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Chaos At The Zoo [Quest][Solo]

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It had been a while since he had the chance to work with the good doctor. His last dealings with the man had seen him testing out an experimental drug he had titled: White Claudia. A terrifying drug to be sure. The serum seemed to pull your consciousness into an alternate reality, and in this reality you were powerless, forced to face your worst nightmares and fiendish monsters. He still found himself occasionally looking over his shoulders every time he wandered into a corridor, trying to find that hellish creature that had tormented him so deeply in such a short time.

Moments would pass, and then he would remember that it had all been the illusion of a drug and he would breathe a little easier. However, even now, months later, he still couldn’t shake the ‘what if’ that had been sitting in the back of his mind. What if he hadn’t made it to the steps? What if that creature had actually grabbed his leg? What if he had never made it out of that place?

Never in his life had he felt such a palpable terror as he had in that moment, when he thought he was about to be grabbed by that monster. But that was beside the point, now he was heading to meet the doctor for something entirely different. He had requested Mikajia’s aid for a new experimental drug, but insured him he would not need to test this one out personally. And seeing as it was a drug, he also needn’t worry about it potentially backfiring on him like what had happened on a previous quest. However, that backfire hadn’t been bad at all, but actually proved to be very helpful, instead boosting his strength rather than sapping it like it was meant to.

WC = 300/1,500

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Once he reached the doctor’s laboratory, the man would greet him before letting him in. After the door closed behind them, the doctor would begin to explain what it was he needed Mikajia to do. He arched a brow as he listened to the explanation, marveling at the much larger scale of this experiment than was typical of the doctor. This meant that the man was almost completely certain things would go as he expected. Usually the man preferred to test out his drugs on only a couple subjects at a time at most, but not now.

He had created a drug that would cause the target to fly into an uncontrollable rage for a short time. At first he was thinking this would be relatively useless if the effects only lasted a short while, but then the doctor told him who, or rather, what he would be targeting. Recently Oak had received its first ever zoo, and as could be expected, there were many tourists eager to visit and explore the shiny new attraction. However, it wasn’t the people he would be targeting, but rather the animals, and seeing how they behaved and what kind of destruction they caused while under the effects.

Doctor Mabuz informed him he was supposed to infect as many animals as he could, then make sure to get away without anyone noticing, and before the drug took effect. It would send the creatures into a delirious rage and they would undoubtedly attack anything and anyone nearby. If he didn’t get away in time, he would most likely be one of the victims. However, the chances of him getting stuck there long enough for him to be a target were very small, seeing as he would have about thirty minutes before the drug took effect.

WC = 603/1,500

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Just before Mikajia departed the doctor’s lab, he pulled out a rough blueprint of the zoo, telling Mikajia to memorize it as best he could. The zoo as fairly large, and the room he was aiming for would be nearly impossible to just stumble across; he would be utterly screwed if he didn’t already have some idea where he needed to go when he got there. He spent a good ten minutes looking the blueprint over before telling the doctor he was ready. The last thing the doctor handed him was a simple package containing the syringe to be used to inject the potion.

The syringe contained enough serum to inject twenty animals with it, and the doctor told him to try his best to inject as many different species as he could. He was eager to see how all the different animals reacted to it. The package was small enough that he could fit it securely in his front pocket and it went almost completely unnoticed. With nothing more to give Mikajia, he sent the mage on his way, wishing him a job well done. He turned and walked out the door, making for the zoo as quickly as he could.

He arrived at the zoo roughly twenty minutes later, surveilled the building from afar, locating a door on the side of the building, adjacent to the main entrance. It was roughly noon and there was already a line of what looked to be nearly fifty people waiting to purchase their ticket and explore the zoo. He made sure to keep his distance as he circled around to the side of the building so as not to attract any unwanted attention. Thankfully the hype of the new zoo kept most people’s attention firmly on the entrance and the large and bright lacrima screen above it, displaying all the different types of animals they possessed, both magical and non-magical alike.

