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Bandits And Scrolls [Quest][Solo]

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This wasn’t his normal interaction with the blacksmith, Godfrey Might. Usually, he asked to see Mikajia and would then detail what he wished from the mage. This time however, his instructions arrived via a second letter, this one with no name or returning address listed on it. By all intents and purposes, the letter was almost completely untraceable. Mikajia cocked a brow, whatever it was that Godfrey wished of Mikajia, it apparently required the utmost of secrecy. He opened the second letter and began reading through its contents. By the time he was finished he could practically feel the bloodlust coursing through him. This would be fun.

The blacksmith was looking to get his hands on a very powerful and dangerous magical scroll. It was said that this scroll was capable of allowing the user to perform an extremely powerful, dangerous and ancient magical blade. The man knew that if he could pull this off, his name would be legend, etched in the history books as one of the most renowned blacksmiths throughout all of history. It was far too tantilizing for the man to pass up, so he was calling on Mikajia, the man he had been able to trust most to complete his tasks properly, quickly, and efficiently.

Godfrey had given Mikajia the go-ahead to use any force or means necessary to achieve his goal. That meant he need not hold back. He could go all out, in fact Godfrey seemed to actually prefer that route based on how he was wording it. The fewer witnesses left the better. It was paramount to Godfrey that he not be connected to this by any means, as it would very likely destroy his reputation as a best case. At worst, he and Mikajia both would be hauled off to jail.

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Mikajia gathered his items and once ready, bid his time till he could see the sun beginning to set over the horizon. This was a task best completed under the cover of nightfall. If he had more flashy and destructive magic like some of the overly boisterous light mages, he could very easily complete this task in broad daylight. He however, did not. His magic, though powerful and versatile, specialized more in single target spells and trapping his opponents. Therefore, if he wanted this job to go off without too much trouble, Mikajia needed to deal a quick and decisive blow while the bandits were unaware.

The letter said he could expect roughly ten targets at the camp site. Apparently, this group had stolen the scroll from another group that had been escorting it to the city for safe keeping. Mikajia was curious about what else the group could have found in that tomb, and even debated going after the group himself to see what other items he might add to his collection. However, first things first, he had a job to complete. He pushed the thoughts of shiny new playthings out of his mind, focusing once more on the task at hand.

From what the scout had written in the second letter, the group of bandits weren’t all that powerful, but these bandits had been working together for quite some time apparently, which meant it was definitely in Mikajia’s best interest to not let them gather together. Individually they would be like picking off flies, but together their teamwork would likely cause some issues for Mikajia. As he began making his way to the outskirts of Baska, he began formulating several scenarios and plans in his head for how he might separate his upcoming opponents once the fighting started.

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Ideally though, he was looking to take out the small fry quickly enough so as not to arouse any suspicion from their leader. From what the letter had told him, the bandit’s leader was much more powerful and a seasoned fighter compared to the others. He would not go down easily. Mikajia believed that he would eventually be the victor of whatever fight he got in to with this guy, but it would likely not leave him unscathed, and it would undoubtedly tire him immensely. Truth be told, Mikajia would prefer to get the scroll and leave without ever having to fight the man.

That is, if the information about the man was to be believed. He craved a challenge, yes, that was true. A challenge, yes, not suicide. He would definitely check and see for himself how tough the leader of the bandits was. But his assessment from what was written in the letter led him to believe it would be a fruitless battle, one that he might only win by the skin of his teeth. If there was one thing he definitely wasn’t, it was a gambler. He only liked to make bets he knew he would win.

Call him whatever you will, but no one could ever call Mikajia impulsive. If anything, he tended to actually overthink his actions and plans a bit too much. Perhaps it came from his experience or the number of times in his past that he found himself in some rather sticky situations simply because he didn’t think things through. He had been lucky to survive those instances, and that thought irked him more than he let on. He despised relying on such a fickle thing. So Mikajia did whatever he could, to ensure he never had to deal with that shit.

WC = 900/1,500

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It wasn’t too much longer before Mikajia arrived at the location listed in the letter. He climbed up a decent sized hill, crouching when he neared the top. The dark starry sky was filled with clouds, their shadows on the land helping him to blend in almost perfectly with the surrounding trees as he neared the many tents set up. He counted six tents in total, one of which he assumed was the leader’s, considering it was nearly twice the size of the other five, which he assumed housed two bandits each. It would take a bit longer to kill the small fry, considering they were spread between so many tents.

He twisted his lips in frustration, sighing slightly before taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly. He didn’t have the time to complain, he just needed to make quick work of the underlings before anyone else noticed. He gathered his cloak tightly around his frame and clung to the shadows as he crept around the tents. Mikajia silently unsheathed his dagger as he approached the front of the first small tent. He listened silently to the sounds coming from inside. It wasn’t too difficult to discern that there were in fact only two men inside.

