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A Face From The Past.(Open)

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#1Faris Iraious 

A Face From The Past.(Open) Empty Sun Jan 03, 2021 12:00 pm

Faris Iraious
Faris had not shown his face for a while, No doubt he had lost track of everything in his various adventures with the other members of his guild. Now Faris would have a bit of a break, Or so he would think.

After all he would walk into the Goat's Beard Inn not knowing. Faris got use to these kinds of inns from back when he use to sail on the boat he had been on to travel here.

It was a fun time in the sea on a boat, Being a temporary part of a boat crew, Faris experienced a lot when he had. He had gotten his land legs back in a shorter time never even sure he got his sea legs as his captain would refer too.

So far thinking to himself Faris would find a stool to sit down and settle into. Remembering times of the past for him sitting with various others of the former boat crew he was a part of:the drinking, the eating even some of the bar fights he watched people get into as well. They were a bit of a rough group of people, But they had his back when Faris needed it when he wanted to go in the trip, The various stops they took recalling he almost go into trouble a few times.

So sitting on that stool he took Faris just said."A large pint of ale, some cheese and a knife."He would mention as an order while he sat alone for the moment, Not knowing that somewhere with in the bar Faris was being watched from a far, some one he knew, Just seemed to not want to reveal themselves right away or just saw not a reason to bother him, Nonetheless some one from Faris' past was around and he did not know.

#2Jin Tatsumi 

A Face From The Past.(Open) Empty Fri Feb 05, 2021 5:46 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin sauntered into Myras with a single goal in mind. "Medicine for sale. The best healing herbs you'll find anywhere," he called out to any that was passing by. On his way through the city, he passed out his special tunic to anyone savvy enough to spot a good deal. with a few coins in his pocket now he walked toward the nearest inn.

"I'm beat. Where are these guys," he pushed open the Inn doors and slunk inside. His weapon drug behind him and he rubbed the sweat from his brow. The place was calm and a good change of pace after all that mess in the last city.

"An ale, barkeep," he said and placed the bag of coin on the counter, sliding it over to the barkeep. He sat back and took a long hard swig before dropping the flagon back on the table with a relieved sigh. "That is the stuff. Alright back to business." he leaned forward.

"I'm looking for some Blue Pegasus mages. I heard they were gathering down here," Jin asked. The barkeep wasn't sure what to say or if he could trust the man. But his eyes shifted toward Faris and then back to Jin accidentally.

"Got it," Jin slid out of his stool and threw an arm around the man. "Is it true," he asked with a grin and the barkeep shrugged an apology to the Blue Pegasus mage.

#3Faris Iraious 

A Face From The Past.(Open) Empty Tue Feb 09, 2021 2:47 am

Faris Iraious
Was it exactly a situation Fair would entirely enjoy at the moment? not really but in the end it would not be a huge problem to him he could off of this as easily as he could anyone else.

Then again it would hit him because he was unsure."What do you mean with that?"Since it was fair to casual and left too many things open. So what better way to figure out than ask, Since it seemed like it would not leave Faris to any unwanted problems.

And while he wait for his answer he would just continue his slow and fancy knife work cutting the pieces of cheese and every once and a while sipping his drink."However, Welcome! on sit, I am sure our conversation will be wonderful."This passed the time while Faris was waiting for some one, the person he had intended to meet while he was here.

Hopefully it would work out that they would arrive later, Since well this person learning what Faris was up too and what his life had been since they last saw each other, it might not exactly be the most delightful conversation for him, Anyone he knew or did not Faris would prefer to keep out of it.

For now this would be a good pass time, Since it would be useful for Faris to blend in and seem normal, If that was not hard already for a from Seven drinking somewhere alone, but people were all interesting in their own ways."Well, I am Faris what brings you here friend?" Faris was as delighted and happy sounding as always, which considering he did kind of stand out in terms of well kept white clothing and everything it might just show maybe he was who they where saying.

