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Griar Tetra

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Griar Tetra


Name: Griar Veda Tetra
Age: November 2rd, x765
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian
Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan
Class: Spellhowler
Race: Human
Rank: D-rank
Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: Right of abdomen, below ribs.
Face: Azul Ashengrotto - Twisted Wonderland


Height: 5’11
Weight: 155lbs
Hair: Light Silver-Blue
Eyes: Purple

Overall: Tall and well defined, Griar cuts a distinctive profile with his narrow, sharp nose and slightly rounded face, his hair styled in such a way the left falls longer over his head than the right in a deliberately messy but still well groomed manner. His narrow eyes and distinctively thick, well trimmed eyebrows grant him a piercing quality and he has thin lips, so much so that they easily fade into a line when he tightens them or when he frowns. He has well proportioned limbs, falling into an athletic body type that isn’t too muscular or too lithe and the combination of this and his natural appearance makes him look quite handsome. He tends to look somewhat bigger than he actually is due to his habit of wearing layers of clothing.

Griar takes a certain pride in dressing well, considering it a mark of professionalism and one of the few excesses he allows himself. Thus his attire is often tastefully dapper; A well done button up shirt and bowtie, a complimenting dress hat, suit jackets or tops matched with scarves, shawls and jackets in addition to neatly worn dress pants and shoes. His glasses are a mainstay and a staple no matter his appearance, though his vision is less limited than they might indicate and he tends to wear them primarily for appearance’s sake. Gloves often compliment the outfit but he tends not to wear jewelry or extra ‘finery’, which gives him a gentlemanly but not gaudy appearance.

Extra: Single mole on left side of face, under lips.


Personality: By his very nature, Griar is serious and motivated in his daily life. He has routines and schedules that he uses as a baseline for his daily life and much of his life is spent working, either professionally as a Wizard or in a more odd-job fashion where he uses a sharp wit and clever tongue to perform a variety of tasks for others, either for favors or to build networks or, if jobs are scarce, as a way to secure extra jewels. This same natural tendency leans him towards direct charisma and a pleasant demeanor over being friendly or 'charming' in a more roguish way, instead coming off as down to earth and disinterested in engaging with petty behavior or antics.

With this said as much as his natural tendencies are to be hardworking, motivated and prompt, Griar is still human and indulges in moments of frankly startling laziness when he isn't working and this is reflected in how often he can be found having 'loosened his tie' so to speak and either collapsed into a bed or finding someplace quiet to drink, eat or read. He can be quite outgoing and engages well with others on and off 'the job', but his default is a much more introspective and quiet state that has him curling around fireplaces, sitting in quiet places or even off on his own, idly training or practicing some new Spell or idea. This can often be shocking when one compares the more tidy and direct Griar to his off hours, where it is not uncommon to find him napping in public with drool hanging off his chin.

Another tendency of Griar's is to be quite stingy with his money, though not in a necessarily miserly way. He works himself until he's worn for ever jewel he earns and he spends them frugally but as he pleases; He won't deny himself a luxury, but he will always haggle or find a way to acquire these luxuries for as little as possible and though he will help those in need he isn't completely soft hearted. He can come off as quite cheap if one happens to see it, but it's much more complicated than that and his upbringing has quite a bit of influence on it. Wasting money actively makes him anxious and he can become somewhat frustrated when it happens, or if he's shorted for his work, and it is one of the (relatively) easiest ways to knock him off his game.

Griar comes off well, and he is a fundamentally good person, yet he isn't necessarily perfectly law abiding or completely moral. He doesn't take illegal and frequently avoid 'gray' jobs not because of the laws they break or ethics they skirt, but because he doesn't want to deal with Rune Knights, Magic Council interference or investigation and, worst of all, it may interfere with the much more common 'legal' jobs that he prefers to take. By the same measure he avoids killing in situations where it will reflect badly on him and as a sort of general guideline, but he is perfectly willing to kill in defense of others, to complete a job or to protect himself even if he tries not to...And he is definitely not above taking advantage of loopholes, exploiting oversights and otherwise gaming the system to his own benefit.

It comes as no surprise that Griar is somewhat prideful and takes things seriously, but it is often surprising how much he'll tolerate shenanigans and antics around him when it isn't interfering with his life or his work; Indeed, in the right situation, he is often just as quick to joke and snark as anyone else despite his usually direct and clear manner of speaking and he has a flair for showmanship that can lend itself to pranks or stunts fairly naturally...And there is a deeper part of Griar, a certain menace within him that rarely has reason to be shown but is a natural extension of his pride and desires. When pushed Griar has a sadistic energy that can flash in little ways and signs, grins full of teeth or eyes full of glassy hate, and in these moments he tends to display a startling willingness to go overboard...


