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What Lies Beneath - [NQ - B][Solo][2/2]

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What Lies Beneath - [NQ - B][Solo][2/2] Empty on Fri Jan 01, 2021 12:04 am

He honestly hadn’t expected to be called back to the cathedral again so soon, or at all honestly. He had certainly managed to do his job, and rid the catacombs beneath the cathedral of all spirits that had been inhabiting the area, however, from what the letter was telling him, his work in the catacombs had apparently led to even stronger spirits making it their home. From what he understood, he had only made it easier for the stronger ones that had been hiding away to gain a better foothold. Essentially, Mikajia had basically paved the way for much more powerful spirits to wreak havoc.

The thought did occur to him at one point that something like this might happen once he had left, but he never said anything to the priest because that wasn’t part of the job. He had been tasked with ridding the catacombs of the spirits that had been settling there and disturbing the church and visitors. His job hadn’t involved completely cleansing the place to ensure no other entities would try to invade and settle in. Was it a bit puerile of him to not simply do it when he had the chance? Yeah, but at least this way he was ensuring he had some more work in the future.

Yeah, many would probably call him callous and conniving for doing such a thing, but quite frankly, he couldn’t begin to bring himself to care. After all, he’s never tried to pass himself off as a light mage, a man of the people, selfless, or anything in between. He never lied about his personality to anyone that asked. In fact, that could be one of his crowning features. If nothing else spoke well of Mikajia, at the very least no one could call him a liar.

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He readied himself shortly after receiving the message, then started for the cathedral once more. It had been roughly a week since he had last been at the cathedral. The place was gorgeous, but something about churches, or at least these kinds, always unsettled him a bit. He had never really been an overly religious man, rarely ever stepping foot inside of a church except for holidays or special occasions, and he had never once found himself praying to any deities in particular. That’s not to say he didn’t believe in any gods at all, he definitely did, but he had never really felt all that devout about his beliefs.

It was odd, to be sure. On one hand, he believed whole-heartedly in the existence of higher powers in the world, but at the same time, he never turned to them for help, even when he needed it. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say, especially. It was hard for him to put in to words, which is why he very rarely ever discussed his religious views with anyone at all. His desire to not turn to these deities didn’t span from some sense of religious fear or respect.

It was much more accurate to describe it as spite. The simplest way to describe Mikajia’s religious view, was to say that he hated gods. But not all of them. He hated the so called loving and caring deities that so many devoted their entire lives to worshipping and serving, even to their dying breath. The entire concept was completely inane from his perspective. But it wasn’t every single god. Though he couldn’t really properly describe it, he knew that there were some deities that he would hold nothing but respect for. However, that would require that he actually look into the subject of gods and their domains.

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Because he couldn’t properly describe his entire outlook on the gods, he simply settled for not really coming to a clear description. He simply went about his days, not really a religious supporter, but not a blasphemer either. He was in some sort of religious limbo of sorts. Mikajia figured there would come a time when he would need to get off the fence and finally come to a decision about his beliefs, but for now, this would do. It didn’t take too long for Mikajia to arrive back at the large cathedral, the spire poking over the tops of nearby buildings before the front of the massive building came in to view.

Once at the building, Mikajia wasted no time in finding the priest and getting a clarification of exactly what was laying in wait for him in the catacombs now. The priest informed him that almost every creature in there now was at least twice as strong as the creatures he’d last dealt with. They were beyond destructive and chaotic. The last spirits residing in the catacombs had mostly been benevolent and maybe a little mischievous, but never like this.

The priest spent a bit longer describing some of the things the spirits and the like had been doing and how they had been terrorizing people within and all around the cathedral. Eventually Mikajia simply nodded before telling the priest that he got the idea. If he wanted him to actually take care of the problem, they needed to stop chatting and let Mikajia get to work. The priest seemed a bit taken aback, but nodded before escorting Mikajia to the entrance of the catacombs once more. Once outside of the cathedral, they walked along the outside wall, circling around to the back of the large building before stopping in front of the familiar doors.

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The priest unlocked the doors then pulled them open, motioning for Mikajia to enter and begin. With a small nod, he took his first step down the stairs, the priest closing the door behind him soon after. Thankfully, he didn’t need to hesitate as he progressed into the catacombs. Last time he was down here, it had been his first time, and he hadn’t had the best description of what he would be encountering, so he was basically left to his own devices to figure out the layout of the catacombs, and how to deal with the spirits.

He had managed to do it, but not being familiar with the place had honestly caused him to lose so much time. He needed to make sure that he didn’t recklessly run into anything too powerful for him to deal with, or find himself accidentally stuck in a room not meant to be entered. However, this time around, he was now rather intimately familiar with the layout of the catacombs. As such, the moment he stepped foot in the main room housing the first set of grave niches, he instantly called on his magic. He wasted no time in dispatching the first few ghouls that popped up to his left.

Mikajia kept the chains constantly spinning around his body as he took steps towards the left hallway. He figured the fastest way to be done with this would be to initially make a circle around the catacombs, then begin to work his way back in towards the center. The last time he had done this, the outer hallway that circled around the area had been the last thing he’d checked. Consequently, it had also possessed the strongest creatures. That meant, if things were similar this time around, if he took them out first, the rest of the job would be beyond easy.

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By the time Mikajia was done clearing out the catacombs, he was less than impressed. He had been correct in assuming that the strongest creatures would sill be in the outer ring, and though they had been stronger than last time, they still fell very quickly to his chains. And with the strongest ones taken out, the rest fell like dominos. He was finished ridding the catacombs of creatures and spirits in almost a quarter of the time it had taken him before. And it practically drove him mad.

He hadn’t had a good fight in ages. And though the last time he had been here hadn’t really been challenging perse, he had been able to at least let loose for a bit. This time around, the creatures had been more powerful, but not nearly as much as he had been led to believe by what the priest and some others had been saying. A slight challenge, yes, but nothing to really get his blood pumping, or his senses to kick in to overdrive. He wanted real challenge.

When he returned to the priest, he had an utterly deflated look on his face. At first, the priest was worried, thinking that something had went wrong and they were going to still be dealing with the creatures. However, he quickly set the priest’s fears at ease, simply telling him that he was just upset at the lack of challenge. The priest seemed rather concerned with his response, but continued to just nod as he listened to Mikajia’s recap of his job in the catacombs. Happy that they seemed to finally be rid of whatever creatures or spirits were attempting to make the catacombs their home, and terrorizing the people. With the job finished, Mikajia took his payment then set on his way back to his loft.

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What Lies Beneath - [NQ - B][Solo][2/2] Maxresdefault

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