Mikajia crouched down and opened the flap as quietly as he could. It made almost no sound at all as he entered the tent. He could barely make out the figures of two small cots with one sleeping man on each. He quietly approached the man on his left, readying his dagger as he held his free hand out and in one clean motion, clasped his free hand over the man’s mouth as he stuck the dagger through the man’s throat. He made sure to angle the dagger so it pierced through and severed the man’s neck, killing him instantly. He repeated the process for the next man, killing him quietly.

WC = 1,217/1,500

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The next few tents saw the same process repeating each time; Mikajia would silently make his way into the tent, then stab both men through their throats, severing their necks in the process and killing them instantly. He didn’t run into his first problem till he reached the last tent of the small fry bandits. As soon as Mikajia crept up close to the final tent, he heard movement. Mikajia quickly knelt down on the side of the tent, waiting to see what was causing the commotion.

A few moments later, he heard what sounded like a drunken man stumbling to get out of the tent, apparently because he needed to pee. Mikajia waited for him to get clear of the entrance to the tent, snuck up behind him while he was peeing, grabbed him from behind and covered his mouth, then a second later, whipped the man’s head around to break his neck, killing him. However, apparently, the other man hadn’t been asleep, and had decided to investigate.

Mikajia dropped the dead body and grabbed his dagger out, turning to face the man as he exited his tent, but was a second too late. He started screaming at Mikajia, just before he dug his dagger in the man’s gut. He yanked the dagger out then shoved it up cleanly through the bottom of the man’s jaw, all the way up towards the top of his skull. Unfortunately, the man had been loud enough to wake the leader, and he could hear the last man quickly grabbing his gear and rushing towards the front of his tent. Mikajia knew that the only real chance he would have of beating this guy would be if he could land the first blow. So he waited till he could practically see the silhouette of the leader against the back of the entrance flaps to his tent.

WC = 1,530/1,500

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Mikajia fired off a few of his weaker spells the moment he saw the flap begin to move. They were pitiful spells, hardly capable of doing any damage at all. Mikajia knew the man would be able to easily shrug them off, and their binds would do nothing to actually stop the man. However, they would be enough to distract him. Giving him that crucial moment to strike first, and strike hard. In the couple seconds that the man was barely dazed from his spells and shaking them off, Mikajia ran and dived towards the man’s feet. As he slid between them Mikajia sliced at and cut the man’s right calf. He heard the bandit leader cry out in pain, then drop to his knees in fear and confusion. His dagger’s effect was taking place. It was a very special dagger that would both blind and deafen his target if he landed a hit on them, even a little one.

Mikajia didn’t waste any time, standing back up but now behind the bandit leader; he spun the dagger around before stabbing it directly in the back of the man’s neck, severing it and killing him in an instant. Mikajia removed the dagger and let the lifeless body drop to the floor. He took a deep breath then exhaled. The amount of power he’d felt radiating off that man had told him that this would be a very different ending if he hadn’t been able to get the drop on him and land that crucial first strike. However, even then, it was mostly thanks to his dagger’s effect that he was able to end it so quickly.

With the major and final threat taken care of, Mikajia went to work looking through the man’s belongings till he located the scroll. He had also found a rather interesting journal, and a quick glance through it told him that the man he had just killed was actually a Holy Knight, posing as a criminal. His job was to ensure the scroll he was holding never fell into the wrong hands.


WC = 1,878/1,500

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Without further ado, Mikajia secured the scroll in his belt and made his way back into the city. He stuck to the shadows again and easily bypassed the guards, not really feeling like trying to explain the scroll, or why he had a decent amount of blood on him. It didn’t take too much longer for him to make his way back to the blacksmith’s shop. Once there, he greeted the man; Godfrey was looking very pleased to see Mikajia, especially with the scroll in tow.

He motioned for Mikajia to follow him then escorted him to the back room of the shop, where he kept many of his valuable tools for his craft. Once safely tucked away in the room, Godfrey eagerly opened the scroll and began reading it. At first, the man appeared to be very pleased, saying that it had exactly what he was looking for. However, a few moments later, the man’s face would change to utter horror. All he would mention to Mikajia was, ‘The price’, as if he didn’t want to even say the words.

He refused to elaborate, instead just handing Mikajia his payment for completing the job then telling him to leave. At first, he wanted to stay and tell Godfrey that after what he went through to get the scroll, the least the man could do was tell him what had him so horrified. But he decided against it, figuring that eventually Godfrey would likely tell him. If he had to guess, there was some kind of ridiculously steep price that had to be paid to craft the blade, and most likely it wasn’t money. Whatever it was, Mikajia was very interested to see how this all played out. He took the money then nodded his head before leaving the room then exiting the shop, making his way back to his loft.

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