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The Darkness of the Wolves (Gunter)

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#26Günter Von Wolf 

The Darkness of the Wolves (Gunter) - Page 2 Empty on Fri Jan 08, 2021 10:52 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter would look at Rinni and dust himself off, and say "No, you didn't hurt me. You were constantly trying to hold yourself back, and with that type of intent, you never would've hurt me." He would then look at Rinni and say "Based off your reaction, I have to assume that was your first time? Glad to see I'm the one to pop your werewolf cherry." He would then get down on his left knee, leaning on his right arm on his right knee. He would look at Rinni and say "In Penumbral Guard you've probably met people that eventually you'd be able to control this, and you're not a monster. Well I'll tell you something kid, and though you won't like it, you need to know it now. What you have growing inside of you, the gnawing feeling, the thing you just lost control to, that is a monster. So you have two options. Listen to me very careful when I say this. From now on in the rest of your life, you can either try to keep holding that thing back and be a normal girl like you have been up to this point. But some day you'll lose control and you will kill someone. It's bound to happen, it happens to everyone. So I'm not going to tell you to control that. What you need to do is accept that that is a part of you, and you need to not hold it in. Let it run free, run rampant. The sooner you accept that that thing is going to be a part of who you are, and the sooner you realize that you're going to have to be a bit of a monster, the better off you will be and the safer everyone around you will be. I'm not saying you have to do evil things or hurt people, but you have to accept that monster into your heart. That's what I did."

With that, Gunter would stand back up and dust himself off. He would close his Eye of Kaom, and take off his jacket and his dress shirt which were torn through like butter, exposing his bare chest for probably 30 seconds, rippling muscles and all that. As Gunter pulls out a spare shirt and jacket from his pocket dimension ring, Rinni could notice the scars of blades that Gunter had managed to get throughout his training in Bosco and his combat encounters against werewolves and vampires. In fact, she would see a few claw marks from when he cleared out the cave of werewolves. Gunter would put a new dress shirt on and a new jacket, and fasten up a new tie.

He would then look to see how Rinni's doing after his speech, knowing that she's probably a little disheartened due to what he's said. He'd say "Cheer up kid, you ain't all bad." Then he would smile and say "After that, I think it's time for a smoke." and with that, he'd pull out a cigar from his new jacket, light it up, and expect Rinni to be slightly annoyed. If she looks annoyed at him smoking, he would simply smile, inhale deeply, and blow out smoke in her general direction. After doing so, he would stick out his tongue and make a face like how children would. Then he would signal for Rinni to come along and continue down the road to her apartment. He would be listening to anything she has said and continues to say, and he would put his armor and his helmet back in his ring.

#27Rinni Faithe 

The Darkness of the Wolves (Gunter) - Page 2 Empty on Sat Jan 09, 2021 9:35 pm

Rinni Faithe
Rinni wasn't sure why she was holding back against a man like Gunter. Yet the more she talked to him, the less she cared about what he did. Was he really not that bad of a person? Or was he simply really good at manipulating and mind fucking young girls? Either way, she felt a connection to him. Maybe because they were both Penumbral Guard once upon a time. Maybe because they were both monsters. Either way, she was glad to hear she hadn't hurt him. Though she had to admit, her head and chest hurt a bit from his attacks. Even when defending himself and not fighting seriously, he was still fairly strong. She decided to try to hide that slight twinge of pain she still felt, even though she subconsciously rubbed her chest where he had kicked her. When Gunter inquired as to rather that was her 'first time' the girl simply nodded in response. His choice of words that had followed caused the werewolf to blush in embarrassment.

In all fairness, she had expected her first time to be with Lucian and/or Ko. First time transforming, perverts. But things could have been a lot worse if she was with anyone other than Gunter right now. Her ears twitched and pricked forward as the man knelt to her level. She was still in her half-form as he spoke to her of the monster inside her and not letting it take complete control but also not keeping it caged. She kind of understood him. There was no getting around it. She couldn't simply pretend she was human. Being normal was off the table at this point. She was willing to learn to accept and adjust to who and what she was. But when Gunter mentioned that she could lose control and kill if she resists who she is, Rinni piped up, "I'm in control right now, Gunter. I'm fine." True, she was in control. Of a werewolf transformation that clearly wasn't full.

She met an entire pack of born werewolves and they were more wolf than human. Bipedal wolves that were capable of speech and stood 7 to 10 feet tall. She was still small, and only had partial wolf features to her appearance. Was it because she was bitten, not born? Or did it take time to obtain a full transformation? Was she basically a baby werewolf? These were questions she assumed would receive answers over time, either through study or experience.

Gunter must have picked up on her thoughts as he then told her to cheer up, reassuring her that she wasn't bad. He then stated he needed a smoke, causing the girl to look up at him and give a growl of annoyance as she watched him light the cigar. His reaction was quite childish for a man clearly older than the teen. He blew smoke in her direction, causing the werewolf to sneeze and growl again. He would then stick his tongue out and make a facial expression similar to a playful child. Rinni wasn't sure how to respond to that, so she simply smirked and shook her head.

