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Blameshift (Quest)

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It had been a full twenty four hours since his arrival in Oak City. On this particular day the sun didn't shine as hard. The morning streets were filled with fog with thick dew covering the ground. With each step he took, Mimir could get his shoes getting wetter and wetter. Most people would probably be annoyed by it, but he was one of the few people who walked through wet grass on purpose.

Anyway, the streets of Oak would begin to get crowded as people emerged from their homes to get on with their daily lives. This lead him to venturing towards the sidewalk and into an alley. As he walked in the alley, Mimir could hear the sound of soft but fast footsteps coming towards him. His hand reached for the area where his sword would have been, but of course he had lost it. Instead he would simply angle his body in a way that he would be able to defend himself.

Moments later would a little kid emerge from the darkness of the alley and run head first into Mimir's stomach. A wave of air would release from his mouth as he did his best not to fall over. "What the hell are you doing you little idiot." screamed Mimir while he picked the kid up by the front of his shirt. "I don't want any problems Blondie. I was listening in on the Martello Gang but they saw me. I gotta get away. You seem like a strong guy. If you go kill them I'm sure they'll be a lot of loot for me and you both to enjoy." said the kid as he pointed in the direction from which he came.

Mimir would simply stare at him and debated on his next move.

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He would smirk and say "Well that's all you had to say. Stay here runt... I'll be back in a few." In a quick motion, Mimir would drop the kid to the ground and begin walking towards the direction from which he came. He should know better than to trust the kid, but he didn't have anything else to do for the day. What could be better than killing a few gang members and taking whatever riches they had? As he roamed the alley, the sun would begin to make its way higher into the sky causing the morning fog to disappear.

It wouldn't take long for him to erupt from the other side of the alley where a clearing would come into view. Mimir would lean against the wall and peer around the side of it. From his position he could see four men huddled around a cart talking amongst themselves. One of them was covered in mud and he could only assume that it somehow had to do with the little kid. "Hmm, how should I go about doing this?" muttered Mimir to himself. Usually in a situation like this he would just charge the enemy head on with his sword, but that wasn't an option.

He had been developing some new spells, so maybe this was the time for him to test them out? Now the next problem was if he was going to do this quickly or drag it out. From where he stood the men were at least ten meters away, so he would need to get closer if were to fight them using magic. Quickly he would exit the alley and begin walking towards the men. His sudden movements had cause them to stare at him and unknowing for them, it would be there last day on earth.

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Mimir had covered a five meter distance very quickly and before the gangsters could react would he begin his onslaught. Raising his left hand, a magic seal would appear in front of it proceeded by a blade one meter in length. The blade was approximately nine inches wide, so it would be large enough to do exactly what he wanted to do. He commanded the blade to fly through the air, directing it towards the gangster on furthest to the left. Before the man could even react would the blade pierce his left eye and move downward slicing his throat.

Closing his hand, Mimir would end the spell and would start to lunge towards the gangster in the middle. He covered the distance between them rather quickly, but the gangsters were a step ahead as the three of them lunged out the way. "Get em! He killed Billy!" screamed the one he was aiming for in the middle. That one was the only one who would rush Mimir as the other two stayed back observing and waiting for an opening. Mimir kept his composure as the man rushed towards him and knew he needed only a single well hit attack to take him out.

Holding his ground, the man would try to aim a punch for Mimir's head, but the Viking simply ducked and delivered a punch towards the man's chest. He put as much strength as he could into the punch and as it connected with the man's chest he could feel all of his rib's breaking upon impact. The punch cause the man to fly backwards for a distance of three meters. His body would go limp as it hit the ground.

The last two men would rush him as well. One from the left and one from the right. Mimir would lower his base and waited till the men were inches away from him before he jumped into the air. His quick maneuvering would cause the two to tackle each other. They both would fall on the ground due to their stupid actions and Mimir would quickly take advantage of their situation. As his body fell from the air, Mimir would line his feet towards the man on the left. Placing a kick on his skull with the full force of his strength and body weight. The attack cracked the gangster's skull instantly. Only one was left standing, but he quickly got up and ran away.

Smirking, Mimir would dust himself off before moving towards the cart. Looking inside, he would gather all of the loot and make his way back towards the kid. They would meet up once again. After splitting the profit they would go there separate ways.

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