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Neenth Mossborough

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Name: Neenth Mossborough

Age: March 20, X770; 19

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Demisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese

Class: The SpellSinger

Race: Wood Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: n/a

Tattoo: One her lower left abdomen, near her navel, the same dark blue as the rest of her tattoo'ing.

Face: OC


Height: 1.42m; 4ft 8in

Weight: 43kg; 96lbs

Hair: It varies season to season and climate she resides within. In the Springtime her hair is renewed as a soft mossy green that fades to a rich brown, in the Summertime her hair grows the color of golden straw that fades to mossy green. In the Autumntime she wears a cascade of fiery red that trains to golden blonde, and in the Wintertime she is swathed in layers of rich woodsy brown that burn red at their ends.

Eyes: Her right eye carries the color of dark blue while her left enchants with soft lilac purple.

Overall: Neenth is a diminutive young woman who is both fair of face and body, both; what she doesn't have in stature she makes up with the presence of nature itself. The gentle angles of her face, the longbow shaped upper lip with full lower lip that compliments her face, almost too large, almond shaped eyes, and the delicately pointed ears that poke out from beneath the waves and curls of her hair show her elven heritage. The antlers that rise from the same mess of tresses and gentle foliage that hides itself beneath her hair perhaps hint to something more within her blood or are perhaps a byproduct of her magic itself.

There are curves to her body fit to her frame though slightly top heavy, the willowy legs giving her the illusion of being taller than what she was. She has rolling swirls and leaves on a darker blue painted upon her skin and extensive scarring through burns upon her arms and one of her legs, typically covered in some sleeve-like glove or stocking. More burns adorn her lower back, only seem when her hair is pulled up, is braided, or has shifted enough to expose them. Along with her tattooing are a collection of piercings made of bone or antler upon her face and some of her body.


Personality: Draping herself in wonder towards the world makes Neenth come across, upon first meeting, as simply a happy and somewhat naive young woman. She is quick to smile and lends her compassion towards any who she feels deserve it which can often be strangers or complete unknowns to her. It's rare to find her in a down mood and she approaches everything with a degree of optimism and curiosity that can be both charming and disarming at once.

Her charms are easiest seen around nature and natural things, cooing sweetly to animals and singing to flowers as she travels or investigating new sights and sounds with a certain wonderment, but despite her naivety she is not innocent. She has a natural sense for people and keen empathy, easily picking up on people's unspoken cues and trusting her intuition on people. One of the few times she shows true reserve or is unnaturally quiet is when meeting new, uncomfortable people and she often sticks to those she knows or trusts in those situations, or leaves entirely if she has no support to fall on.

Neenth is however quite nurturing and supportive, encouraging others and finding ways to subtly or overtly push them to better themselves. One of her greatest strengths is her sheer upbeat energy, easily disguising itself as a force of will or determination but it's more that she rarely allows anything to get her down, and it leaks into all of her interactions thereafter.

While she is a sweet-hearted wood elf, Neenth is also not without her more passionate emotions and she has a firm belief in helping her comrades no matter the risk as well as protecting the weak or helpless. Her anger can be raised in the face of needless cruelty or destruction and she can hold her resentment or frustration against others, especially against those who directly wrong or spite her. She is also quite sheltered even for an elf, finding many concepts completely foreign and unusual which can spark misunderstanding and confusion or even fear if handled incorrectly.

Due to her past traumas and ongoing experiences, Neenth is extremely averse to fire. Both magical and natural flames make her extremely uneasy even in the best of scenarios and often she can be found staring distantly into flickering flames and avoiding them, even when cold, but in battle or other hostile situations fires will often make her anxious and terrified. She will put whatever barriers available between herself and them and flee them if she can, but the longer she is exposed to them the more she declines and often she has to spend long periods recovering mentally, physically and emotionally.


  • That which sparks joy: Nature, Animals, Werifesteria, Petrichor, Music, Horticulture, Herbology, Tea, Strawberry Cake


  • That which sparks contempt: Coffee, Fire, Dishonesty, Money, Needless Poaching


  • That which calls to her soul: Freedom, Exploration, Wonder, Experience, Mysteries, Friendship


  • The which chills to her core: Fire, Loneliness


Strength: 1

Speed: 6

Constitution: 3

Endurance: 3

Intelligence: 12


Magic Name: Leafspeak Magic

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Enhancement: Upgrade Defense

Magic Description: A magic which embodies the very definition of the word werifesteria, wonder, mystery, and beauty of the forest, nature, and all that dwells within; it allows the user to generate and control plant life around them, allowing for the creation of specific kinds of plants for a variety of purposes. Useful for a variety of skills, it lends itself to a more supportive or indirect style of Wizard, but still allows many combat applications depending on the plants utilized; an intimate connection to nature is a side-effect to this magic.


