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I Dreamt A Nightmare (Genevieve)

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The streets of Oak bustled with activity as Mimir made his way towards a local pub. It had been days since his descent from Northern Fiore and into the more opened area of West Fiore. He wasn't a stranger to Oak City as he had been there once before, but this time he was not looking for random tasks to complete. For several months now he has been wandering Fiore and now he finally had a small understanding of the calm country. Mimir no longer felt like a foreigner. He had grown accustomed to the region and its many traditions.

At the moment he was dressed in a dazzling white suit with a golden trim. Though, a simple black cloak hid it from the world. The thought of his clothing caused him to smirk a little because months ago he wandered this region in clothes that were considered barbaric for other Fiorians. For a few more minutes he would continue to walk the streets of Oak before arriving at his destination. A local pub that was called The Swineherd Pub.

It had been many days since he last tasted the fine sweetness of wine and the pub was the best place where he could find a room to stay in for the couple of days he would be in Oak. Walking forward, Mimir would enter the pub and make his way towards the back-left corner where a small table sat. The table was shaped like a circle with chairs adorning both sides. He would take the chair closest to the wall and peer quickly around the pub. It was as crowded as the streets outside and the smell of drunken breath and food overtook his nostrils.

Raising his hand, Mimir would wait for a bartender to come tend to his needs.

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Genevieve was in her element as she practically glided from one table to the next taking the orders of the drunken and slightly rowdy partons of Swineherd Pub. Due to this establishment being owned by Odin himself it was easy for her to ask to work here. Outside of missions she really didn't have anything else to fill her day with and this she thought would be the perfect time spender. With her working as a waitress and sometimes working the bar, the growth of the pub had grown quite a bit as far as the people coming in and out. Her presence was wildly sought after mostly by the men but the women weren't too far off in their wanting of her around. People ordered more just to keep her near their table and were upset when she wasn't around or not working.

Today of course was like any other for Genevieve, she took orders, entertained the guest with any other requests they might have, and worked the bar when she could. Anyone would notice her as she wore something akin to a maid outfit but a bit more tailored to a french styled one with a pair of black heels on her feet. Her green-blue hair was placed in a neat bun with bangs framing her face and she smelled of sweet berries, giving a much needed fresh breath of air when she strode past the tables. This style of dressing was not uncommon as Genevieve had taken to taking costume requests from those who became regulars here. Yesterday she had dressed up as a school teacher and the day before that a nurse. She was happy she could please those who came her way and it also fed Asmodeuses need for attention, something she took advantage of by taking over her vessel when she could.

" Hello sir, how may I serve you today?" As she spoke she placed a menu down along with napkins and cutlery in front of a golden haired man who had been raising his hand. She hadn't seen his face around before and assumed he was just passing through town and need a meal and a bed like most of those who passed through town.

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After raising his hand, Mimir would see a teal haired woman maneuver her way through the pub and towards his table. Upon arriving at his table, she would place down a menu and a napkin, asking Mimir how she could serve him. He shot a quick look at the menu, but he already knew what he wanted. "Could I book a room for a few days? I'm going to be in town for a week and I need a place to lay my head." said Mimir while his eyes travelled from the woman's face and back down towards the menu. Reaching for it, he would look over the section of wine that they had. "And can I also get a glass of red wine? I haven't had any since the last time I was hear." muttered Mimir as he finished his order.

After telling the waitress his order, Mimir's mind would begin to travel back to the thoughts he had prior to entering the establishment. The dream that was plaguing his mind and the changes that were happening to his body must have some type of explanation. He would just need to find out what they were.

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It seemed she was partly correct on her assumption and quickly pulled out a notepad and pencil from the small pocket at the waist of her skirt. She would need his name and the payment before she could hand over the keys to him but she could get his red wine sooner than that. I'll need your name and payment for the room before I can give you the key. As for the red wine we have a few selections. Would you like me to bring you a few for tasting before you pick?

Her voice was clear and rang over the loudness of the pub in a pleasant way. She took in the man's features, her eyes gazing over his face and frame, making note of it all so that she could familiarize herself with him during his stay. If you don't mind me asking, what are you doing in a place like Oak? I'm sorry if I'm overstepping but. This isn't the best place for rest and relaxation. Smiling sweetly she wasn't kidding on that last part. Oak was a rough place even with the guild running it, people still did some pretty shady things. Even with the protection, she had with Odin and her own power she knew better to be out and about in Oak at certain hours of the day.