WC = 920/1,500

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Due to the boisterous distraction of the lacrima screen, he was able to pry the door open without anybody taking notice. He was also plenty far away from the main entrance, and thus, well out of range of anybody seeing or hearing him, but it always helped to have a little assistance when dealing with this kind of stuff. Usually he wouldn’t attempt to break into a building like this without at least a month’s preparation, and most certainly wouldn’t do it in the middle of the day.

But this was a peculiar situation, and he wasn’t attempting this on his own, he had the assistance of the doctor. Once inside the building he took a survey of his surroundings, using his recollection of the blueprint to mentally pinpoint his location within the outer ring of the zoo. From what he could tell, he had entered only a few hundred feet from the room he needed access too. After walking for a few minutes, he rounded a corner and just ahead of him he saw a maintenance employee; a man who appeared to be in her thirties if he were to guess, closing a door with a placard on the front, labeling it the maintenance closet.

This was perfect for him, he knew he wouldn’t be able to make it to the room he needed without blending in. So he strolled up behind the employee, quickly grabbed his chin and the crown of his head and cleanly snapped his neck. He had done nothing to Mikajia personally, so he gave the man as quick a death as he could. Mikajia then dragged the man’s body into the maintenance closet, which actually turned out to be pretty spacious, enough so that the two of them could fit comfortably inside. He removed the man’s uniform before replacing his clothes with it, then exiting the closet and locking the door with the man’s keys.

WC = 1,241/1,500

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Mikajia kept his clothes and the package with the syringe in a bag on the maintenance cart the man he’d just killed had been using. He followed the hallways leading around the outside of the zoo, doing his best to keep a mental track of where he was going. It didn’t take too long for him to eventually find the room he was looking for, but he was far from excited, because as soon as he reached the door leading to the area he needed, he saw the badge scanner. There would be no way he could simply force his way into this room without causing a major disturbance.

Luckily for him, another employee rounded a nearby corner mere moments after he arrived at the door. Mikajia gave the man a quick scan, quickly locating the badge at his side. If his hunch was correct, the man would be able to give him access to the room. Once he was close enough the man asked Mikajia what he was doing, to which he replied that he had been asked to check the locks on the cages for the animals in the room. Apparently there had been some complaints from some employees about the doors appearing unstable and insecure, and they were afraid some of the more dangerous ones might get out.

The man’s brows raised in concern, he hadn’t heard anything about that, but considering they housed some fairly dangerous creatures in that area, the concern would most certainly be viable. When he asked Mikajia why he didn’t have an access badge, he told the man that he had been called in on his day off and that the message had been urgent. As such, he rushed to the zoo as quickly as he could, and unfortunately had forgotten his badge. The lie was definitely believable enough, and the man just shrugged saying that he could understand, but to finish as quickly as he could then hurry back and get his badge. It typically resulted in some type of write up or disciplinary action if an employee forgot something so important.

WC = 1,592/1,500

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Mikajia bowed his head several times, thanking the man for his help and being understanding. Once inside he began his task, pulling the package out from the bag and removing the syringe from its mold. He was quick with his work, finding the largest and laziest creatures in the area and injecting them with a small amount of serum. Though they were lazy, that hardly meant they weren’t dangerous. Typically, a lion was extremely lazy in captivity, but in the wild it was a different story entirely. They’re king for a reason. And that was the story for almost all of the larger ones. They have nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to hunt. So they just sit around.

With the final animal injected with the serum, he grabbed his clothes and the package for the syringe, and quickly made his exit from the zoo. As soon as Mikajia was far enough from the zoo, he ducked into an alley and changed back in to his clothes, continuing on to the doctor’s laboratory once changed. Once back at the doctor’s place he could see the current news headline on the lacrima vision, talking about a rampage of animals at the zoo, stating the entire building had been demolished after the usually peaceful animals started behaving strangely, then ultimately going absolutely berserk. They all broke free from their cages then started attacking everything and everyone in sight. There were also several visitors that had been killed in the disaster, and no less than thirty people, a mix of visitors and employees, had been injured in the event.

His mission had been a resounding success, and the doctor appeared highly pleased with his results. He handed Mikajia his payment before giving him a little bow of his head as he left.

WC = 1,892/1,500

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