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The Inquisition has successfully defeated Corypheus and closed the Breach, but there is a new threat looming on the horizon...

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Warden Commander Elise Amell has spent the last half-decade searching for the Cure to The Calling. The mage studied closely with Avernus at Soldier's Peak and traveled across Thedas looking to delay, if not stop, the progression of the taint to allow Wardens to live fuller lives. Now, in 9:42 Dragon, with the help of The Inquisition, she's found it--the secret to the Cure lies in the ruins of Arlathan. Unfortunately, this discovery has come with a price. The Tevinter Magister, Calpernia, has caught wind of the news of the Cure's location and is intent on using it herself to extend her own life, even if it means tearing down anything, and anyone, in her way. The Warden Commander teams up with the Inquisition to put a stop to this threat, but will they be able to outsmart Calpernia and reach the cure before Tevinter does?

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