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Shifting Focus.(Leaving Fairy Tail.)

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#1Judina † 

Shifting Focus.(Leaving Fairy Tail.) Empty Thu Jan 07, 2021 1:01 pm

Judina †
It was a bit of a disappointment, But maybe it was just happen chance of Judina being far too late, the guild building was gone, Shame in her view to see such a state of a guild.Then again Judina did follow along with something, something she did agree too.

So her knowing of almost everything being gone, all but one thing still remained The request to help Kuri. It was something guided by her own will to start a different focus, To be going a different path as well.

Finding what would be her right place was always something upon her mind, It was an always shifting answering or a never ending question. Was this the final path suggested to her that might finally work? It was an interesting question to ponder.

Life was surely going to have an interesting change with following along Kuri to help her, Judina had to wonder if following a person this time would not leading to people dead ends so to say.

She would remove her guild tattoo to continue with what she said she would, A woman of her word after all.

Hiding away the fact that Judina also really would prefer not to be in a guild with her mother, More wanting to be free and just see her when she wished too.

Part of her almost wanted to throw away guilds, See what else would return over time or what people she would meet off in other lands. Explore the world, with or with out Alistair. With or with out people knowing, Places where no one knew Judina or who she was.

Just to see what kind of life she could have, What change or happen with her. Not stuck to whatever seem to be happen in Fiore. Nonetheless Judina would depart to Hosenka to keep her word.

{Leaving Fairy Tail/Exit.}

Shifting Focus.(Leaving Fairy Tail.) Alexss10

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