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All Fired Up (Solo Quest)

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Rinni Faithe
Outside the gates of Oak City stood a teen girl and a six tailed white fox. The fox was an adorable little creature with six fluffy tails, fluff on her head, pale blue paws, and ice blue almond-shaped eyes that twinkled with curiosity.

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The girl was dressed for the cold weather, wearing a blue toboggan, blue jeans, a black winter coat with a red sweater under it, a red scarf around her neck, and blue gloves to protect her hands, with black boots to keep her feet warm.

The teen and fox headed toward a hill that could be easily spotted not too far from the main gate.  It was the destination the job notice had stated to begin her mission. She was to meet with someone who was apparently in the process of placing beacons to help warn of threats.

Her job was to simply ensure the beacons are properly finished, and that there are no slackers or other unforeseen complications. As she neared the first beacon, things seemed to be running smoothly. She noted that he was making excellent progress, as he was almost finished with the final logs to complete the first beacon.

"Hello, My name is Rinni and I was sent to check on the beacon progress. It's looking good, sir. Keep up the good work!" She said with a smile and continued on her way as the man shouted a thank you at her back.

As Rinni headed east, she spotted the next beacon in the distance. She continued onward toward her destination, her boots leaving tracks in the snow. Her small fluffy companion, whose name matched the season, pounced through the snow mousing adorably as she followed behind the girl as she trodded into the woods toward beacon number two.

As Rinni neared the beacon, she noticed the guard was nowhere to be seen. Upon closer inspection she found him sleeping against the very much finished beacon. A smile crossed her lips as she hummed softly and, deciding to let him rest, continued onward toward beacon number three.

Headed north into the woods, she could see an unfinished beacon in the distance. That's odd. Did he get a later start than the first two? Had he falling asleep before finishing? Or had something else interfered with the project?

Her questions were answered when she reached the beacon only to find the guard lying facedown in a pool of his own blood. Winter yipped nervously at the sight and smell of the corpse. Rinni squatted beside the body, sniffing it gingerly.

"He's been dead a while. I best report this asap." the young werewolf stated, more to herself than to her companion, as she stood up and made her way back through the woods. The lack of light through the dense foliage didn't bother her, nor did the fear of being ambushed. Her werewolf senses pretty well protected her from such worries.

She moved quickly past the first two beacons and made quick progress returning to the gates. Upon her arrival, she announced the discovery of the dead guard to the guard at the gates. Shocked by the news, he thanked her for her assistance, handed her her payment, and swiftly returned to the Castle to inform Lord Servas of what had occurred.

[WC: 500/500]

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