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Devil's Fiorian Waltz [CQ: SOLO]

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Devil's Fiorian Waltz [CQ: SOLO] Empty on Wed Jan 13, 2021 8:29 am



Masami—or Lucillus—didn't have the best view in Domus Flau, nor did he have the comfort of cheering without revealing his identity. The current active user is Lucillus, because he begged Masami to come see one of the tournaments and see some epic and bloody fights, yet Masami wasn't fond of loud crowds, bursts of cheers and most especially, betting on fights. Yet, the demon warned his vessel that he'd get upset if Masami doesn't spoil him while they are still in Crocus City. Sighing at the demon's annoying and restless efforts in their attempts to dominate their own vessel, Masami wears an oversized coat, and wanders off in take-over form.

The bright, sunny day didn't help, either. Although sunny days are better to light Domus Flau up, and that Masami subconsciously didn't like how his skin feels through the heat, Lucillus enjoyed this sort of energy and cheered with the crowd. What happened to keeping silent to hide their identity? That talk is long gone now, and Lucillus doesn't care if he bothers the neighboring cheerers... since he was the loudest person in wherever side he is. The seats were filled in today's tournament because it will feature some of the well-known fighters, and Lucillus will cheer despite not knowing who they are at all. It was Masami and Lucillus' first time watching the tournament.

They set the location up very well with magic and all sorts of events. There are also people of royalty watching from the East, having the best view. Although the crowd cheers for every successful attacks, the people of royalty, including the judges, doesn't seem to be pleased. After some time, Lucillus also got bored and chose to sit down instead of cheering and jumping around. It was only now that he felt how obnoxious the heat was; some of the people seemed to be getting bored because of the same people winning again-and-again, and they weren't so good of a person, either. It was their betting that causes the crowd to cheer, not because they like the fighter, and that didn't seem like good news.



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The childish pride of the boy also didn't want to admit that they were bored, otherwise Masami will go home immediately, so Lucillus had no choice but to keep the light tantrum within him. The crowd continues their cheering and Lucillus keeps himself shut, biting the ends of his coat's sleeves. Ugh... so annoying, the tournament will be over in a few hours and, if nothing interesting happens soon, Lucillus (and Masami, of course) will lose his mind.

Luckily, one of the well-known participants is a boastful, large grunt, who loved to fight and is the most cliché crook you could ever encounter. When they got tired of beating his opponents up, whether or not they were solo or if they jumped at him as a team. The crowd continued to cheer for him, but only he had caught Lucillus' attention when he spread his arms in the air and asked: "Is there no one else?!" Expecting that someone cool would pop out of nowhere, Lucillus stood up, just like the rest of the crowd, and watched closely. There, he waited for anyone big and strong, or anyone interesting in general, to come and fight the big punk. Any second now... any minute now? so far, the only people that have come were D- or C-Rank crooks that got nothing better to do with their lives, so they end up being a disappointment. The crowd's cheering has started to quiet down, too, and the large fighter was strong enough to shut even the referee up, including the judges, if they even are doing anything. Lucillus is only waiting for the referee to announce that audiences can fight too, otherwise Masami would get mad at the lawlessness of Lucillus' boldness. Surprisingly, what Lucillus wished had immediately come true, and he didn't even need to pray to get it answered.



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"Is there really no one else?! I'll go fight the referee, if that's the case!" said the lone fighter of the stadium, being as prideful as... or, perhaps, being less proud, compared to the duo of Pride? The referee, in fear, panicked and asked the audience if they wanted to fight, for the sake of his life. Although the fighter playing the stage was boastful, and apparently had such a bratty personality, he had the reputation, which meant the peoples' fear. Thus, nobody tried to fight, and the crowd became quiet. The only people that would have the courage to jump from their seats to fight are people who has the same—"Alright! Finally!"—on impulse and excitement, Lucillus lets himself float using a spell, and showed himself to the public.

"LET'S FIGHT, YA BIG PUNK!" his voice revealed his identity, and the wild flight unveiled the hood that covered his head, "Oops! Masami will get angry—" as if it was even a useful thing, Lucillus slid the mask from the left side of his face, centering it in attempt to cover his face. The Momijigari mask's eyes glew in accordance to its' activation, and will probably release mana unintentionally. The referee remarks Lucillus' appearance and introduces Masami to the public, "Oy, oy! Can't you guys tell that I'm a different person?! Masami's too much of a workaholic to go to these types of places! Grr," even if that's the case, it still won't help. Masami's (and Lucillus') reputation is unbound, everyone will know who he is no matter what—the difference between Lucillus and Masami is still a mystery to most, however, and that will make everything more interesting. The big punk's attention was caught by the smaller punk, and had started to recharge.

Maybe there was a scary gap between the two; the assurance of "no death" has made Lucillus ever-so reckless, knowing that even if he breaks few of Masami's bones and twist some muscles, "not dying" had become the best relief. Thus, when the big punk provoked the demon inside the body of a boy to come at him, Lucillus didn't hesitate, not even once, and charged while in flight.



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Also, the "big punk" knew Masami, he was no exception. As Lucillus charged in while in flight, and was still charging in, his opponent charged his fists to compose mana into a large, strong spell, and the crowd gasped when he did so. "That kid's gonna die!" were the words the crowd kept repeating, and they were murmuring under their breaths about how the referee should stop the fight immediately. "Ha? Hey, I can hear that! Why would I die?!" the distracted Lucillus turns his head away, just in time to come in contact with one of his opponents' fists, and sent him flying. There were no explosions, or anything loud that formed when he had punched the boy, and it was quiet even after landing back to the ground. The surprised Lucillus kept his eyes the whole time, and was left at a gasp. Suddenly, he was staring at the sky, and he was too tired to blink or to look away, even if the sky's brightness was messing with his vision.

He was still breathing, gratefully. Ah... I—I suddenly can't move... there, Lucillus, along with the crowd, stays silent, but Lucillus immediately gained the energy to stand back up. "Oh? Where's my opponent?" his opponent was nowhere to be found—ah, it seems as if his opponent dropped dead on the ground, and Lucillus was fast enough to meet the boastful lad face-to-face. The opponent was unconscious; did his attack reverse back at him?! That would make some sense, as Lucillus was smirking the whole time. "Oy! We haven't even started y—!"

"And the winner is Kita Masami, of the Rune Knights!"


Lucillus' arm was raised by the referee himself, titling him as the champion of today's tournament, and the crowd agreed. Did they even have time to process what had happened or were they too bored to stay in one reaction for too long? The loudest thing anyone can hear was the voice of the referee, and that was about it.



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