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Pest Control [Quest]

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The smell of wildlife overtook Mimir's nose as he walked through the marketplace of Orchidia City with yet another person who wanted a request fulfilled. His eyes darted across the landscape in an observing manner, but if one was to look in them, they would see a man who was also in deep thought. He had been wandering Fiore for months now and it felt like over the past few days his memory was foggy. Short-Term memory loss wasn't a thing that ever happened to him, so the thought of having forgot how the hell he got to Orchidia seemed to plague his mind.

"Just down this street is where that piece of crap is. I tell ya Red Eyes, the place is a shithole. I saw a rat as big as my head climbing on the ceiling. Damn near shitted my pants." said merchant with a laugh. Mimir hadn't gotten his name, nor could he seem to care what it was. He simply nodded in his direction. Thinking about the past events that had occurred. There walk would continue on for a couple of minutes before they stood before a small building.

It seemed to be mostly intact except for the plant life that had overtook the outside of it. If not for the brick peaking between the leaves, he would have thought that the building was a treehouse of some sort. "Just take out the rodents right? I'm not gonna sweep the place up or anything. I don't have time for that." muttered Mimir as he awaited the merchant's answer. The merchant applied with a simple nod as Mimir moved forward to enter the building. He had dealt with giants rats before back in Iceland. So, he knew how to deal with them both quickly and efficiently.

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As Mimir entered the building, light from outside would shoot through the door and give him a good look of the inside. The small motion seemed to cause a lot of commotion inside of the building. His eyes grew in size as he saw at least five giant rats running around like they were crazy. It was a small four by four room, so they didn't have that much space to move around. Although, he couldn't help but think how they had gotten in. He doubted that they came through the door and there didn't seem to be any holes in the ceiling or the walls. Folding his hands on his chest, he would begin to contemplate on how he was going to exterminate them.

Usually some type of weapon would do the job easily, but he had lost his sword and didn't have any more hunting knives. A sigh would escape his lips. It wasn't often he had to kill pests with his bare hands and he didn't want to get any of their dirtiness all over him. Looking down at his feet, Mimir stared at his black flip flops he had bought from a fashion store only thirty minutes earlier. It looked like he was about to go to the beach. "Who would have thought there would be a stomping contest today?"

With a quick jolt, Mimir would take off towards left with his foot extended. He poured as much strength as he could with his kick and proceeded to connect his foot with the one rat that was on the wall. A loud noise would ring through the building while his foot made a large hole in the wall. "Maybe I should tone my kicks down a bit." muttered Mimir, hoping that the merchant would think the hole had already been in the wall.

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After kicking the first rat through the wall, Mimir saw the others scurry over to the corner across from him and disappearing all in the same motion. "Could there entrance be somewhere over there?" he asked himself. Moving towards the corner, he would come to examine his right foot letting out a sigh of relief that he hadn't broken his sandal. Arriving to the corner, he would see a whole that was about two feet in diameter. Just big enough for the rats to fit in. He wandered if he should just let them be and say his job was complete, or see where the hole itself lead to.

A few moments would pass before he made the decision to venture into the hole. He could tell that it was deep and the sound of running water coming from it meant that it probably lead into the sewer system. If that was the case, then there were probably hundreds of rats down there having a party. With a quick motion, he would stomp the area around the edge of the hole. Causing the decaying floor to shatter a little more. Just enough for someone his size to climb down in it.

Slowly, Mimir would make his way down the hole before dropping in the sewers below. The stench that covered the sewers reminded him of a battlefield on the hottest day. The smell of rotten flesh, feces, and other things he'd rather not name overtook his nose. A regular person probably wouldn't be able to handle the smell, but of course he had smelled worst and was fairly use to it now. However, it seemed as if the smell was amplified for him. In the smell, he could pinpoint the distinct smell of rats coming from his right and he was awestricken that he could even do such a thing. Moving towards the smell, he would come to enter a den with about fifteen rats. Though there was one that seemed larger than the others. If it stood on its hind legs, then it could probably reach the top of his hip.

That specific rat was a giant one indeed. He made up his mind that if he took out the leader then maybe the others would scurry away. Bringing his leg forward, Mimir would dash towards the direction of the biggest rat and proceed to kill it. He repeatedly stomped its head before causing it to die and as he predicted the other rats ran away. After killing the King Rat, he would find all sorts of items laying around and would pocket them for himself before making his way out of the sewers and back to the shop. He would tell the merchant that he completed his job and would once again begin his journey travelling Fiore.

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Pest Control [Quest] U7RSk5Z
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