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False Prodigy [Quest | Apollo]

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False Prodigy [Quest | Apollo] Empty Fri Jan 08, 2021 1:09 pm

Another cold day in Magnolia and the sun was about to set with Apollo being on his way to meet his client, a man named Giuliano and discuss the request he had just taken. Twenty or so minutes later he met with the man at the appointed location and talked about how much of a loving and nurturing father he was and that his son meant everything to him and wanted to see him happy on this party where he would show everyone his magic, however he actually did not possess any sort of magic and it was Giuliano that performed the magic for him, and that was something Apollo had to keep secret while distracting some of the people from the father while he's performing magic in his son stead. Despite finding it quite a weird request he could see the love this father harbored for his son and agreed to it and was therefore led to the location of the party, the client's mansion that spanned a very lengthy hall. Apollo was quite impressed with the building and the hall itself and it looked like the banquet would be a sight to behold as well.

Dismissing those thoughts he got to work, mingling in with the crowd and talking about Luca and their opinions for him and his magic. Most were convinced it was him, he even had a wave of fans that appeared and were excited to get some autographs but some still were quite suspicious if it was actually real as they had seen him in tough situations that magic could easily solve but he never used it. Apollo mentally marked those that could stir trouble and arranged together with his client to be put together with Apollo at the side of the small stage that was set as the magic show would start. With the exhibition starting everyone was seated and watched as Luca conjured some nature spells -with their previous talk Apollo told Giuliano not to perform both nature and light magic as some could get even more suspicious and just let his son believe that his magic would grow-. Noticing some stares towards the father here and there from the people sitting beside him he managed to distract them by encouraging Luca and clapping as that created a wave of people giving him a standing ovation, with their sight of the father gone they went back to watching Luca perform. The night went by without any disruptions, Apollo just had to distract them a few times with conversations about how spectacular Luca's magic was, managing to convince them in the meantime that it was all real. With everyone in the crowd congratulating him and his happy face when he talked to his father, Giuliano was joyous that the night ended this way. Once his son and the guests were gone he handed Apollo the reward for his trouble and with a few treats in hand the young man made his way back home.


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