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For Old Times Sake [Mika]

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Kurisa appears within the pub, the place she has been to many times for the sake of her two old friends; Odin and Nas. One of them stopped existing within this time as she just up and disappeared. Odin is off busy doing his underground planning. Probably something she'll have to butt in someday. She hoped not. She told one of her NPCs to arrive in the pub to make sure she knew no one here. So far everyone here was new or just some civilian wanting some alcohol. Sadly, she could not drink, but that doesn't mean she couldn't come in and sit down, enjoying the view.

She was known as the Loan shark and she has heard that people in Oak wanted money. She told her assistant to sit with her for the paper signing and all that jazz. Being Z rank, being well known makes it easy to find her buyers, the people who wanted loans. Rather it's to sin or to help others she did not care where the money went. As long as she got her money back - exact amount. She calmly sat there with her assistant while waiting, listening to their music, and nodded her head to the beat. Everyone so far was leaving her be. So the person was most likely not here yet.

-thot projection-



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Mikajia was in a bit of a bind, and he wasn't happy about it. Due to some rather unfortunate choices, he found himself in some serious need for some money, and not a lot of options for getting it as quickly as he needed. Time was of the essence, so though he despised having to ask for a loan, he had to suck up his pride and just go for it. There was talk of a woman in Oak whom he could speak to about this kind of matter, but he was still hesitant. After all, the woman in question had a reputation. A reputation he took seriously. It wasn't every day you encountered someone that you already knew things about before ever even seeing their face, simply due to word of mouth.

Though Mikajia wasn't always the most polite person, you could guarantee he would be on his best behavior during this little meeting. He entered the pub, the agreed-upon location to smooth out the finer details of his loan. It didn't take too long for him to spot her. Most people filling the chairs in the small pub seemed to be doing what they could to blend in but there was one woman in particular that didn't seem to care at all about standing out. Mikajia approached the woman, introducing himself, "I assume you're the woman I'm supposed to be speaking with. My name's Mikajia."

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Her eyes closed, enjoying this simple little beat. She wondered why kind of guy was going to appear in front of her today. Her mind felt rather cloudy as she thought about how Ragnar the Red was able to pay her back fully - even the interest. She opened her eyes a few minutes later to see a boy in front of her, introducing himself to them. They reminded her of Masami a little bit. It's obvious they are male, but if you did somethings, you could transform them into a girl. They had the same intense look as if they were planning something diabolical, but none of that was her business. She only cared about herself and those few people she was close to. Kuri didn't want to judge at all. He could be a good kid or a kid that wanted to get strong and meet their enemies at the bottom.

"Kuri, pleased to meet you, Mika - if you don't mind me shortening it by three letters." She was blunt and wanted to make sure it was alright. She was kind yet serious, polite, but can be quite strict even. "I will assume you are interested in a loan then." She motioned her arm towards her assistant. The man put down his paper and pen. "All you have to do is sign your name. Payback the interest when I send you money. I hope that is alright.". She looked at him with a sweet smile. Her brown and blue eyes giving eye contact.


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”A pleasure to meet you as well Kuri, and no, I don’t mind at all.” He responded to the woman’s introduction, sitting down at the table. ”That’s no problem, I expected as much. Though, I will admit, I’m not entirely versed in these kinds of matters. I’ve never had need of a loan before.” He said, as she slid a paper to Mikajia, for him to sign. Though he wasn’t completely versed in dealing with loans, he knew the kind of paperwork that was required for these kinds of dealings.

”I do appreciate the generosity, and willingness to work with me, Miss Kuri.” He said with a polite smile, as he read then signed the paper, ”It is a sizeable loan. However, I consider myself a man of my word. I honor and keep my word, no matter the cost. Whatever it may be.” In that moment, though his smile was still pleasant, she would be able to see the absoluteness of this phrase. There could be no denying, he meant every last word. Short of dying, there would be absolutely nothing to ever prevent this man from keeping his word.

”I’ll make sure you’re paid back in full, in a timely manner. Every last jewel.” Giving her another simple nod.

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She smiled as she listened to him. Her assistant watched him sign the paper and took it with him. He nodded to her and she nodded to him, with him ending up leaving. Her gaze went back to the boy as he made sure he was going to pay back. "I'm glad we can make this simple, Mika. You'll get your payment within minutes." She started to get up and looked around. She kind of missed this area, but sometimes memories needed to be burned. Maybe someday she will get to it, but for now, she will just get back to her business.

"Good luck and hope to see you another time.~" She spoke in a rather mysterious assured tone to let him know that she will see him again. Hopefully, it'll be a friendly banter sort of way, but for now, it was business. She watched to make sure the assistant left unharmed till he vanished in thin air. What will things bring now for her? She had a lot of money, she was god tier in rank, but she had nothing when it came to actual power. What was the point of being a god if she had no actual power and things one will want? She waved goodbye to Mika and vanished.



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Mikajia was certainly happy that this meeting was able to go smoothly, he definitely didn't want to have to worry about any other potential hiccups of interruptions to his progress. It had already been a long road for him to get to this point, but he had an even longer road ahead still. Gaining the kind of power he was after was no easy task, and most certainly not for the faint of heart. There would be many people to try and stop his progress along the way, so he needed to find ways to insure these interruptions could be dealt with as easily and quickly as possible.

His loan would hopefully be used to help with this process. There was a particularly valuable magic item he had his eye on. He'd been eyeing it for a while, truth be told, but it appeared, he might actually get his chance at getting his hands on the item here pretty soon, if all went well. If not, this treacherous road he was on would only continue to grow in danger and difficulty. All that aside though, he'd found his interaction with Kuri to be a rather pleasant one, all things considered. He waved goodbye to her, as she disappeared, genuinely hoping he could have the chance to encounter her again some time.


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