#4Jin Tatsumi 

A Face From The Past.(Open) Empty Tue Feb 09, 2021 2:02 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin watched the knife swirl in the man's hands. Maybe he was an expert with a blade. Who could really know. He took a seat next to the man and slide his arm from Faris's shoulder. "Are you a mage from Blue Pegasus? I've been looking for that group for some time now. Been wanting to join up."

The man invited him to join, and Jin happily accepted. He seemed an upstanding fellow. One had to have a level of patience when dealing with the medicine peddler at times. "Pleasure to meet you Faris. I'm Jin. A simple mage traveling and selling healing medicine to those on the road." Faris seemed to keep himself well kept almost like he was from noble birth. Jin on the other hand had clothes that were well-traveled, but as clean as one would hope from being on the road and bouncing back and forth.

"I hear it's a relaxed guild and I could use a more stable place to take quests and make some money." He also heard rumors that it was a guild run by lovers and a place for those with a penchant for the romantic and Jin had a heart that was easy to sail into troubles of entanglement.

"So what do I have to do to get in?"

#5Faris Iraious 

A Face From The Past.(Open) Empty Fri Feb 12, 2021 12:07 pm

Faris Iraious
This entire situation almost made Faris seem wither highly snotty, pretentious or maybe even egotistical.When just his former sailing ways just kind of being the way they where, nonetheless sipping his drink casually."Yes I am a member of them."He did continue to sound friendly and casual, It is at least how he managed to keep himself since trying to adjust to these lands.

So far Faris had no assumptions or worry, Even if of the things happen here normally would, Then again Faris must just have been settling well."Ahh interesting, I would assume the other might have been easier to find."Then again maybe Faris was also behind on the times because he was busy with other things.

So far, Jin heard right about his guild and did not think he was lead wrong, Because guild rumours were always fun to deal with and could be quite a fun things to have to hear about."I could say that is the best way of saying how the guild is yes."Excitedly Faris would mention about it. Since he had the right idea this would most likely be leading where he thought it was going.

He wanted in and well it would not seem a lot easier then maybe Jin first thought."Well, consider yourself then, We will just need to head to the main house of the guild and get your tattoo."Faris mentioned so casually.

Following it up with."I can go with you, After I am done some business here, But that is entirely optional, I can tell you where to go if need be."Faris also had a map for where to go and where he had travelled because he was just prepared to be for if he forgot where to go, In  some way he was ready for almost everything.

#6Jin Tatsumi 

A Face From The Past.(Open) Empty Mon Feb 15, 2021 7:23 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin just shrugged about the supposed others that would be easy to find. he had no idea the first place to look for those people at. He was just glad he was able to find one member. "beats me, but I'm glad I ran into you." At first glance he assumed this guy would be your classic pretty boy noble type, too good to talk to someone. But it was a relief to see that he had a kindness to him and was quick to accept the man into a conversation.

"Oh," Jin replied with a surprised look. He leaned back and patted the man on the shoulder. "Wonderful. Thanks, Faris. I can tell me and you are gonna get along great. A man straight to the point of the matter." And just like that Faris had accepted his request to join the guild. The main house building was a good trip away, he thought. Nonetheless, he was delighted by the man's reply and eagerness to help him.

"Alright. To the guild building, it is. I'll never pass up on a traveling buddy," Jin stretched and popped the joints in his shoulders and neck. "Barkeep. Some ale for the road. When do we leave," he asked Faris just as eager to get the adventure on the road. The sooner he joined the quicker he could raise through the ranks. He almost missed the part about the man having some business in town.

"Oh sorry about that. You said you had some business? Anything I can help with," he asked looking at the man as a new ally now instead of a stranger. Jin turned around and leaned his back against the bar's counter, looking out on all the patrons.