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Mimir's thoughts were interrupted as the waitress spoke up. She needed his name to reserve the room and apparently they had many selections of red wine on the menu. He hadn't planned on tasting them all, but the offer itself was tempting enough for him to nod his head in agreement. "Sorry, my name is Mim and I have no choice but to accept that offer from a lady such as yourself." said Mimir in a flirtatious manner as his mouth crept into a small smirk. It was rare that he received a chance to sit in such as today, so he was going to enjoy it while he could.

After giving his name, the woman would speak again, though this time she asked what was his reason for being in Oak. Usually he would glare at people that asked him meaningless questions, but the woman seemed to put off an aura of confidence leading him to believe that maybe she wasn't your average waitress. The few waitresses he had encountered always seemed to be intimidated by him, but she was unlike them in a way that he couldn't yet explain.

"Don't worry Miss, I know how to handle my problems." said Mimir softly. His eyes would travel around the pub before looking at the waitress once again. "You see... I dreamt a nightmare and I have to find out its origins. A Valkyrie that shined like the sun visited me in my dreams. However, before we could have a chance to speak would a mindless beast come from the heavens and interrupt us. It was unlike any dragon I've ever heard of in the tales of old. It fought the Valkyrie with the ferocity of a tiger. Every night I've been having that same dream over and over. Sorry if this may sound cliché, but for some reason I felt that I may find the answers I seek hear in Oak City." said Mimir, his voice only loud enough for the two of them to comprehend.

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Jotting down the name she would continue to smile as the man spoke. It was odd but not unheard of for people to travel because of a dream but she wouldn't be of much help. She didn't understand his dream or what it could mean but she knew of a being who had that sort of wisdom. The thing about Odin was it almost seemed like everyone was beneath him in one way or another. She didn't want to offend her lord by bringing him someone not worth his time. Tapping her pencil on her notepad she gave a small bow before heading to the back to prepare a few tasting glasses of some of their finer wine and some of their still good but more affordable wines. She made sure to give different ranges so that he could pick one that was best for him which narrowed it down to about five glasses that had enough in it to taste the wine at least twice.

It didn't take long for her to return with a platter with the five wine glasses. As she made her way back to Mim she made sure to stop at a few tables to make sure they were taken care of. For those that needed something, she called over other waitresses to make sure their needs would be met and promised to return to them soon. With the time she spent away from the man she thought to herself that maybe Odin would meet this man on her behalf.. Maybe she could invite him to be a member of the guild and kill two birds with one stone. Did she even have that sort of power? She could vaguely remember Odin telling her that if she thought someone would be a good fit that they could be invited to the guild. She didn't know a thing about this person but she did want to help.

Setting the platter down she went over each wine, its notes, year, place where it was made, all the usual wine trivia. She even told him which one was her favorite in case he wanted a personal recommendation. " I'm sorry. I didn't say much of anything after you were kind enough to answer my question. I don't think it's cliche. In fact, I think I know someone who might be able to help you with the answers you are looking for. If you stick around for a bit after I'm done with my shift which should be very soon, I can introduce you to him. You can even settle into your room until then if you want. "

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After telling his story the waitress would give a small bow before she disappeared into the growing crowd. He didn't think much of her besides the fact that she seemed a little curious. His hand would come to rest under his chin as he leaned back in his chair. The smell of drunken breath, various meals, and wood overtook his nostrils while he took a deep breath. There was a calming aura around him that others could probably feel if they were to be in his presence. Just months he was a newcomer in Fiore, but now it felt like he had been there his whole life.

Just as he was beginning to reminisce about the past would the waitress appear. This time she carried a platter with a various amount of wine on it. After she sat the platter down, she would speak a few words. Mentioning that she knew someone who could possibly have the answers he was searching for. Mimir was skeptical, but there was no hurt in testing out new waters right? Nodding, Mimir would reach for the first glass of wine and shake it between his finger tips slightly. Using his right hand, he would reach for the back of his head and lean against the wall all while bringing the small glass to his lips. The sweet liquid would feel his mouth, giving him the gentle rush that he needed.

"Awe! Just like I remembered." he whispered to himself. One by one he would gulp down the rest of the samples that she had brought. After finishing them he would say "I didn't seem to get your name? Also could you direct me towards my lodging? I'll wait for your shift to be over to talk to this mysterious friend of yours."

