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Xiǎo Jùfēng

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#1Xiǎo Jùfēng 

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Xiǎo Jùfēng


Name: Xiǎo Jùfēng (Tiny Hurrican)


Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Sinese

Ethnicity, Mother: Sinese

Class: Summoner

Race: Demi-Human Panda

Rank: B-Rank

Guild: Guildless.

Tattoo: Base of Skull. (White)

Face: Kenny the Panda - Ken Ashcorp


Height: 4 Foot Even

Weight: 57 Pounds

Hair: Hair: Black
Fur: Black and White

Eyes: Black

Overall: Xiǎo Jùfēng stands at 4 foot even and weights 57 pounds. The small Panda Demi-Human has a short hair cut style that goes down to her chin in length. She is covered by black and white fur that is in the typical panda pattern. Her eyes are black in color and the fur around them is a black color. Under her right eye she has a heart shaped black area of fur.

When out and about, Xiǎo Jùfēng wears a special made outfit inspired by certain outfits found in Sinese. The Demi-Human Panda wears a long sleeve sailor style top, with a knee length skirt and knee high socks of various designs. When relaxing or alone, she wears large oversized clothing, usually shirts of some kind as a full outfit.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Xiǎo Jùfēng is usually a very nice person. She speaks to those around her with respect equal to what they deserve from her. The small Panda prides herself in her upbringing and takes great pride in her family bloodline. However, she does not agree with the way her family has acted. She sees the world as a place where the weak get walked on, and the strong do the walking. Despite this mindset, she does try to be a nice person even if she is doing illegal things.

At 21 years old, she has separated from her prestigious family and has been banished for her crimes of participating in illegal activities despite her families diplomatic ties. As such she has begun to refuse to use the name she was born with, and instead uses the name her grandfather gave her before he passed away.

While not one to participate in or use, Xiǎo Jùfēng will sell drugs and booze and other illegal substances to adults. However, she draws a line at children and will even assault other dealers who do. She is a decent business woman and has discovered that using her smaller size and young appearance to her benefit has been very profitable in making deals, surprising the competition and even as a form of information gathering.

When it comes fighting, she understands that she isn't very physically skilled besides in speed and as such she makes it a point to never fight alone if she can help it. She isn't an arrogant fighter and will surrender if she is out numbered, so long as she isn't in danger of anything worse then imprisonment.


  • Money: Xiǎo Jùfēng loves and enjoys having as much money as possible.
  • Sinese Cuisine Having grown up with Snese food her entire life. She always has some when she feels home sick.


  • Losing large Amounts of money: Given her love of Jewels and money, Xiǎo Jùfēng gets very upset when large somes of her money go missing.
  • Height related comments: It has generally been a bad idea to comment or insult her height, as it makes her anger flare terribly.


  • Making Her own Criminal Empire: Xiǎo Jùfēng has decided to instead of follow in her families Diplomatic fashion to dedicate herself to making her own Personal Criminal Empire.


  • Death: Xiǎo Jùfēngdoesnt want to die young. She wants to die of old age in a bed. Hiwever, she also understands that in the criminal world that's not always possible.
  • Octopi and Squids: After a Tramatic beach trip where she was almost drowned by a large octopus, Xiǎo Jùfēng has developed a fear of Octopi and other creatures of similar design. However she does enjoy eating them, half from the flavor and half from the small victory it gives her over her fear.


Strength: 1

Speed: 30

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 30


Magic Name: Strange Flower Magic

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Enhancement: Body Defense

Magic Description: The user has created a contract with strange forest spirits. They can summon these creatures to their side as aid. The users magic circle is Bamboo Green.


History: In the heartland of Sinese, Xiǎo Jùfēng was born to a well off diplomatic family. Having spent much of her early life living the traditional style of high society in Sinese, Xiǎo Jùfēng grew bored with it. When she turned 14 she ran away from her family home and nearly died in the forests outside her home.

Thankfully she was rescued by small forest spirits. They patched her up, took care of her, and eventually formed an unintentional contract with her. Thankfully however, doing so was exactly what needed to happen. Thanks to her mana, the spirits were able to take a better more useful form then they had been able to use and as such they could finally leave the forests border with her to lead her back home.

She was celebrated, and made sure to never forget her friends the spirits that had helped her. She wasn't able to leave the home palace she loved in for nrealy 4 years because of her families fright that she would die leaving them childless. However, she wished nothing more then to leave the family home and make her own life. Her friends had snuck in books and stories of other places that made her desire even greater to leave.

She identified most with the thieves, the criminals, the nairdowells. She wanted a life of excitement like that. By the time she was 18 she had finally had enough and using her spirit friends escaped her confinement and headed west toward the land of Fiore.

Along the way she began to act as a criminal, but she still lived by a set of morals as best she could. Although she learned quickly that sometimes the only thing you can do is kill to survive. By the time she was 20, she had finally left sinese and had made it almost to Fiore when she discovered her family had banished her forever, yet still wished to bring her back to punish her for her familial crimes.

She spent the next year or so dodging bounty hunters sent by her family and soon found herself in Fiore properly. She set up a discreet business with an official license, although she's the only employee currently as for paperwork reasons her spirit friends do not technically qualify as employees.

Reference: none

#2Xiǎo Jùfēng 

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Xiǎo Jùfēng
Scooping from Joshua Graham

Strength: 1
Speed: 30
Constitution: 1
Endurance: 1
Intelligence: 30

XP: 101,000


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This character application has been approved.

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