  • Spirits: Though his natural leaning towards more gentry pursuits would seem at odds with his, Griar often unwinds with hard drinks in a reasonable moderation. Though he rarely drinks to true excess, he often loosens up considerably in these moments.
  • Books: Though naturally hard working and prone to research and manuals or such, Griar can often be found reading entirely for his own pleasure and definitely not the sort of things you’d expect; Cheesy adventure novels, trashy or lurid romance fluff, digests about all sorts of things from all parts of the world and the list goes on. It’s just as likely to find him engrossed in a novel about Fiorian politics and ancestral lines as it is to find him reading the newest Dashing Dan The Daring Dragon Slayer novel.
  • Birds: Simply put, Griar enjoys unwinding by feeding birds and has a certain affinity towards them though he doesn’t keep pets due to his naturally bohemian lifestyle as a Wizard. Bird feeders, forests full of nests and rare species can catch his attention quite easily.
  • Fashion: It’s not surprising that someone who takes pride in his appearance like Griar does is quite interested in fashion, but it’s surprising how well versed Griar is. He tends to keep up on local trends by reading magazines and guides or people watching and likes to try to style himself to contrast them without clashing or blend in depending on his preferences at the time. It isn’t uncommon to find himself wearing local pieces or accessories with his normal attire if nothing else.
  • Water: One of Griar’s most common ways of relaxing is by enveloping himself in water; Be it standing under a hot shower for as long as he can get away with or physically submerging in pools, ponds or the ocean itself if he has a reason to, Griar  finds it extremely easy to become relaxed to the point of nearly falling asleep...Which he sometimes does, waking up with sputters and coughing as he nearly drowns himself.
  • Cooking: Traveling constantly and having a natural tendency to save his money when possible, Griar is actually a halfway decent cook. Though he can’t whip up the finest cuisine or make masterpieces in the kitchen, giving him a campfire, a cast iron pot and a forest will often result in a hearty, delicious dinner. As a part of this he tends to keep up to some degree with local cuisine and rough foods such as edible herbs, berries and the like.


  • Disparity: One of Griar’s most loathed things is the existence of ‘classes’ and one’s bloodline or name influencing opinions or decisions over actions and deeds. He has worked incredibly hard to achieve his successes and often bristles or gets frustrated if someone else is acknowledged over him simply because they are from a particular race or have a particular family, or some other circumstance that has nothing to do with them as a person and he has the same reaction when he sees this happening to others.
  • Waste: Griar has difficulty dealing with wasteful people, especially those who are ‘well off’ throwing away things simply because they are bored with them or other dismissive attitudes. If it’s a smaller offense like throwing away uneaten food or drink, he can often hold his tongue, but tossing away something like books or luxury items can often provoke him to reprimand and is an easy way to irritate him.
  • Imperiousness: Forcing one’s opinions or attitudes onto Griar is an easy way to lose his interests, completely. He is his own person and while he follows sensible rules or structures, especially in societal terms, the absolute worst thing one can do to Griar is to tell Griar how he should think or feel.
  • Sycophancy: Paying Griar lip service just to boost his ego, or trying to do the same to influence other people around him, just plain annoys him. He doesn’t give unearned compliments nor does he expect them and he doesn’t enjoy the company of those who try to ‘kiss up’ or play games with others. He’ll tolerate it if he has no choice, but he won’t make willing decisions to be around those who engage in it.


  • Success: Griar comes from nothing. Left to fend primarily for himself, he is self-made through and through which lends itself to him chasing the idea of ‘being successful’, but it isn’t limited to financial stability like others. He doesn’t take up hobbies or activities he doesn’t feel he can be successful in, at least to his own definition, and he often drives himself above and beyond for the sake of achieving his own version of success in a given field. This applies to both his normal life and his career as a Wizard which often results in him being naturally driven to these goals.
  • Family: It seems at odds with a naturally quiet, isolated man like Griar, but he desperately wants ‘to belong’. He isn’t willing to sacrifice himself to do so unlike so many others and continues to be himself, but he tends to be drawn to those who offer him that concept in some fashion or situations which give him the chance to find it. This can lead him to often take roles in groups or organizations, or to start the same, and to gather those he considers close fairly often to create close circles of allies and friends. He has a tendency to view these bonds extremely favorably and can take great risks to help those he’s close with against all rational judgement or advice.


  • Abandonment: Griar’s most obvious fear and the one which drives many of his interactions and social exchanges. He has no family, few friends and no attachments from his past to speak of that make him feel at all secure or grounded in his life; Thus, losing those close to him is incredibly painful and hard on him. Even the most simple of connections and friendships fading away can leave him melancholy and unsettled and those who make efforts to curtail this by remaining in contact with him often make Griar happy to be around.
  • Loss of Purpose: Griar works, and that is one of his core features. He centers his lifestyle and very sense of self on his work ethic and the things he does to provide for himself, and underneath the surface Griar fears the loss of that. The lack of purpose and goals weighs heavily on him at times, especially when he feels he could be working and often this will irrationally drive him to take on extra work in what should be his downtime, but he can’t help it. He needs to keep moving and keep himself active until he’s satisfied, or he falls into states of ennui and fugue that can be quite uncomfortable.


