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Keep Them Closer [Quest]

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She gazed around the ship as she kept on the wheel. She wanted to make sure they were not going to go off course as she checks on the ship. She instructed everyone to check everything to make sure nothing was too beat up. the people took about a full thirty minutes to make sure it was in good shape. Jin chuckled as she stood beside her, asking how the fight was. She wondered where he was, but he was not going to give her a simple answer. He started to say how it was entertaining to watch her fight even if it was as simple as pirates.

He jested that he only had to lift up a finger to get rid of something like that. Was he kidding or was he serious? She could not tell by the tone of voice he was using. She listened to him talk more as the crew was just relaxing as the doctor herself was checking on mainly that one guy who she was feeling some affections towards. Kurisa gazed at Jin who was gazing towards the way they were sailing as she then squinted to see an island coming up close. She asked if it was perhaps Joya, the area she needed to go to apparently.

He nodded, saying it was an island not that far off from the main country as the county was literally a few hours off if one drove by car if it existed. the woman did not want to really question any of it so she just nods and continue off. Once they got close enough she roared to the others to prepare for land as they had to move the ropes, close the sails and put down the anchor as it was pretty much their way back.


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As she heard the anchor drop she hopped off the boat and looked around. A little up far she saw a village that could fit maybe a hundred or fewer than that. The others followed behind her as Jin was beside her. She wondered if maybe they were just all sleeping during this time of day? She noticed that it was closer to dinner time if her timing of the sun was correct. They went up the hill and split as they searched throughout the village.

Everything seemed so empty and she had no clue why. While standing in the middle of it all she saw a paper flier swoop and twirl with the wind. Quickly, she caught it as it passed her. Bringing it up to her face she wanted to read it as her eyes followed every word. Her eyes opened wide as she gasped quietly. It was like it was fate for her to find this as it showed that there was a festival today. It had the location, time and everything as she then went yelled and called out to everyone.

As everyone gathered Kurisa had them follow her to the exact location. She followed the path with Jin beside her as she saw the villagers all pause once they saw her. Their eyes gazed at Jin in shock, but then assumed probably that Kurisa did not know who he was. They shot out booze as corks flew out. They grabbed the rest of the crew's hand to make them join as Jin and Kurisa looked around. She made sure to stay close enough to Jin as she had some suspicions now. It was pretty odd of them to act the way they did at that moment. It was as if they knew who Jin was. Perhaps who he really was.


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Will this water dragon, Leviathan maybe was his name... will he appear here? She doubted that the famous one will appear in front of all these people. It could cause chaos and in her mind, the scene was full of destruction. Truthfully, Kurisa did not know, but it could happen, right? She watched with Jin of the villagers dancing, listened to their stories, and ate their food. No matter what she ended up doing she always stood by Jin. They decided to have fun with magic and suddenly Jin asked her to do some tricks for him.

With that in turn, she decided to at first make some animals, a large bubble, a home made of light and water, and then a dragon. At that moment as she showed the dragon she noticed something change within his expressionless face. A small smile that soon disappeared as soon as he noticed she was watching him.

Jin waved his hand and 'ordered' her to go get him a drink. She puffed her cheeks as Kurisa was no slave. How dare he order her to do things. She got frustrated at him and started to call him lazy, but she just went to get one for herself anyway. She wondered how Kazimir was doing since she had to leave him the way she did. She bit her lower lip as she poured some drinks as she then was soon interrupted by the elder of the village.

He gazed at her, studying, and then chuckled as he asked her what she was here for. She then explained how in Fiore dragons were attacking and one of them sent her to find her friend who resided in Joya. He told her as he looked past her that she was closer to who she was seeking than she thought. She did not really understand what he meant, but then she thought about who she has been next to this whole trip. Her head quickly turned to see that Jin was missing. Her fingers let go of the drink as it dropped against the grain of sand. How could she have not noticed? Was she really not thinking clearly?

She powerwalked towards where she was while with Jin and bent over as there was a letter on the ground. She read word for word, seeing and reading that Jin was now waiting for her at the other side of the mountain.


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