while others are frowned upon for simply looking different. Humans have caused destruction time and time again, yet take no accountability for the evil they've bestowed upon the world. One Vampire in particular decided that he would no longer live under the rules of a human society. Aware of his naturally superior abilities, he decided to create a society for other people just like him; people tired of humanity and people who recognize themselves as superior than humans.

Paradise Dawn is considered a guild, but members often acknowledge it as a tribe or kingdom of its own. Deep within Worth Woodsea, Paradise Dawn acts as a safe haven for all outcasts of human society. The Royals and nobles of Fiore have no place in Paradise, nor do they have a voice here. This guild is completely off the grid and out of reach. Members farm, gather, hunt and embrace their beast-like nature without judgement. Members publicly feed on humans, animals or whatever they need to to survive. Often times- despite being home to many undead beings- the guild is full of life and personality. In Paradise Dawn, there is never a dull moment. People of all races are able to get along here. While most members aren't fond of humans and while it is unusual for a human to be apart of Dawn, it is not unseen nor is it against the rules. Humans too, are welcome if they truly consider themselves outcasts but it goes without saying that they may face scrutiny.

Members of Paradise Dawn have sworn to protect Worth Woodsea and their guild from all harm, thus many of the members become professional Monster Hunters to ensure that. Whether it's the occasional Vulcan pack, an Orcish army, or a three-headed hydra, Paradise Dawn holds some of the best hunters out there. Other members tend to turn to trading with some of the other villages, and tribes of Fiore and the other countries. As a Neutral guild, Paradise Dawn tends to remain out of Quarrels concerning the "Human Society" unless it benefits their Agenda. The guild focuses on Freedom & true liberation for all non-human races. By providing resources that can help members with all sorts of issues, Paradise aims to make members the best version of themselves, emphasizing on courage, loyalty, and honesty above all.

It could go without saying that Paradise Dawn would be happier in a world without humans, however, humans are crucial to many of the members' survival. Paradise Dawn hopes to achieve world "Liberation"and Dominate Earthland. A world where Humans don't facilitate anything is ideal. No more will they suffer under the tyranny of humanity. Dawn will conquer and bring freedom to all non-humans by any means necessary.


  • The user may take a limited amount of good/bad quests per week.

  • The user must never reveal sensitive information about Paradise to others for as long as they live.

  • Members may not kill or seriously harm other members. This may result in being banished.

  • Members may work with other guilds as long as they aren't putting the guild's safety in jeopardy.

  • Members must not be racist towards non-human races

  • Members must denounce the Fiorian government.


Paradise Dawn's guild building remains deep within the mass forest complex of Fiore known as Worth Woodsea, closer towards the boarders of the country. Built upon two grandiose mountains, Paradise Dawn sits closer towards Dahlia which many of the guilds members come from. On one mountain sits the guild hall. It's a large building designed by the best Dwarven architects in Desierto. The building's first floor holds the guild hall where many members spend their time socializing or looking for quests. The second, third, and fourth floors hold the dorms in stay. The fifth floor holds the rooms of the title holders, and on the top floor holds the guild master chamber. The buildings multiple towers contain the guild's library, medical facility, and storage rooms.

Across the bridge is where the Training hall & buildings of worship reside. Many members spend their time training to become powerful fighters, or praying to their gods. The members of Paradise have a widespan of religious beliefs and are able to indulge in all of them so long as it doesn't negatively affect the guild or its members, even if those beliefs require sacrifices. In order for anyone to get to Paradise, they would first have to cross from the "First Mountain" (mountain on the right). Behind both buildings is a body of water connecting to the ocean where many members are able to trade with those in other countries.


There are many words one can use to describe the mysterious "Dark One". Selfish, evil, Intelligent, dangerously alluring, or warm, honest,  magically talented and passionate to a fault. As an elf turned vampire, Ezekiel is all of that and more. At one point he believed he was born to save the forests of Earthland. Upon coming to Fiore, the one person he thought would help him save the world turned out to be a disappointment, he learned that his god was a lie, and his only friend was murdered by a Lich. He was kidnapped, abused, forgotten and turned into a vampire. Everything he believed in was taken from him causing him to finally snap. With a distaste for humans, Ezekiel grew in power, being especially talented in the dark arts.

Even after being abandoned, apart of Ezekiel's humanity remained. He wanted companionship, to build a place where people like him could live freely, and an army to destroy the humans if he needed to. Wanting a community of his own, Paradise Dawn was born. Sentinel Syndicate had given him the power and connections he needed to build the guild atop two mountains deep within Worth Woodsea. Ezekiel believes himself to be a king in his own right and acts like a father to those who join his guild. He's overprotective of his guild mates, and treats all of them with love and respect, but he is also impatient, and does not take disrespect well. There are no second chances when it comes to betrayal for the guild master of Paradise Dawn. Once you turn your back on him, there is no turning back. There is nothing that hurts Ezekiel more than feeling abandoned.


  • The Titan: The user is known by the guild as The Titan and is usually the most talented fighter of Paradise Dawn. The Titan is able to use the "Dominance" spell.

  • The Centurion: The user is known by the guild as The Centurion. The Centurion is usually the general of the guilds armed forces and is able to use the "Sentinel" spell.

  • The Seer: The seer usually acts as the informant of Paradise Dawn. Capable of revealing the hidden truths, they are able to use the "True Sight" spell.

  • The Savior: The savior is of the best healers in Paradise Dawn. They are known for their ability to cure most illnesses and is able to use the "Mercy" spell.

Guild Spells:


Level 0:

  • All for One: By tapping their guild logo, the user is able to signal other members for help. This allows members of Paradise Dawn to find the signaling member/s and enter the thread even if they weren't present in the town before said thread was made. This does not allow members to bypass travelling rules.

Level 1:

  • Motivated: The user is able to take an additional good or bad quest per week.
  • Power: The user gets a 10% increase in experience and jewels when completing quests.

Level 2:

  • Well Connected: The user receives a 15% discount on shop purchases.
  • More Power: The user gets a 15% increase in experience and jewels when completing quests.

Level 3:

  • Transcendent: The user gets a 20% discount when buying/training spells or weapon mastery.
  • Unleashed: The user gets a 20% increase in strength & constitution when fighting humans.

Level 4:

  • Apex Instinct: If the user is in a thread with someone who intends on harming the user, their guilt tattoo gives a tingly sensation, warning them of the danger. This gives no indication as to who or where their attacker is.
  • Too Easy: The user gets an additional 25% increase in jewels and experience when completing quests.

Level 5:

  • Mandate of Paradise: Some of the best Dwarven smithers in Worth Woodsea have sworn loyalty to Paradise. They have agreed to offer any Lvl 5 guild member any piece of Legendary equipment in their Armory or construct a custom piece of legendary equipment to the best of their abilities for the member if they so choose.


  • User 1: Ikazuchi
  • User 2: Akushitsuna
  • User 3: Aurelia

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