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4.b. Conquest Regulations

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4.b. Conquest Regulations Empty on Mon Jan 04, 2021 5:31 pm


The Conquest Regulations

Conquest Regulations

  • If members are interested in controlling locations (a town or a city) their guild is required to hold a majority of its territory e.g. a minimum of three out of five locations. When taking over territory within the locations, members must include the [Conquest] tag which remains open for 48 hours, so that current members may join as long as they are in the same region, and submit the topic in Conquest Review.

  • Those taking over unclaimed territory must submit a conquest application in the Conquest Review for staff to provide a scenario for members to resolve. This can be completed in various ways which may influence the alignment of the guild overtime. The entire guild may only take over an initial 5 locations per month. Once the territory has been taken over by a guild, it cannot be contested for the remainder of that month.

  • Taking over uncontrolled land must occur within your guild's city. Without the majority control of your city, you may not expand to other locations within your region. Guilds are also restricted to their own regions, i.e. if your guild is located in Oak, your sphere of influence is limited to the West Fiore region.

  • Guild buildings are not considered as locations to be taken over. If you do not have control over your city, your guild will still reside and function in that location, it simply will not receive any bonuses from holding the location.

  • Territories may be contested by opposing Guilds and Alliances once per month. This timer resets on the first of every month. Regardless of whether the invading faction wins or loses their attempted conquest, they may not take over further territories or contest the same territory until this timer has reset.

Conquest Regulations

  • If your character is knocked out during a conquest attempt, you are not allowed to contest territories for the remainder of the month.

  • A successful conquest attempt provides a flat reward of 50,000 Jewels, 200 Infamy or Fame and 5,000 Experience regardless of whether or not it was defended.

  • Fights that occurred as a result of contesting territory can be claimed for rewards.

  • Here is the roster of the regions, their locations and who has control of them: Location Roster

Monthly Rewards

  • Guilds and alliances that have control over a majority of their guild-located territory receive a monthly reward and a city-based perk. Controlling an entire region by holding a majority of the territories provides an additional monthly regional bonus.

    Note: In order to receive the reward, members must maintain their activity through the activity checks done each month. Members must also be at least Level 1 in their guild.


Monthly Rewards
Majority of Locations 150,000J and 1x SP Potion
Majority of Region 200,000J and 2x SP Potions


  • Guilds may form alliances with other guilds. Together, these alliances can control a single territory or even an entire region under a single banner.

  • Alignment is simply the perception of the nobility and public towards the guild, and does not prevent alliances. However, a Good guild may be listed as Neutral or even Dark once allied with a Dark guild.

  • Alliances must be publicly announced for the guilds to gain the perks of having the alliance.

    • Alliances must be formed in character with the Guild Masters being present.
    • A document, similar to the one formed during Guild Creation, must be submitted to outline the terms of the alliance.
    • Those involved in the alliances may determine the name of their alliance, i.e. Blue Pegasus and Fairy Tail could form the "Blue Pegasus-Fairy Tail Alliance", the "Blue Tail Alliance" or the "Cyan Fang". It's completely up to you.
    • Allying with a particular guild may influence the alignment of other guilds in the alliance.
    • The title of the alliance will be stated on members' profiles in the Alliance section.

City Bonuses

  • Having a majority control of cities will provide members with unique bonuses depending on the type of city. These city bonuses are only given to guilds with major control. Alliances do not receive these perks.

  • Each city falls into one of three categories: Military, Merchant and Industrial, excluding Era and Crocus. These city bonuses provide their holders with unique benefits when they have majority control over the city.


  • Helmets and Armors: A city with great military strength. They have excellent supplies to protect their city guards with helmets and armors. Controlling such a city allows you to purchase Helmets and Armors with a 20% discount. This stacks with other discounts.


  • Commerce: Commerce thrives in these cities. People come from neighbouring areas to purchase and sell wares here. Controlling such a city adds a 50% jewel reward on top of the conquest rewards.


  • Weapons: he forges burn hot in these cities. Great blacksmiths produce quality weapons in these cities while the old mages enchant staves. Controlling such a city allows you to purchase Weapons with a 20% discount. This stacks with other discounts.

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