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Random Encouters [Social/Apollo]

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#1Natsumi Duranndal 

Random Encouters [Social/Apollo] Empty on Thu Dec 31, 2020 6:07 am

Natsumi Duranndal
Natsumi was looking around for an inn to check into as she was unsure as to what she would do if it ended up like the inns at Hosenka, glad that there wont be any oil lamps around this time.

Having bought a can of soda she opens it and starts drinking, some dripping down the side of her mouth, trailing down and flowing across her collarbone and into the deep crevice of her chest as she crushed the can with brute strength then burned it away as she yawned being quite tired as she was worried about a few things and started to think to herself.

"Well well I guess I should find a place to stay for real now, Maybe even take up permanent residence somewhere would be nice. But then again I am a traveler it wont do me any good to stay in the same place for too long. Maybe I can find a place with fire proof walls and furniture, That would be nice. She laughed as she used her firemagic to start juggling fire balls, Going up and down having fun with her fire magic as she could open a street performance even but then again how much money would she get from that.


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He made his way down the streets enjoying the lively life of Magnolia once again the smells of the bakeries and food places. He had enjoyed his time playing negotiator in Hosenka and Dahlia and especially the first was quite beautiful and to his liking but nothing really beat the feeling Magnolia gave him. Home sweet home, he thought with a smile. As he continued on his way he saw a young woman playing with fire on the street, now that was impressive and fun to watch.

He approached her and greeted her with a soft voice, trying not to scare her though as he didn't want to play with fire himself. He introduced himself and wondered what was she doing in the middle of the street. He never saw her before when he was staying in Magnolia so he thought she might be a traveler that just happened to be passing through the city. "What brings you here?" he asked after he waited for her to introduce herself and continued "If you're looking for something specific I could show you around" he offered and waited for her response.

#3Natsumi Duranndal 

Random Encouters [Social/Apollo] Empty on Thu Dec 31, 2020 6:36 am

Natsumi Duranndal
She looed at the white haired male as she caught her own fire, extinguishing it with her bare hands as if it was nothing

"Oh I am just a mag passing through, I happen to be an old fairy tail member so I am not anywhere near new to the area"
She said as her eyes were inhuman more dragon like with slitted pupils as she was not famous enough for her name to be known, but what she is called would be known by her mere appearance, able to play with fire, having the same name as the Fire Dragon's of legend, Salamander.

"My name is Natsumi Duranndal, it is a pleasure to meet your aquantice.

She says as she breathed fire into the air forming her name as she looked at him, observing him and studying him all over.

"Now that you know why I am here, why not tell me why you are here, or are you perhaps trying to hit on me, not that I complain there isn't much that hit on someone strong and tall like me, so it be a good change of pace and I take it as a compliment.

She laughs aloud as she looked at him


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She looked quite intriguing and cheery, perhaps a tad bit looney as he was reminded of when he read Alice in Wonderland. Breathing fire and forming her name even making assumptions that he was hitting on her, quite a lovely lady. Apollo smiled commenting on what a nice ring her name had, he didn't know of many mages yet as he hadn't been around many, he had met with a Wizard Lord before acting as his helper but names and titles weren't really familiar to him overall. He was always excited to meet new and interesting people though, the thought that they could potentially share their adventures with him delighted him, he was fond of hearing stories just as much as creating his own.

"I came back to the city not long ago from my travels in Hosenka and Dahlia, quite interesting cities but when it comes to beauty I prefer the green scenery of Magnolia." he smiled as his eyes lit up. He continued telling the woman about how she simply misunderstood his friendly demeanor, there was no flirting to be had there but perhaps they could talk more once they found a place to sit. He proposed for them to sit in a cafe if she wasn't in a hurry and maybe she could tell him about some of her adventures. If she accepted he would lead the way to one of his favorite places that also had some mouth watering cakes for sale too.


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The girl seemed quite distracted by whatever it was that she was probably thinking and Apollo wasn't one to disturb others, maybe the two would stumble on each other at another time that would prove to be more fruitful than this encounter. With a smile he bid farewell to her and told her that his proposal for a treat would still remain open should she want to take it in the future, and with that he went on his way passing by the cake shop he had mentioned previously and entering. After a not so healthy purchase of a kinda extravagant amount of desserts he happily closed the door behind him and went back to the front of the hotel that the girl was standing before, asking the receptionist to offer one of the treats to the girl with the description he gave to him and who he thought would be staying at the hotel and one for the receptionist himself. The rest he started eating on his way home and occasionally stuffing his mouth with more he could handle when no one was looking. A thought sprung to mind, maybe he ought to visit Hosenka again and see how construction of the guild house came along, at least he hoped there would be one, a story for another time.


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