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Bye Magnolia Again (Magnolia to Astera)

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Bye Magnolia Again (Magnolia to Astera)    Empty Sat Jan 09, 2021 7:50 pm


Holy spirits begone! Some sort of energies have been passing through Magnolia, so it figures that Vice should also pass away now. Leaving is a good idea in this spooky graveyard that only houses cool liches like Jolyne. Patting his face in a spinny lobby, Vice is ever-attentive, as his journey has been all kinds of spooky while having been wandering around. Cursed hands (fingers) took away all of Vice's fun for efficacy and forcefulness. Wearing glasses now, Vice has acquired an ability to see perverts, and hopefully the mainstream BDSM autohitters will go away now that Vice carries an edgy blade. Missing his stick and Eru, yet Vice just wishes he could have upgraded his fun equipment to be stronger rather than swapping.

Ah, the fishies are colorful but deceivingly static, maybe Vice should go back to being a hermit. Bobbing his head out of a harmless stupor, Vice eyes a fish tank in the corner of the building's lobby. Not looking to rob the fishies, thoughts just cycle back to where Vice had spawned before. Hargeon was a nice nest of hopes and dreams, now it's only considered emergency food supply. Decorations can peeve off even Vice, fortunes don't change their turn easily though. Walking out to the streetlife has resolved Vice's new joys for the future. Cops and robbers was played a lot in Magnolia, yet everywhere brings the same labors by Vice. Charity work helping others is just as mindless as fishies, so Vice figures he'll meet his next engaging follies in Astera.

Hargeon and Astera don't have much difference, although Vice expects mistakes as the natural developing current of life. Leaving Hargeon primarily was a matter of Vice's investment in his own safety, having met that scary grandma Esperia. Sticking to the light side, rejection seems to be creeping up to Vice's back as well. A new legend called Ryuk is now following Vice around, even though he feels like it's too vague. How does the demonic creeper that's making Vice look bad even follow Vice around when he doesn't wanna talk to it? Worshippers are usually dark emos, so Vice will just be hopeful as his pet defends Vice's back emotionally. All the light follows Vice to protect his realistic world from invisible-reliant weirdos, for he'll now be going to see the dim fishie life in Astera next. Leaving with a crowd, the robey Vice just always keeps safely unharmed to himself with his full outfit and creepy companion.



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