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Marigold to Crocus (Train Ride)

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#1Masado Faithe 

Marigold to Crocus (Train Ride) Empty on Fri Jan 01, 2021 4:38 pm

Masado Faithe
It was only yesterday that Masado discovered his guild to be in ruins. The same day, he learned that Rune Knights had returned to power. Perhaps it was his destiny. After all, he always wanted to be a Rune Knight. But now more than ever he worried for his baby sister. She took off alone in search of her friends and that boyfriend of hers. He doubted she'd find them. There was nothing left to do but to move on. What was done was done.

Frankly, a part of him hoped to never see Ko again. His sister deserved better than that asshole. Masado Faithe found himself aboard a train leaving Marigold. His goal was to reach Era and officially become one of the Rune Knights. Unfortunately, the closest ride he could catch was to Crocus. He'd have to walk the rest of the way to Era, it would seem. It wasn't really an issue, at any rate, as it wasn't that far of a journey.

He sat quietly gazing out the window watching the world fly by as his thoughts wandered. According to reports, the Guild had been burned down by three men, two of whom had been arrested and apparently already since then released. He couldn't remember all their names, but at least two of the attackers were members of the guild. The only name that stood out to him was Tomoe. The Guildmaster.

As Rinni was questioning the same thing the day before, Masado questioned it now. Why would the Guildmaster destroy his own Guild and betray those people that looked up to him? He was just glad Rinni wasn't there to be part of that. If anything happened to her...

He sighed.

He only prayed that Rinni was safe, wherever she was. And he hoped she would be spared of meeting the men responsible for their Guild's slaughter. And that wherever she was she was being smart and not simply following random strangers. She could be so naive and easily persuaded at times. That was how Ko won her over so easily. He hoped that asshole rotted in hell for what he did to Rinni. Abandoning her in her time of need.

As the train stopped at the station, Masado stepped off and looked around Crocus. Time to find familar faces.
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