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Odin knew his pub better than anyone else. He knew everything that went on inside the establishment, from which foods were running low, to which beers were the current favourite among patrons, to who had recently been sacrificed to his Goddess. His knowledge was not just on the building, but the people who entered as well. He had now worked as a bar owner longer than he had worked for any single guild, which was an odd thing to consider given his past acts of terrorism. No one seemed to care that much about who he was in his pub or, perhaps more likely, they wouldn't dare try anything.

With this experience came an amusing amount of knowledge regarding those that entered. Many people, Odin included, had used his pub for secret, often shady meetings or had arrived to avoid detection from authorities or drink away their regrets or pains, and they all had their tables. The pub had been set up that Odin could now tell, with a frankly terrifying degree of accuracy, the general purpose of a patron's visit by which table they chose to sit at. Of course, he couldn't know specifics, like a man having arrived in Oak because of a dream involving a Valkyrie and a dragon but, as he walked over to join Genevieve and the man at his table, a glass of wine already in his hand, Odin knew the look of someone wanting to find out information.

It was his pub, so he simply sat down in the seat across from the man and took a small sip of his own wine. He looked at the tasting options offered to him by Genevieve, who had been doing a wonderful job recently, and commended her, "Fantastic choice, my dear." His focus then switched to the man, having hear only the last remnants of their conversation, "I like to consider myself a 'mysterious friend' to some so perhaps I can help with whatever brings you to my establishment?" He turned once more to look at Genevieve, his dead eyes giving as much warmth to his daughter as was possible, "This will be good for you to witness, so consider your shift for the night over."


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The man seemed pleased at one of the wine choices which brought a sense of pride upon Genevieve. She wasn't one to toot her own horn so she only gave a small nod at his satisfaction. She then watched as he finished all the samples and asked for her name, something that completely slipped her mind to give when she first took his order. She felt her face burn with embarrassment at her own mistake and quickly corrected it as she answered. " I'm sorry I should have told you when I first came to your table. My name is Genevieve, it's a pleasure to serve you and of course, I can show you to your room." Asmodeus's voice chuckled inside of her mind and as much as Genevieve respected the demon prince she was also afraid. Each day that passed Asmodeus because less vocal and more.. Active. Intrusive thoughts and feelings began to plague Genevieve's mind and it took everything in her not to act on those things. She just didn't understand them but there were consequences to what she was doing and she hoped to speak to Odin one day about helping her overcome them.

Genevieve was just about ready to show Mimir his room when she spotted Odin out of the corner of her eye. Before he could take his own seat she pulled it out for him and bowed low until he was seated. Thank you, Lord Odin. His praise was like a drug, if anything all the dirty thoughts that plagued her was welcomed when it came to him. She was ready to depart so the two could speak but she was told to stay and with her shift over she was free to do so at his request. Looking around the pub she could see the other waitresses had everything under control so she nodded and smiled at Odin, taking a close stand by his side, just behind him in order to witness him help this man.

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Mimir showed a slight smile as the woman spoke her name. The name rolled off her lips softly. It wasn't a name that he was foreign to, unlike all the other names of people he had met in Fiore. It reminded him of his home in a way that it calmed his mind. He was about to rise from the spot in his chair before he saw Genevieve pulling out the chair in front of him for her to sit in, or so he thought. Only moments later would a cloaked figure take seat in the chair across from Mimir.

His eyes shifted in a way that showed he was surprised. An expression that you could rarely see on the warrior's face. However, it wasn't everyday you saw an animate skeleton sit in front of you who went by the name Lord Odin. Of course he had heard the tales of old as a child about Draugr appearing from their graves and reaping the souls of whoever stood in there way, but seeing a figure that resembled one very clearly caused him to shudder slightly.  Words came from its mouth and Mimir could not comprehend how a being of myths was sitting across from him.

A few seconds would pass after Odin spoke. The couple would have probably noticed Mimir's attitude whether they tried to or not. "A Draugr that goes by Odin... Even as I speak I still find it hard to believe, but by Odin's beard there is one sitting across from me." His eyes would travel from Genevieve and down back towards Odin. Trying to at least figure out what the hell was going on. The Draugr didn't seem to make any sorts of slight movements and from what Mimir could tell, it was a complete skeleton. "Óttastu ekki dauðann, því að stund þín er dæmd, og enginn kemst undan honum. However it seems that you have indeed escaped it. Whether it was Valhalla or Hel I do not know." Mimir spoke a few words in his native language. If the Draugr name was indeed Odin, then maybe he hailed from the same land as himself.