#7Faris Iraious 

A Face From The Past.(Open) Empty Wed Feb 17, 2021 3:50 am

Faris Iraious
Did Faris need help, not really. He just kind of went off to do it alone.Jin just happen to come in while he was waiting."Well, not exactly it is mostly waiting for me, I do not mind you joining me on it, I am just sending a few things home, Just making sure it is some one I can trust to ship it all to Seven."Then again he had everything set up, It was most likely in Faris' mind who he hired for the task that might be an unsure figure to be around, even if they were trusted greatly

"Well I do not mind you joining me at all, I am just currently waiting to meet with the person I trusted with this task."In a bar was a simple place but he had hoped this some one would not make it too embarrassing for him.

After all,They were a person a part of Faris' past."Currently I am just waiting to talk to them, after all even if most trust they are wonderful in taking their time."So Faris would take his time and casually sip his ale."This should not take long hopefully."

It would seem ten minutes after casually enjoying their drinks and Faris casually enjoying his cheese, This moment the doors would open up and even if Faris was not paying attention right away, The person he was waiting for was here.

They had taken their time to order the largest and tallest drink they could. Not only the tallest but the strongest as well.

So now whom Faris was waiting for would reveal it's self, well she would and she was not shy."Should know better then having me on land often."The hard slam of drinking hitting the table, She sounded like the tough as nails type."You better have a good reason to pull me to land, When I was just departing to sea."
So far Faris must have open up a portal to hell or something. But who was this woman, Finally looking at her, the details would reveal themselves.

A Face From The Past.(Open) Nz4s4a11

Leaning over the table this woman then smiled."But I am sure it is important if my old Navigator is asking for favour."Jin was not learning  parts of Faris' past with out asking or trying to dig in right away. Just how well were these too connected from their past? This woman would walk over and give Faris' neatly taken care of and styled a furious ruffle and messed it up.

She then would return to were she leaned, took her large drink and start drinking it quickly, how quickly? she was almost half way done not even drinking any of it before hand.

#8Jin Tatsumi 

A Face From The Past.(Open) Empty Sun Feb 21, 2021 12:01 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin leaned back on the counter after Faris gave him the run down. "Sounds good to me then. I'll wait right here until this mystery person arrives," he didn't mind. He had accomplished his goal and now it was just a matter of time. Plus he'd be able to work with and travel with a guildmember already, which would give him a bit more insight on the people he would be moving with. he didn't know how long the journey to the guild would be and he already came from farther north so what was a few more hours.

Beer slushed on the table from patrons ordering and staggering back to their seats. Jin relaxed with some light conversation with Faris and the doors opened as an enchanting lady sauntered in and joined them at the bar. She was a harsh and boisterous woman compared to Faris. Jin poked his head over Faris's shoulder to get a full view of the woman.

"So this is who you are waiting on. Faris you dirty dog," he nudged the man's shoulder. The woman closed the distance and ruffled his hair. They seemed pretty close...and old navigator seems like Faris was a sea worthy man.

"Well well, A navigator huh? Sounds like a fun life out at sea. But don't mind me. I'll let you two catch up."

#9Faris Iraious 

A Face From The Past.(Open) Empty Thu Feb 25, 2021 1:07 pm

Faris Iraious
It must be interesting for Jin to be seeing this old life of Faris and his connection but at least Faris did not seem like the shy type so having this experience was not something he seemed to be shy of."Ye-yes I understand your not happy."He would mention while fixing his hair, Faris might not seem like the pirate ship goer up front.

Nonetheless they continued their conversation."Do not get me wrong, I am quite happy to see you again."This still nameless woman would hug Faris rather roughly with in her hug she even lifted Faris off of the ground."I do not suppose I could talk you back into being on the seas?"She sounded rather serious with how quickly her delighted turned into a seemingly business manner.

Faris on the other hand said."I have no interest in Sea life for person reason, I am more bound to mage and guild work here."With that he would take another slice of his cheese and a sip of his drink."I gave up being sea bound, I am sure you understand."Then he would pull out a letter, It seemed if anything like a hand written letter that he was passing on to her."I have this letter and a few things I need shipped to Seven."

