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Sudoka Kanekita

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#1Sudoka Kanekite 

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Sudoka Kanekite


Name: Sudoka Kanekita

Age: January 12, 764 (26)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan

Class: Warrior

Race: Nekomata

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: blue, right side of her belly button.

Face: Ibaraki Douji, Onigiri Online


Height: 5'01"

Weight: 115 lbs.

Hair: Black and Red

Eyes: Blue and yellow heterochromic

Overall: She has a large breasted yet slender body. One may wonder how the poor girl doesn't fall over with breasts that large. She often wears revealing clothing (mostly because most outfits don't fit over her breasts!). Her pupils are slits similarly seen in felines, as per her nature as a nekomata. Behind her is a long slender tail, the fur is as red as her hair with a white tip. Her fingers and toes have retractable claws, much like most cats. Atop her head are a pair of cat ears. Her hair is split in a slightly uneven line, black on the left and red on the right. The ear fur color matches the hair on each respective side. The tips of her hair are mix-matched; black streaks through the red and red streaks through the black.

Extra: She has cat ears, one with black fur and one with red fur that matches her hair. She has claws that are retractable. She has a long slim tail with red fur and a white tip.


Sudoka is a bit of a flirt and a drunk. The perfect combination as far as getting into trouble goes. She's often found bar hopping or picking up strangers on the streets or at said bars. Though not exactly a prostitute, as she doesn't get paid for her services, she's definitely seen as a bit of a slut. When she's drunk her personality becomes so much worse as she tends to find herself waking up in unfamiliar settings with no clue how she got there, to begin with. She can be a mostly sweet person, especially to those she can relate to.

Most of the time she's alone having a drink or playing drinking games with friends. In fact, she loves playing adult games and going to parties. She believes life is a party and you only get one shot to enjoy it so why not live? And with that mindset, she goes into everything with a fearless optimistic approach. She connects easily with other drunks, party animals, and people with dark pasts. She also tends to flirt with anyone, regardless of appearance, race, or gender. You can tell how much she likes you based on how intensely she flirts with you. The more she flirts, the higher chance she may have a crush on you. Though it's not necessarily a guarantee.


  • Alchohol: She loves drinking almost as much as getting drunk. Her favorite drinks include various wines and liquors.
  • Parties: She loves going to parties. Her favorite thing to do at parties is drink and play games such as Truth or Dare, 7 Mins in Heaven, Spin the Bottle, etc.


  • Running out of alchohol: Seriously. She'll cry.
  • Missing out on parties: If you don't invite her, and she finds out a party is going on, she'll crash it.


  • Having Fun: There is no bigger motivator to Sudoka than that of enjoying life and taking things as they come. She would rather die doing what she loves than to live a  full life of boredom and misery.


  • Commitment: The very idea of settling down into a mundane life with a spouse and kids is terrifying to her. She'd rather have multiple partners and freedom than to be tied down to one singular person. If one were to propose to her, she'd most likely run away screaming.
  • Confinement: If it was obvious by now, she enjoys her freedom. That freedom extends to the desire to do whatever she wants without consequences. Of course, that means from time to time she may do something dangerous, foolish, or even illegal. The idea of getting caught and locked away, having that freedom stripped from her, is terrifying.


Distribute 25 points over the attributes below.

Strength: 8

Speed: 6

Constitution: 7

Endurance: 8

Intelligence: 1


Sudoka Kanekite was born and raised in Joya. She had two loving parents and three siblings, herself being the youngest. As she was growing up, she watched her brother and sisters all take jobs, find spouses, and start families of their own. And as a teen, it was all her parents ever talked about. Her future. Who she'd marry. How many kids she'd have. Her family wasn't poor, but they also were not rich. They were a middle-class family. Normal as most would say. However, they were old fashioned and traditional. They had already arranged for her to marry her childhood best friend. But, that wasn't what she wanted for her life.

They were to be married as soon as they were both 18. One day, Sudoka asked her fiance to meet her alone in a park they used to play at as children. She explained to him that, while she loved him and cared about him as a best friend, she didn't wish to marry him. He was hurt by this news, but he understood. Together, they went to talk to their parents. Unfortunately, her parents weren't as understanding as his. They kept comparing her to her siblings. Telling her she needed to be more like her sisters. How they were both married already. How one of them had three children and the other had two with one on the way. How she was going to die a lonely old maid if she didn't marry her true love.

The thing they didn't understand was, he wasn't her true love. He was simply her best friend. She looked at him, then at her parents. She ran to her room crying that night. She was only 16. What could she do? So she decided. She had to run away. She may or may not see her best friend ever again, but she couldn't stay here. She climbed quietly out her window that night and took off to the docks where she stole way all the way into Fiore. Once there, the only obstacle she had was starting a new life. Over the years, she lived on the streets, stealing to survive. She learned the language. And as she grew older she became a drunk and a general trouble maker. But, what choice did she have?

Reference: Rinni Faithe's Alt


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This character application has been approved.

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