"Beinagrind I come here seeking answers that maybe you have. My body has been under going changes and I have dreams of woman bathed by the sun fighting with a dragon. I can see things that were not meant to be seen, I can hear conversations that were not meant to be heard, and I can smell every scent my nose dares to take in. Do you know of any curses or blessings that have side effects such as the ones I speak of?" said Mimir in a calm voice.

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Despite his authority, having inadvertently become Fiore's head worshipper of HER and new guild master position, Odin hadn't grown quite accustomed to everything. Genevieve calling her 'Lord' and pulling out the chair while he sat, bowing low out of respect was one of those things. He was a Wizard Lord, and so it wasn't an incorrect title to be given to him. The man himself was clearly surprised at the Lich's appearance, giving a look that Odin hadn't actually seen for some time. The people of Oak, and by extension a lot of Fiore, knew of the Lich even if they hadn't met him. It was a rare treat to witness the first meeting once more.

Perhaps it was because of the name, but the man knew instantly that Odin was from Iceberg, even revealing that he was also a fellow. Assuming's one ethnicity was a dangerous thing to do, but in this instance Mimir had been correct, and his words were a breath of fresh air, words from a language Odin hadn't heard in many year. "I thank you for your words, but it is not so much that I have escaped death. Valhalla and Helheim are still very much destinations I can reach, I have simply conquered death as one would any foe. I refuse to bow down to the forces that control this world, and so I haven't."

Listening to the man's dream, Odin had to admit he was puzzled. Dreams were often difficult to decipher at the best of times, but they just as often contained hidden messages and this one would be no different. "The resurgence of dragons in Fiore has impacted many people in untold ways. Ancient dragon slayer magic has returned, perhaps it is not alone. Heightened senses, these abilities you speak of, are perhaps a side effect of newfound power." Taking a sip of his drink to pause, Odin continued, "I have experienced more in my life and death than any other being I have met, and I have collected a group of individuals all with their own goals. While I may not know what currently affects you, I am confident that I am your best shot at understanding it." Odin's group was one of the most diverse in Fiore, possessing dragon slayer's, liches and demons alike. The golden haired man's new abilities could prove to be very useful, perhaps both he and Odin could help one another. He seemed strong, and could be a great asset to Eternal Nightmare, should he be interested.


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Mimir listened as Odin spoke of conquering death and refusing to bow down to the forces that controlled the world. His words reminded Mimir of his current self. A couple months ago he was only a pawn for the Viking army and now he was just a banished soul who wandered foreign countries. The thought of bowing down to anyone again disgusted him in ways he could not explain. Mimir tried his best to discard the past memories as Odin spoke again. This time he spoke of the revival of dragons. An hour ago he would have laughed at the man, but then again he was an animate skeleton.

Apparently with the resurgence of the dragons came with ancient Dragon Slayer Magic. Mimir hadn't heard of any magic of that name before, but the faint memory of a fairy tale would appear in his mind. As a child, he had heard many stories of the legendary Icebergian named Beowulf. He was a man that all Vikings aspired to be like. Once again his hand would come to his chin as Odin paused to drink. "I've never heard of this Dragon Slayer Magic, but maybe there is some truth to it. In my hometown there is a hall where we give thanks to the gods of Asgard. On the walls are pictures that tell the tales of a legendary Icebergian. With his Axe he brought down many demonic beasts, but what he is most known for is ignoring the heat of a dragon's flame and facing it in a battle. Our forefathers called him Beowulf The Dragon Slayer."

Mimir's heartbeat would slightly increase as he spoke Beowulf's name. Never had it done that before, but the thought of a tale being not fact but fiction scared him. Removing his hand from his chin, he would place them in his laps as Odin spoke once again. The Beinagrind spoke of how he had gathered people with many goals and how he was probably Mimir's best shot at finding the cause of the unexplainable things that were occurring with his body. From how the words left his skeletal mouth, it sounded like he was offering Mimir an extension to join. "It sounds like you're about to offer me a place in this group in exchange for the information I need. If that is so, then Odin I'll accept your hand for as long as I have the freedom to roam Fiore as I please. I swore to never bow down to another and that is something I'm not willing to go back on. However, whenever you shall need me I'll be there... No matter what it is." replied Mimir.