Strength: 3
Speed: 3
Constitution: 6
Endurance: 5
Intelligence: 8


Magic Name: Telekinesis
Magic Element: Arcane
Magic Enhancement: Debuff on Strike (Offensive)

Magic Description: Telekinesis is often considered a ‘utility’ Magic by most Wizards as it is simply the ability to use magical energy to exert force and control over objects from a distance. Most Wizards use Telekinesis to perform tricks or uncomplicated Spells supporting others. Griar has focused his time on learning Telekinesis to the extent that he can actively use it to perform his duties as a Wizard, however, and has much more skill in it than the simple uses of others.

Griar’s Telekinesis allows him to actively generate kinetic force in simple but effective ways. Pushing opponents, pulling objects closer, propelling himself or aiding in movement of allies, restraining or opposing the movements of others and with the proper spells he can generate different kinds of force, such as sharp, piercing or blunt force and utilize them to attack others.


History: The earliest memories Griar has are of being in the care of the Orphanage, before it closed its doors. Though he doesn't remember much of these years or those preceding them, he knows his father was a Fiorian man of no great consequence; The administrator never even knew his name and Griar never found it either, while his mother was a traveling entertainer of some variety and left him as a newborn on the steps of the building he would call his home. His father had no means to provide for a child, and his mother could not take care of a human life on the road. The cold pragmatism of their decisions to leave him to his fate used to eat at Griar, but in time it helped shape him into the man he is today by all accounts.

Even growing up Griar stood out as unnaturally serious and quiet. He didn't take the pranks and games of the other children well, and he took to the lessons and schooling that was provided for him well, but he never seemed to grow especially attached or fond of anyone at the orphanage or around his home town itself. As he grew old enough to wander, he did, and often spent prolonged periods of time outside of the grounds and in town. Running errands for pocket change turned into Griar developing a sort of reputation as a spritely little worker, often seen darting through town with bundles for delivery or shepherding pets on leashes for their owners. Combined with a quiet and polite disposition which didn't ask many questions, soon he was spending more time working than anything else in his life.

When he was old enough to leave on his own, Griar did. Packing his meagre possessions and savings with him as he followed talk of bigger towns and more work which he found, traveling from town to town and learning by doing. He picked up skills everywhere he went, gaining experience and a reputation for himself. In one particular town, in his thirteenth year, Griar became something of a hanger on for a local Wizard, fetching them groceries and keeping an eye on their house while they worked, and at first the Wizard offered jewels for the work but Griar saw an opportunity, and asked to be taught Magic instead for the service. The Wizard thought they were being clever teaching Griar the relatively simple, basic magic of Telekinesis, but Griar took those initial lessons and studied them until he was using the Magic incredibly aptly; Still a beginner, but Griar earned his progress not by 'talent' but by practicing every free minute he had until.

The Wizard that Griar studied under realized the determination of his student and began to teach him more earnestly before his next job, but in this particular instance the Wizard never returned. Griar, left to his own devices for weeks, eventually grew bored and concerned enough to visit the Wizard's Guild and found he had died while on his job; Griar left the town shortly after, quietly taking a few of the Wizard's books and tomes with him to continue his own practice on his own.

This pattern has repeated itself in many towns over many years, Griar's Magic eventually developing to the point he was no longer a simple wandering laborer though he never truly ceased working for his keep from town to town. Instead he became a Wizard for hire, not only taking official jobs but doing everything offered to him within the bounds of sanity. He stayed away from doing anything illegal to avoid putting himself at risk, but otherwise Griar floated from town to town. Making few connections, he built up 'enough' jewels or took enough work to move on and wasted little time in making connections, but his reputation allowed him to pick up more and more work as he went on.

During one of his more recent travels, Griar found himself being aided by a young woman and who he himself aided in kind shortly after. A bond formed, one that saw her following Griar from her home and joining him as friends and partners, which despite his natural tendencies began to grow on Griar and has formed the basis for his newest plans in life; Having others in it.

Afterwards, with a recurring travelling companion at last, Griar has begun to put down more permanent roots. Perhaps not remaining in one place forever, but staying in a theater of operations where he can at last begin to truly build connections and companionships. His goals have begun to stray from 'surviving', which he can now do much more aptly, to building a lasting legacy for himself and truly elevating himself as a Wizard...And perhaps keeping his companion from bankrupting herself, or him, in the process.

Reference: Neenth

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Yo. Beautifully done, mate. Only thing I want to make sure you know is that although telekinetic, your spells can't be invisible.

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Griar Tetra
Absolutely! My intention is to have all the telekinetic force display a gray shimmer/light effect to mark their presence, since gray is the Arcane color. They'll still be very pronounced visually and such!


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I look forward to seeing how you use your magic!

This character application has been approved.

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