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As Above [Open to Sentinel Syndicate members]

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#1Tomoe Tanaka 

As Above [Open to Sentinel Syndicate members] Empty Thu Dec 31, 2020 4:39 pm

Tomoe Tanaka
It was a new experience, riding high in some magical castle lifted off the ground. It had been a handful of days since Tomoe had joined this guild, and in that time roaming the halls, he had collected information and made brief scouting trips within the immediate area away from the guild, and socialized with a few members here or there as needed. From up here it would be child's play to survey all of North Fiore, and the thought excited the man. The mad cultist found himself observing from on high, looking down upon the land below from an outside courtyard area within Sentinel Syndicate's terrain. Now if we could just attach a giant cannon or somethin', who'd even be able to defend...?, Tomoe pondered, putting a hand to his chin as he saw the land below and imagined it instead as a vast, fiery hellscape.

The thought soon disappeared though, for this guild didn't seem the type that would approve of such things. They were about controlling from the shadows and pulling strings. Naturally, that meant they weren't after such open and wanton destruction; or at least, not if it could so obviously be traced back to them. "Hey, I wonder where in the sky the giant laser beam that destroyed an entire chunk of the country came from?", a theoretical group of important political figures might wonder, and from there, it would only be a matter of time before an army would be upon this castle. The Joyan wasn't a strategist nor did he ever try to be, but even he knew that much.

Tomoe's golden gaze would turn away from the world below, and return to the castle and surrounding chunk of land he now found himself on. He'd move back inside once it started to rain outside and begin to wander the halls of the Sentinel Syndicate, looking for company. He was wearing an all-black suit given to him by the guild upon his recruitment, with his armor, mask and weapon stuffed away into his pocket dimension. The Soul Ether remained embedded in his chest underneath his suit jacket and black dress shirt, for he had no real reason to ever remove it at this point. His earrings also clung to his ears, seeing no reason to ever remove such fine jewelry even when not in a combat situation.

Eventually, the cultist's wandering drew him to an empty dining room, dimly lit and kept quite tidy. "Huh. The janitor does good work, I guess.", he muttered and moved around the large dining table to take a seat at the end of it that allowed him to face towards the room's entrance, sighing with relief as he looked up at the ceiling. "Kinda dark, though."

A few matches later, and stray candles around the dining room were set about to light up the room. He didn't wish for any kind of lacrima light at the moment, preferring the natural flames to dance and sway in place of such things. It wasn't that he needed this light, but it would be courteous to anybody else who felt like joining in. And above all, the man could proudly boast that if nothing else, he was courteous.

Tomoe would sit there in the dark of the castle, listening to the sounds while staring at the one and only door to enter the room, wondering if anybody would peek their head in. He hadn't yet met anybody else in the guild that was of any notable description, with there being at best some kind of announcement to the higher-ups that someone new had joined, probably. Either way, those sorts of things didn't bother the Joyan. He would sit in place, reminiscing about all that had happened up to this point in the silence, passing by minutes while taking in the comforting atmosphere of this guild's domain.

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