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Prep for the Sea [quest]

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Kurisa walked with Jin towards the lighthouse with her arms crossed against her large bosoms and head tilted downward. She was letting the quiet take over as there was nothing she really wanted to say to him. There was a lot to talk about already once they got to the lighthouse. The food, the drinks, and the other supplies were all planned out and were being set up. She was glad that it was easy to find suppliers for everything in this city. Hargeon was a place that she could see herself controlling, but this was Blue Pegasus's territory. A deep part of her wanted it though alongside all the other lands that were surrounded by water.

Her hips swayed in her long dress as the waves of the wind caressed it against her smooth legs. She could see the lighthouse from down the stairs. The both of them went to it and finally went inside. He nodded upward to signal for her to go up the stairs. Usually, there is a room upstairs that is more like an apartment. It was for the lighthouse keepers, but so far there has not been one for several years. Her fingers slid against the stone walls as it trailed up.

They were introduced to a wooden door that made them reside in the top house. Her eyes gazed at the window right away and walked towards it. Her hand pressed against the glass lightly while her eyes gazed at the ocean. Her orbs mirrored the whole view and sparkled with the sun that was starting to dim. It was quite a beautiful sight for her to witness. She turned towards Jin who was sitting on an old brown sofa that you'd see at a rather lower-class home within the Country of Fiore.



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The fireplace was going as it was getting cold as it should due to what season it was. Kuri joined him on the other side while he laid out a paper with some plans on them. It was a map with some words on there. It was written in Joyan which she could not fully understand as of yet. She could understand some simple words, but nothing to really understand the geography of this map they were looking at. He started to show her where they should start sail and then the time they should do so. There were some routes they should not take at all.

The woman did not feel like really arguing over the facts as he probably knew the sea more than herself sadly. She had always wanted to join the trips and travel overseas, but she had a deep dark fear of dark deep water - not being able to see the unknown more like. Her fingers twiddled nervously as she listened to him as she felt nervous over the ride. He next talked about how they will need a certain amount of 'crewmates' that have expertise in certain things on the boat. It was a normal thing to over-plan, right?

He next showed her that the trip will take a few weeks or so depending on the waves and speed. There was a possibility that if they could find some people who are good at manipulating the wind and waters, it will go faster. He shrugged and grew small lines that went over the different paths they could take. Some were more dangerous than others but were indeed promising paths that made it look faster. Safer directions seem to take longer. Did she really want to take her time in this or perhaps risk it?



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Kuri wondered where they were getting a boat. Jin laughed and told her that they were going to get a boat from one of his donors since his studies help those people out. She felt a little suspicious about it, but truthfully she did not have a choice. She had things to do and get done. After all this, she was hoping to be able to find the Dragon friend that Rosa wanted her to find. Will it be too late beforehand? She sighed softly and just listened to Jin finish his stuff as the rest was like white noise.

Her eyes studied the map and saw some paths that made no sense to her. She put in a note of how much food and drinks she ordered. How many crewmates were going to join since each person had to have a certain amount of food every day? She had to put into an account that some ate extras and if she could afford it. The biggest thing was the booze. People who loved the seas also loved the alcohol put in them. She too loved the alcohol and food so she could relate. She turned her head and gazed outside and saw the night sky appear.

He continued to talk as she was gazing at the stars that felt weirdly less appealing without the company of a certain someone. She thought about the castle as she wondered what it would be even like if she could afford her own castle. When she was getting undressed in the dressing hall, she couldn't stop thinking about all the stuff she saw. All that money that could go to the poor people who could not even afford food. They had the audacity to spend all that money on non-essential things. She just made a sound of disgust while undressing. She went inside the shower and started it as she had to prepare to be ready within an hour before the dance. The man she was supposed to find here should be at the dance. The people here expected her to be there as well as to enjoy the hospitality.

Now she was here with that man planning some trip. Could she really trust him? Her eyes gazed back at Jin who then folded up the map. He explained that she needed to find 'these' certain types of people as if they had to know how to do certain things...


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