At the same time he returned his gear into his ring, she canceled her transformation and became the petite girl he met moments ago. Her pants and shirt had tears in it, revealing skin and possible bra and panty shots. She blushed a bit as she quietly followed behind Gunter embarrassed. Now she saw why Gunter had clothes inside his ring. She only thought to store her equipment, but if torn clothes were going to be a recurring theme in her future perhaps she should consider using her ring for more practical purposes.

After a few minutes or so, Rinni finally spoke. "Why are you glad that you were the one to... pop my werewolf cherry?" She asked hesitantly repeating his words. The sexualization of that phrase made it all the more embarrassing to repeat. She paused, allowing Gunter time to answer before she continued. "To be honest, I'm glad it was you too. I keep thinking... what if I was with someone else? What if... my first time was with my family? I could have seriously hurt... or even killed... my own parents. Even my brother. I know he wouldn't raise his sword to me. He loves me too much. You... you didn't use your weapon either. But... you're more equal to my strength and speed than Masado is. He'd never evade me as you had. And unlike you... he wouldn't hit me."

Rinni was grateful that Gunter helped her through this without killing her. He slaughtered her guild. He killed innocent people. He had a monster inside him in the form of that Kaom eye of his. But, she had newfound respect, admiration, and trust toward the man for sparing her life and trying to help her. His advice hurt. Boy did it hurt. She didn't want to kill anyone. Though it wouldn't be new to her if she did.

"I killed before. I killed a werewolf. He... he bit into my shoulder..." She lowered her clothing enough to reveal the scar if he wished to look. "I managed to kick him off me... and then I shot him in the heart. That day... that fight... was life-changing." Rinni paused for a moment, recalling the very noticeable scars on his body for the brief moment before he chased outfits. Were those from werewolves? They were clearly not fresh, and therefore not caused by her; as confirmed by Gunter stating she hadn't hurt him. "I couldn't help notice, Gunter... you're covered in claw marks. Have you dealt with werewolves before too?"

#28Günter Von Wolf 

The Darkness of the Wolves (Gunter) - Page 2 Empty on Thu Jan 14, 2021 3:38 pm

Günter Von Wolf

Gunter would nod in response to Rinni saying that she's fine. He would inhale deeply of his cigar and blow it straight up into the air. Gunter would simply smile a cheeky smile in response to the werewolf cherry comment, as Rinni asked about that. Gunter would listen to Rinni talk about the possibility of transforming around her family or brother Masado. He would also listen carefully to her explain her first kill. He would respond to Rinni's question about the scar by saying "I have killed my fair share of werewolves. When I first came to this land, I encountered a lot of vampires and werewolves in Dahlia, and I made a living during my early few weeks at Penumbral Guard by hunting their kind down. These were feral beasts that would hunt adventurers and travelers along the road. But I understand why they did it, it was to survive. They had families that they wanted to protect. But it was a job, and I did it without hesitation. That is why, unlike your brother, I did not hold back, because if you were not able to accept that beast in your heart, and if you endangered the people around you, I'd put you down like a dog."

Gunter would then smile. "But thankfully you gained control and I didn't have to do that. Which I'm happy about, because I like you, you seem like a good kid. And I know you have control now, but what I said still stands. You either gotta accept that it's a part of you and adapt using it to get stronger, or you can keep trying to bury it and eventually you'll end up like the wolves in Dahlia. Losing control, going feral. And that would just suck, that would be bad news. Bad news bears. I mean, look at me, I'm a monster, I know it, and I don't lose control. Well, often. But that's okay."

Gunter would then notice that it is starting to get brighter. It could be noticed that it is soon to become early morning. He would then say out loud "Gee willickers, little one. It is definitely past your bedtime. Let's not dilly-dally any further, and perhaps after you've rested and think you're ready, we can do a job. Plenty of work that needs to be done in this town. Think I've seen some postings on ghosts in a church. Maybe we can do that. Despite my fancy clothing, getting out of jail kinda put a damper on my wallet. It's lighter than I would like."

Gunter would wait and listen to her responses and would continue walking when Rinni caught up to him. As he listens to anything she says, getting ready to respond, he would notice a big wolf poking its head out of a window. This girl's mount. And he realizes this must be the building. "Looks like we've arrived at your home." Gunter would smile and then, once again, inhale the cigar smoke deeply and exhale it up, watching as the big wolf would twitch its nose as its head stuck out the window. Gunter would continue to listen to anything Rinni said, and as he does so, he would give a very polite and noble bow to Rinni, saying "I do hope you have a good night." before responding to anything she might have said as he begins walking away.

