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Magnolia City -> Crocus City [FOOT TRAVEL; SOLO]

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Magnolia City -> Crocus City [FOOT TRAVEL; SOLO] Empty Mon Dec 28, 2020 10:24 am



Tea with the sisters took a lot less time than what Masami expected. He was used to hearing old women and their endless chattering, even by the means of abandoning work in order to participate in rumors and gossips. The sisters of Kardia Cathedral were busy today, as much as Masami was told, so only few took their seconds for some biscuits and tea. Once again, it was Masami that rested all alone. Solitude has never fazed Masami yet this afternoon feels as if he was being suffocated. The same boy from a while ago greeted Masami before the performer dazes himself in his own feelings and emotions, and then joined the Joyan in his afternoon tea, even if they had nothing to talk about. When the boy learned that Masami will be going to Crocus City immediately, he had joyfully picked himself up, and with nothing in his pockets he had decided to follow Masami in his short journey. Now, like a normal person once more, Masami enjoys the breeze of the dusk, and safely travels on the way to Crocus City, where his trails are filled with multiple side-quests and stories only the finest will appreciate in the end.



Magnolia City -> Crocus City [FOOT TRAVEL; SOLO] Untitl19
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