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Shopping Crisis I [NQ | Apollo]

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Shopping Crisis I [NQ | Apollo] Empty Thu Dec 31, 2020 10:18 am

Apollo was strolling through the streets of Magnolia once more, he had missed this place after his recent adventures in the rest of East Fiore and coming back to the place he had stayed for some time brought back some memories. He was taking a walk among the different shops the city had to offer looking through the windows with wonder as he saw amulets, trinkets and jewelries that weren't on sale before, making a few stops here and there and chatting with the shopkeepers learning the history of some of those items. His thirst for knowledge after all was never truly quenched and he wanted to learn more and more about the wonders that the world held. Stopping for a moment to idly look at some items in a shop he overheard the employees speak of some dangerous men that held a tight grasp around some of the shops in the area.

Apollo pretended to admire the variety of necklaces, their different stones and shine. He wanted, if possible to hear more about those shady men and their dealings but the people seemed to have stopped talking about the matter for now. The young man didn't want to let that piece of information go to waste so he ventured forth to other shops to find out more about them, after all he heard about different shops that had problems with them, what didn't add up for Apollo though was why they were after the items in those shops, sure they offered magical items but they weren't that strong to go into such length for them, maybe there were darker things in motion and his want for adventure and mystery flared up.

Some talk here and a bit of chatting there he managed to gather a bit more info, those shops were dealing in illegal items as well. So power was what those men were after, quite a big amount of magic power in truth, since from the things he heard a few of the shops housed quite a plethora of intriguing relics.



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The last person he talked to seemed tense and full of anxiety, he would get scared with every ring from the doorbell he had placed whenever a customer ended, if anyone was in deep trouble it was probably this person and to be this frightened it was certain he kept hidden some dangerous and powerful things. Apollo hadn't left that shop yet, he continued looking around as a man dressed in black entered and he heard the owner let a whimper out, he of course didn't turn to face any of the two, he would mind his own business but keep his hearing focused. The two men went behind a door at the back of the shop as he heard both their footsteps leave the front, there wasn't much he could do now but he believed that person wouldn't hurt the shopkeeper in the middle of the day.

He heard a bit of shouting coming from the back mostly from that man as the owner was only heard apologizing again and again. Apollo picked some of the items and put them on the counter hitting the bell a few times to let the shopkeeper know he was ready to pay. The two men exited with the big shady one leaving the place as he stared a bit towards Apollo and him catching the stare at the side of his eye. After a small chat about the items for purchase and the man gone for some minutes now he asked if the man in front of him was alright. He didn't seem like he wanted to talk about it but ultimately gave in and told Apollo everything. The shops were indeed plagued by those men and that was but a lowly grunt that came to warn him, the shops of the area were going to make a stand one by one and that would lead to the men taking action. The shopkeeper knew he was getting robbed tonight and Apollo wanted to help.



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Before he managed to offer his assistance the owner begged him to help if he was a mage, even though the artifacts packed quite a punch he wasn't able to use them as he had no idea how he could unleash their magic. He was also offered a reward and he wasn't going to turn that offer down, he accepted on the condition he was allowed to use some of the artifacts for the upcoming battle. The owner was skeptical at first but ultimately allowed the use of some of them provided Apollo knew how to use them and wouldn't outright wreck the man's shop. He took a look at the items, he recognized some of them from books he had read, his father was a scholar after all and his library was chocking on information about magical items. Having set up some traps around and inside the shop in secrecy they also found a magical lock that would allow the shopkeeper to remain safe within the room with the artifacts as the door would be locked from the inside, that also meant he would be trapped inside and he was putting his life as well as his shop in Apollo's hands.

The two of them waited till night and with the owner now safely inside the room, the young man hid in wait of the thieves. Not a moment more passed and he heard the first cries of pain as the traps were being set off, his position allowed him to remain hidden from sight but he could see outside and those men were certainly up to no good. Flashes of fire, lightning, ice, the elemental artifacts were firing up one by one but a couple of those men made it to the door and tried to break in.



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Apollo made his way to the door as well before the thieves break the lock or even bring down the door itself, using one of the artifacts he was armed with he made darkness spring up outside the door and an illusion following right after, a demon appeared that scared those men and had them screaming in terror as he chased after them in howls and screams and Apollo followed by using another artifact to bring down lightning on the remaining ones that scattered in fear, yelling that the shop was haunted and they shouldn't have to deal with such things themselves.

Apollo heard their screams and pleas of forgiveness as they left and went to notify the shopkeeper who emerged out of the room relieved and happy to have finally gotten rid of them. Apollo went outside to gather the hidden artifacts and safely place them back in their boxes, warning the owner that those men might be back sometime for revenge, and this time ones that aren't as weak as these underlings. The man nodded in agreement and said that he understood the risks this action involved but maybe now the other owners of the nearby shops could finally stand up to those men.

The man gave Apollo his reward as promised and was especially content that his shop and all his items were safe and unharmed. The young man gladly accepted the reward but before leaving he offered to give the man some help with identifying the items in his possession, after all it would be much better if he was able to protect himself and his property should the need arrive, but made him promise to never use those items on innocents even if his ambiguous clients would. With his job finally done Apollo went on his way, a good day's sleep was in order for him to regain his strength.


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