Faris then would place a small pouch of jewel for her."This is also payment for if you do this for me, Jai-Hai"Faris seemed to be getting to the point.

Jai-Hai well seemed to even be taking him saying not going back sailing rather nicely."Eh, I figured the fancy easy guild life has you now."Drinking her large glass or ale she would just seem to already realize he would not go back."Just figured I could try to get my prefer navigator back."She laughed loudly about it, But would get to the point of work. Taking the letting and sliding it away some with in her collar."You have a list of all of the stuff you want me to bring there?"Even before he could answer Jai-Hai did take the jewel pouch then just threw it back at Faris."Keep your money Farry,I don't need payment from you."So she had a nickname from him.

But Jin was not forgotten by the two, Faris was just getting to the point."Spend the money on a few more drinks for me and your friend here."Laughing with a remark because Jin and Jai-Hai did not know each other and she would just say."More for me anyway, He seems like a lightweight."And she seemed to laugh about it, She was poking fun at a stranger she did not know.

#10Jin Tatsumi 

A Face From The Past.(Open) Empty Sat Feb 27, 2021 2:18 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin cocked his brow when she mentioned easy guild life. Was life at sea that much more difficult? maybe he'd explore that path some day. The two continued their exchange and Jin patiently waited and looked over at the other patrons, while still listening in with one ear toward them. They seemed to go way back with each other.

"You know the guild seems to be pretty free floating. I'm sure Faris could find some time to travel by sea with you again. And I'm always up for a new adventure." He said and leaned his back against the counter once more. It was a novel idea after all.

"A light weight huh," he began and stepped toward the two. "We'll just see how much you can put away, miss. I'm not one to shy away from a challenge," He gleamed a smile even though he was definitely one to avoid an unpromising challenge.

"But you know. My friend Faris is a busy man so I'll let him decide," he nodded toward his future guildmate. Jin was fine with staying or going, but he wasn't sure if Faris wanted to spend anymore time around the woman. She seemed like she'd stay for hours but he seemed like he treated it just like business.

"After all. Sometimes Guild life can keep a person on their toes. Maybe You'll try it sometime," he said to her as he grabbed his spear and waited for Fari's choice.

#11Faris Iraious 

A Face From The Past.(Open) Empty Mon Mar 01, 2021 1:58 pm

Faris Iraious
Where and Jai-Hai would laugh about it."I am sure Farry is a man who sticks to his gun after he had made a choice.Even if she seemed to be trying to talk Faris into something, Seemed to also know him well enough to know how that would work out for her."I know Farry had problems with the last trip he took,I was there to search the wreckage with boat and crew i am with."It might almost seem like it was a bit more uncomfortable for Faris to have that out there, He took it well.

So Faris would just smile about it."At least you understand, But after this I will leave you with the information to pick everything up."Making sure it was all okay and the deal was done. So far Jai-Hai seemed to be fine and settled with her paid mission already, Just seemed she was more interested in drinking with Jin and see if he would manage.

So it came down to it, Faris would just say."You two can have your fun of drinking, I am fine with my casual wine sipping.So it seemed that might be both of them drinking and Faris just watching, Maybe being the middle man to make sure."I will be watching to make sure people do not step too far in deep.Faris would reveal what he would actually be doing, while being okay with them having their drinking contest.

To the delight of Jai-Hai, She would take the coin pouch."Alright ill be back with the drinks then."Faris did not seem to stop it, since it was money he intended to give her anyway. She would return with:Three bottles of sake, two bottles that look like it could be rum and two boot glasses of dark ale, She would place them down on the table, putting the chairs in place for them both.

Which now showing she was ready."Choose the first drink. First all to fall out of their chair loses."Faris had to wonder if this challenge was really worth it.Jai-Hai was a rather in shape and Muscular woman. The type that look like she could hold out drinking for a while."Do be nice to him Jai-Hai, Not everyone is like you."Knowing with Faris saying that it might be a reminder for Jai-Hai and a sign for Jin that Faris is making sure he would be safe too.

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