#29Rinni Faithe 

The Darkness of the Wolves (Gunter) - Page 2 Empty on Thu Jan 14, 2021 7:18 pm

Rinni Faithe
Rinni listened to Gunter as they walked together, her head tilted upward to gaze up at the tall male as he detailed his vampire and werewolf hunts. He described them as feral and ravenous. She didn't know enough about vampires and werewolves to say rather his story was true or not. But, he hadn't lied to her so far. He also helped her instead of killing her on sight when she turned. The fact he was aware of what she was before that and spared her was also fresh in her mind. Her heart was racing and her stomach felt like it had butterflies and her mind was wheeling over today's events. This wasn't exactly the same as her encounter with Ko. It wasn't a crush nor was it teen hormones.

Her mind wheeled with confusion at his words and actions toward her.

Her heart raced with the knowledge that what he did made him a dangerous monster. Yet, she herself being a dangerous monster trusted him. She felt something with him. Acceptance.

The butterflies were nothing more than her stomach turning as she wondered if becoming close with this man... made her a traitor to her Guild?

But... how could it? The Guild was no longer active. It was gone.

There was no Penumbral Guard left to betray.

So why did she feel so guilty?

As he admitted to the fact that he would have put her down like a dog should she have gone feral, the child flinched pausing for a moment losing a step behind him. She understood why he would, of course. She wouldn't have blamed him if he had, seeing as she attacked him first. Gunter then smiled, though Rinni didn't see it she could hear it in his voice. He was glad she regained control. He admitted he liked her. Why she wasn't sure. After killing so many... why show her favoritism? Was it because she was more like him than she was willing to admit?

The teen sighed hugging herself and realizing she was still wearing his jacket. It was big on her, so it didn't tear when she transformed earlier. She used this to her advantage and pulled it closed around her small form to hide her skin and underwear which was visible through the rips in her clothing. Her face was still cherry red in embarrassment from that. How much had Gunter seen?

Rinni looked up to the sky as the sun began to rise.

Gee willickers, little one. It is definitely past your bedtime.

"Who the heck says gee willickers?" Rinni snarked, gasting him a glare of annoyance as she added, "And I'll have you know I do not have a..." YAWN "... bedtime! I'm not a little kid! I'm 16 years old! I'm an A-Rank Ranger! I'm a powerful member of..." Her heart dropped. It showed in her expression. "...I'm... I'm a....an adventurer and a werewolf..."

She stared blankly ahead realizing what she had lost. Her heart ached. Gunter propositioned her to join him on a quest, to which she agreed perhaps a little quicker than she should have. But, she needed a distraction from all that had happened. From all she learned. She would update her brother with her knowledge later. For now, a job sounded like the right medicine. As Gunter stopped outside of the hotel where she was staying, Rinni caught the scent of her mount and pet. Looking up at the window to spot Storm Fang waiting for her, she realized that was how he found her home.

She stepped up beside him, looking up at the taller male. "Thank you for walking me home. And for... telling me what I needed to know. I... uh... good night, sir." with that, Rinni headed into the building and made her way to her room where she was instantly pounced by a very worried Winter.


#30Günter Von Wolf 

The Darkness of the Wolves (Gunter) - Page 2 Empty on Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:06 pm

Günter Von Wolf

As Gunter watches Rinni head inside, he would say "It was my pleasure." He would walk as Rinni walked up the stairs to open the door, and as Rinni walked inside and the door closed, at that exact moment, in Gunter and Kratos' suite elsewhere, the moment the door clicked shut is the exact moment that Kratos busts a nut in some random hooker. As Gunter makes his way back to his suite, he thinks to himself how this is a very interesting encounter and he truly did enjoy Rinni's company. He's curious about Rinni's development and how she will grow stronger. He smiles the most sinister smile right there in that moonlit night, as smoke dances off his cigar, thinking about one thing she said. One very important thing. "So there were others in Penumbral Guard that I never knew about? Lucian, and her brother Masado. And Lucian is apparently a werewolf? Mmm. I suppose we can let the hunt begin. The question is whether they be friend or foe."

As quick as that smile and thought came, it vanished. Gunter said out loud "Ah well, that's something to think about at a later point! Time to head home and have a stiff drink." With that, Gunter makes his way back to the suite where he would arrive to find Kratos shoving a hooker's corpse into a dumpster. Kratos would look at Gunter and say "Oh shit, hey boss! You caught me with my cock out, cleaning up. So how did your date night go with the little girl?"

Gunter would respond saying "It wasn't a date, and it was very informative. But for now, I think it's time to rest." and Kratos would then look at Gunter and say "Alright. I'm gonna go get some fucking weenies, I'm hungry. That bitch tuckered me out, and that's the fastest way to work up an appetite."

With that, Kratos walked bare-ass naked, cock out, down the street towards the food district where he hoped to find a hot dog stand. Gunter went inside, took a shower, brushed his pearly white teeth, and passed out thinking about what would come next.


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