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With You All Along [Quest]

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Kurisa took some food with her and a bag of water and other supplies that she felt like she will need. She told the crew to go ahead and party in the festival while she went on to find 'Jin'. She could not believe that he was right under her nose, almost literally. Her brown and blue eyes gazed at the sky that was darkening, the beauty could not compare to the beauty she saw with Kazimir though. Too bad she was not there in person. Oh how much she regretted leaving, but this had to be done as soon as possible.

She felt the cold go against her skin as she quickly wrapped herself in a poncho. It was from a different country, a trade they had they said. She wondered how far she had before she was going to find meets end of Jin. Jin was so quiet during the whole trip here other than some jokes when she was fighting on the ship. They did not even talk much during the walk to Hargeon from Marigold. So other than all the planning and a few chats after battle he did not really say much. She should have seen it.

She watched as the slowly dying grass motioned with the wind's current to the left. It was a dark moss color as she saw a herd of animals eat it. They seemed tamed and wondered if perhaps someone lived close by. It was more uphill so she went towards that direction. She was told by the village elder that there was a large lake that was connected to a river stream that went to the ocean. The paths were used a lot for small boats for shipping. He was not sure if that was where he was, but it was a possibility.


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The further up she went the colder it got. She had a body of water and the cold felt rather chilling for her. The wind was getting stronger as the clouds were rather forceful against her eyes and face, making small cold tears made of salt. She was salty that she could not get over there faster, but who said good work was easy work? No one. She kept licking her lips as she wished to feel the warm press of another and taste sugar sweet cookies upon the thin skin. She had the moisture on her lips as they will end up being cracked if not.

After a few moments she was at the top, gazing over a large body that was not a lake, but more of a sea that lead to the larger body of water. She had to go back down the mountain again as he was probably waiting at the bottom, not the top. It took her a few moments of sliding against the earth's bumpy surface, hands against the stones that covered it and the pacing. Once her feet were on the flat surface she watched to see Jin at the shallow bed of the sea. He gazed at her coldly and was quite expressionless. He asked her why it took her forever, unsure he was joking or not she glared at him.

She explained that she was not even from here so she had to guess the passage to get here. He laughed at her frustrations, treating her like a mere child when she was in her forties. How dare he do such a thing, right? Yet he was allowed to. She wondered why he hid who he really was this whole time. Why he made her come all this way just to find out that it was him all along.


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He found her amusing and then slowly walked back towards the water. Putting out her hand to reach him she then stopped as she saw him hover over the water. He laughed at her worrisome gesture and told her that she has found who she was looking for. He dared to fight him and perhaps if he won and was found worthy maybe he will come to help her. He uncovered himself as his gem eyes glowed and body slowly turning blue. He glowed while forming into his form that was more like a serpent-like dragon.

She glared at was ready as she will have to stay on land, but she has enough water to fight him. Thankfully, her element was not only water but also light as well. She was going to be in trouble if it was just light elemental. He felt impatient and started to dash forward towards her. She quickly moved away but got hit against the earth, not him directly. Her hand quickly became a fist and against her chest summoning her own dragon that was lilac-colored. Roaring, it went forward towards him. The Water dragon kept going off, flying away, but her spell followed him till it smashed into him. Before it smacked into him, distracting him she then pointed a finger gun towards him, shooting out a 2x2 meter comet bullet. It followed him and if time played correctly, but the time he was hit by her dragon, he was going to get hit with the bullet right after. It gave her enough time to get up prepare for more.

So took a deep breather before he blew out water towards her, roaring, Due to distance from the sky and from where she was on the ground, she had enough time to move out of the way. Kurisa ran left as she kept a hand to swipe and put out a fist to create a crane to fly towards the dragon and smack him.


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He went towards her while taking the hit and created a tsunami to go towards her. She quickly then waved her hand for her tsunami to go towards his, taking the damage and making his disappear. Due to his being only S rank, hers went towards him after destroying his spell and hit his face.

Slowly, he went down as he laughed. He wasn't fully down nor knocked out, but he was exhausted nonetheless. She was prepared for any sneak attacking yet he waved his hand that hit against her cheek softly instead. He told her to relax as he saw potential in her, possibly more powerful than he was if she had actual gear and weapons to fight him at full. He was surprised that she could make him feel even this weak. Kurisa and the water dragon went to the village to collect the men and go back to Fiore. She finally got what she came here for. The water dragon finally gave her his real name, ___. The woman accepted it, no questions asked other than the obvious things.

When will she finally get to fight the other dragons and will they be as hard to fight against as he was or even more difficult? She felt that if she could fly, it will be easier to battle against dragons in the future. She will have to find a way to fly, to show her real power and abilities. The crew got on the ship and they said their goodbyes to the village, but not before a promise of the elder. He told her about since she overpowered their 'god', maybe she will someday come and rule over the island, take the island for herself once she can afford to. She at first thought it was a joke, but he gave her a paper of proof for the future.



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