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Prep for Crew [Quest]

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Kurisa had to find people today for the crew that would help her get to Joya. It was a long road and she knew that she will have to pay for them to agree on coming with them. Will she find enough people to come with her? Jin decided to stay back at the lighthouse as he had to do something. He was really vague in what he was doing, but she had her own job to do. As long as it got to her end goal, it didn't matter what he was doing. That was what she thought, it was what she believed. What she did not know was that there was more going on. She kept going, being naive that he was just some nice traveler, but what was he really? She did not get to know just yet.

She gazed around in a circle as the sky started to get cloudy, dark and the area was dimming. She tilted her head down after stopping, gazing at the paper that listed what type of people she needed. What place will she go to get a chef? There were many places to stop by, but she will first go to some bar. The closest one was closer to the shore. The people there were the type to go out into seas and would face dangers, right? One would think that, but then it happened. She walked in as she was in her black feather dress, snugged against her curves as the chest was revealed in a V-neck fashion. Men gazed at her, very thirsty. The women gazed at her in both thirsts and with envious eyes.

She ignored the gazes and went up to the bar counter as the barkeeper soon gazed up and down her body as if trying to research her. The man was cleaning his glass as if he was preparing to make a drink.



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She instructed that she did not need a drink for once, but instead she needed a chef that was not afraid to go out in the seas. The man laughed in a lumberjack fashion and put down the mug. The smell in the bar smelled like a wet dog. The people here barely showered or they just wanted to drown in their own sorrows, alcohol, and despair. He told Kuri that the person that worked here was afraid of the seas and most likely will not agree to it. She sighed and nodded, leaving the bar.

Next was the place where fancy people will eat. She doubted that they would agree, but she had the need to at least try. The people there. You could not judge them by just gazing at them. That was like someone judging her just because she was seen as just a beautiful art piece, a woman. Even if she gets ruined, used up, she will come back to life again with a new body. A new canvas that looks truly flawless once more. She went inside and saw how purely white the area was. It was almost mindblowing in a mental way as it was making her mind not think well.

The woman went to the table escorted and asked if there were any chefs interested in going out to sea. So far they shook their head. She got to a table and sighed softly, fingers tapping against the table. Surprisingly a cook came over and asked why a pretty face like hers was so much filled with sorrow. Kuri chuckled, explaining to him that she needed someone to come with her for an important mission - coming with pay, but no one seemed interested. Luckily, he was interested and was happy to help if it cheered her up. She gave him the information excitedly and left after saying her goodbyes.



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The snow was finally falling enough to not melt against the cobblestone ground. Some landed on her hair and shoulders, a few flakes on her rosy cream cheeks. She had the reputation of someone well known, but she was not super powerful just yet. Her heart was beating slowly as she gazed around to seek out any details that she could possibly miss. She noticed a woman who was gazing at a man who seemed to be carrying some crates.

The woman's eyes then looked straight to see the guy standing there, blinking anxiously. She gazed away, blushing shyly as she felt anxious all of the sudden. She was so spaced off, Kuri saw the guy bump right into the woman. He started to speak in his dark and calm tone as he gazed more towards the girl silently. He wondered if she was alright first of all which made her smile. He walked up to her and used the small part of his thumb to wipe away the debris. The two seemed to start to talk and she wondered if perhaps this was some sort of fate.

It enchanted her slowly as she felt the need to go up against him, but she denied that even so. Her eyes lowered as her cheeks flushed a pink color. Backing away she gave a weak smile. Thanking him, she bit her lip afterward and gazed away. The time of day was about to hit three in the morning. He gazed away and itched the back of his head. Was he nervous over something? The girl was quite naive over this, maybe as much as herself when it came to another person. Kurisa overheard how the girl was a medical mage and saw her heal him up. She was curious now if those two could possibly be the two she could ask to go with her on the trip.



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Kurisa rushed over and bowed her head, apologetic. She asked the two if they will be interested in doing a job together on her trip. She told the guy that he will be able to help with the ropes and the work that needs strength, cause she herself had none. She gave them a paper to show them how to get where they needed to go and now she needed to find a few more. She went around the town to see if she found anyone that was suitable, but so far there was no one. Her eyes gazed up as hours went on by, waiting for a sign or to hear someone that at least gave the signal they were interested. She was feeling a little restless as there was no one interested.

She sat down on the bench and started to rest there for a few moments. She wondered where she should look for a couple more crewmates that could do the jobs that she did not find already. Soon enough she saw the woman and man from earlier come up to her. They seemed to be in a hurry for some odd reason. After they caught their breath she listened to him ask if she had any room left. Her put up three fingers saying that he had a few of his post-working friends that were also interested. She reached in her own pocket and slipped him three to give to his friends. She told him that as long as they behave and do what was needed then it was cool with her. She told them that there will be booze, food and adventures on the way for sure. Finally, after he left with the nurse, she got up herself to go towards the lighthouse to tell Jin that she found enough people.

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