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The conversation between the two was very interesting even if Genevieve was lost in it all. She felt pretty useless just standing by which caused her to notice that she had only given Mimir samples of the wine and not a full glass. Calling over one of the waitresses she instructed her to bring the bottle of the first wine Mimir tasted. He seemed to like that one the best which was good for her. Calling over another waitress she had her clear the table of the other glasses and instructed her to make sure the first waitress put that bottle of wine on some ice before bringing it to the table and to get some fresh glasses. With those two off to do their duty Genevieve continued to take in the scene. It looked like they were getting a new member into the guild which was nice. She wondered how long he would stay with them since it seemed like he would only be around until he got what he needed. Maybe that would change and his goals would have him need the guild even more. Of course, Asmodeus was interested in this man too and of course, if was for a different reason than Genevieve but because Odin was here she kept quiet as she knew her Vessel's feeling well enough to read the room.

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Much of what would be considered a normal upbringing in Iceberg were things that Odin had missed out on as a child. With his parents being cast out of the country for worshipping the demon Lucifer, Odin hadn't grown up learning the ancient stories of Beowulf or other Icebergian legends. Until he grew of age and acquired the weapon, he hadn't even known much about Odin, his own namesake. So to hear Mim speak of a legend was as enlightening to Odin as it was enjoyable to hear. A man who killed a dragon, potentially an ancient dragon slayer himself, giving credence to everything Odin had just said, everything he had learned from the interactions between the being called Zagan and the dragon known as Lanzarossa.

Understanding the words of the Lich, the golden haired man accepted the offer to join Eternal Nightmare. He would not bow down to anyone however, as his glass was refilled and Odin took a drink from his own, which made no difference to the Lich. Bowing down to someone and following orders from someone were very different things. Odin would ask the latter of the man, never the former.

"Then I welcome you to Eternal Nightmare. On the outskirts of Oak City you will find our own hall, a place you can now call home. I will call on you in time to complete missions for the guild's ultimate goal. However, out with those times, you are free to explore Fiore as you wish." Finishing his drink, and standing up and away from the table, Odin placed a hand on Genevieve's head first, something he'd begun doing a lot more with his daughter, before taking his leave. Mim was now officially a member of the guild, now he  could access the stores of knowledge both that Odin himself possessed, and also that which the Wischtechian Spire could hold within it.



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Mimir watched as his glass was refilled. He had forgotten the reason he came to the bar at all. Raising his hand, Mimir would grab the small glass of wine and once again enjoy its sweet taste. It wasn't everyday he received free wine and he was going to enjoy it while he could. As he drunk the wine, Odin would welcome him to a group called Eternal Nightmare. Apparently it was a guild operating in Fiore with goals he did not know of at the moment.

As soon as he stepped foot in Fiore, he had heard of the various guilds. He only knew a name of a few, but he never knew that he would end up joining one. However, knowledge was a necessity for him at the moment. If the tales of dragon slayers were really real, then he would need to stay by Odin's side until he figured out more. Mimir would nod towards Odin as he gave him directions to the location of the guild itself. Gulping the last of his wine, Mimir would rise from his seat and say "Well until we meet again Genevieve." With a last nod, he would exit the bar moments after Odin and begin his walk towards the guild hall.

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The exchange between the two was beyond her scope but she paid attention anyway. What the two men had going on seemed more like a transaction than anything else. Her eyes shifted between the two until they both stood up to leave. She didn't expect it but when Odin's hand touched her head she could only blush and as much as she wanted to she didn't lean into it. Asmodeus of course took advantage of this and caused a wave of intense longing to nearly cripple the girl. Genevieve couldn't even move from her spot when she was hit with Asmodeus's special brand of power and so she stood in place until the two men left and quickly made her way to the back pub only to collapse on the floor. She was tired of fighting the demon that was using her as a walking sack of flesh and so she told herself she would give in to the demands set by Asmodeus. She allowed herself thirty minutes before speaking with the other waitresses about her shift ending and giving them any information they might need before she changed out of her work clothes and headed off to meet up with Odin.

- exit -

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