History: Born to Galen and Vesstan Mossborough her parents’ love for her only outshone the love they had of each other. Vesstan was a wizard of some small renown in the Enchanted Forest taking jobs to the stretches of the world where he met Galen and ultimately brought her home to the enchanted forest. An eclectic oddity, Galen didn't fit into the society of the forest and so she and Vesstan retired to a quiet corner of it and shortly after she was with child.

The tumultuous birth belied the wellness of the girl going into her childhood; born a month too soon, her mother labored the entirety of the spring equinox to bring her into the world. Her parents feared the worst until she showed her lungs and continued to do so through the night much to the joy and chagrin of those present in the household.

Vesstan took to taking closer jobs throughout the pregnancy so he could be present at her birth and many months afterwards. But as she grew older he began to take higher paying jobs and was gones for those same long stretches as before, leaving her in the care of her mother. Neenth was an energetic and curious child, open to the wonders of the forest and of magic. She began her training early, her mother teaching her how to grow plants and manipulate the life of the forest.

She thrived under the tutelage and those years were some of the fondest of her life, but they did not last. One day while she and Galen were exploring the forest while her mother showed her various herbs and plants and how they could be used to help others they were happened upon by dark wizards running from the Rune Knights and hoping to shake their tail. Galen and the wizards fought but her mother was soon overwhelmed having to defend both herself and her daughter and in time, defeated. And she died.

In her final moments she used her body and magic to shield Neenth from a combined barrage of fire, in horror the young girl watched her mother die in flames, stuck beneath her still smoldering body as the wizards ran off in triumph thinking them both dead. There she was stuck burned and pinned until one of the Wood Elf patrols found them and took them back to the city for care and treatment.

Though Neenth survived she may well have not, at least for a time, for the shock and terror of what she witnessed left her practically insensate for many days. Vesstan's arrival soon after did not help matter. His own shock at the sudden death of his wife and scarring of his daughter filled him with an immeasurable fury and he lashed out at the village itself, blaming their isolated ways and attitudes despite the fact they could not have done more than they did, no matter their politics; Galen did not feel as though she fit among the people of the forest and so they were on the outskirts of the society. Reasoning with Vesstan was impossible and in a storm of curses and anger, he took Neenth and left the Enchanted Forest behind.

Vesstan refused contact with the society he blamed so strongly for his wife's death and soon took Neenth to live with his own aged parents, further adding to her trauma by dislocating her so suddenly and though her grandparents were wonderful people they did nothing to expose her to further social interactions or integration; They respected Vesstan's wishes, even so rooted in the wrong ideals as they were. They had been moved to a remote forest in Fiore where he gave a feeble attempt to recreate what they had before but it fell short because of the missing personage. He soon began to take even more jobs leaving Neenth further and further in isolation, relying only on her well meaning but ultimately unhelpful grandparents. Her grandfather was brooding and distant but her grandmother was warm and encouraging despite being unable to help Neenth in any true way. She did what she could to give Neenth a kind and nurturing place within her father’s overprotective conditions. The child did not truly change, not in any real way, but Neenth's trauma and guilt were both ingrained upon her in a way that never left her.

For many years Neenth remained on her own, effectively alone within the forest her grandparents and Vesstan had settled in some time after Galen's death. Her isolation did little to dampen the lessons imparted on her by her mother and Neenth continued to practice on her own, but her life grew into a weary pattern; Exploring the forests and using her Magic as she could, finding joy in the simple pleasures and yet never truly growing. Until the day a stranger came to the forest, once more a life crashing into hers...With slightly less unpleasant an outcome.

Reference: Sia

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Yo yo, well done!

- Add a tattoo location and color for when/if you do manage to join a guild.
- Remove the part in your magic about communicating with animals

Bump when edited.


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I edited in the guild tattoo, the magic bit was okay'd by Kon before the write-up had been written; my partner had asked when we were discussing magic ideas. I do have a screenshot if needed! :)


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Hi Neenth, Just popping in to apologize for the miscommunication, I was mistaken about the comment of the animal talking, there are means of doing it through items and magics, however. Anyway, I'll let Ezekiel continue his grading of your application. :D


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It's been removed.


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This character application has been approved.

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