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Sieghart To Oak: The Genesis of Revenge {Travel} {solo}

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#1Lucian V. Crimson 

Sieghart To Oak: The Genesis of Revenge {Travel} {solo} Empty on Mon Jan 11, 2021 4:46 pm

Lucian V. Crimson
Lucian flew towards a nearby tavern, the townspeople eyed him with weary eyes as he and nightfall landed on the ground. The people looked at him as if he was a monster and granted judging by the words of Rinni, and his interaction with the creatures over the last few nights, it was safe to say that they were weary. Lucian walked nightfall through the middle of the town. Stopping at the tavern he stroked the horse's mane as he stepped inside. The clamoring inside died down towards a soft murmur as he entered. Just as on the outside, they watched him with cold intent. Walking towards the bar, Lucian sat himself down while eyeing everyone around him.

"What can I get ya?" The bartender turned his eye and walked away

"Water. Nothing else." Lucian studied the sights and sounds. It reeked of deceit. He knew someone was watching him, people were watching him. Granted he was known now. Not much more of a ghost than what he had once been but alas it was what it was. He had a guild. A family. There was no need to hide anymore...

As the bartender returned, Lucian slipped him some jewels and relaxed. The water went smoothly down as he drank down the glass.

"Thanks for the water...." Lucian set the glass down and leaned backward.

"So why are you here? You know the folks around here don't take too kindly to unknown people stomping through their turf even if they are a mage." The bartender washed the cups with a ragged cloth.

"That obvious or did you see the tattoo on my neck."

Lucian wasn't afraid to display his allegiance to the guard. That was his family.

"It's that obvious. I don't see any tattoo on your neck mister. And for your sake, I hope you don't continue to fake being a guild mage. We won't tell but you best keep that to yourself."

Lucian's chest went cold, colder than that night from years ago. The day his parents lost their lives. Rushing to a nearby bathroom, Lucian flicked on the light Lacrima, the polished mirror shown brightly as he stood before it. Pulling at his shirt collar Lucian exposed his full neck, the penumbral guard tattoo nowhere to be found.

Frantically he pulled at the collar of his shirt again, ripping cloth as he tried to search for the hidden tattoo. Slapping at his skin, the mark would not appear, blood welling as he scratched at his neck...

Roaring, Lucian punched the mirror of the bathroom and stormed out.

"This can't be! This just can't be! It can't!" Lucian rushed towards Nightfall, he had to get back to the guild, he had to...

Rushing over to a nearby newsstand, Lucian ripped a magical paper from the stand. The bold letters crushed the kindness in his heart, it made tears of pain well in his eyes and brought darkness he hadn't felt in a long while. The Penumbral Guild had been obliterated, desecrated, and destroyed. Heads left on pikes, the glorious castle now was nothing but rubble serving as a tomb for the deceased. None of the mentioned dead were Rinni, Masami, Tomoe, or even Aegis. Meaning they could be alive...Only one of the perpetrators had decided to turn themselves in and he had been acquitted of his crimes...

Lucian let the paper fall from his hands and felt the beast below desire to come out. He knew that here it would mean unending bloodshed to the innocent. He was no devil, but there wasn't much left to be...Did the gods really have to be so cruel, why...Why did they take them away every time he found one. Rinni... He needed to find her and Masami. He knew the others could take care of themselves but they were young...and they were his responsibility.

"I should have never left..."

Lucian jumped onto Nightfall's saddle and clicked his tongue, taking off into the sky, Nightfall moved with unnerving speed, he understood the gravity of the situation and he knew his master's pain.

Flying high, Nightfall pushed and pushed, slowly the city of Oak started to come into view. Darkness fell and the dhullin's body began to weaken from the constant exertion at maximum strength. Lucian could feel his partner labored breaths from his lungs.

He knew they would have to stop in Oak for the night, rest, and return to the trail tomorrow. Nothing was going to stop him from getting to his family. Nothing...

Lucian flew towards his old stomping grounds. A hidden cove of buildings in Oak that he had dwelled in ages ago. Letting Nightfall rest, Lucian walked towards the opening. Roaring loudly, Lucian let his rage echo throughout the city, He knew they would complain but he didn't care. This world had taken his family again...They would know the depth of his pain, the true meaning of his anger and hurt. They created the demon they wanted and so they would pay for their transgressions.

Breaking down, his tears flowed down as he struggled to hold on to his sanity...Then a sniff caught his nose. A scent that was all too familiar to him, one that he knew well enough. Unmistakable and unable to be masked. Rinni.... Somehow fate had allowed her to be here in Oak.

Standing to his feet, he looked at his creature sleeping peaceful and jumped out into the night, he was going to find that girl, if it was the last thing he did.

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