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Back to Hosenka [Fly]

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Kurisa gazed towards the horizon of the sky as she and her new friend traveled towards Hosenka. She wanted to show him the place that reminded her of Joya that was pretty much filled with all the good and bad things in a tiny box. She patted her mount as she told her friend that she will meet him there. It was sad to see her new cocky friend leave already as she looked at her one-person mount. She hopped on and went off towards the city and hopefully will find her friends there. She had another thing going on as well as Judina should be there by now.

The girl was almost like her mother who she has known since before she was even born. Her two daughters were waiting at her home in Hosenka as well as she wondered how they were. It has been a few weeks since she has last seen them. It was right before the trip. They wanted to go, but she could not bring them at all due to all the dangers. She will bake them some treats and their favorite foods. She also brought some objects from her trip. Levi slowly started to land as she was finally in hosenka all over again.


50% wc from mount


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