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Heist Surveillance [Quest][Solo]

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He was to meet with Neal once more. It was a call he’d been waiting on for a few weeks now. After his last job for Neal, the man had told him that he would be calling upon him again in preparation for the actual heist. He doubted this would be the actual operation, probably just one last step to ensure the heist went as planned, or as close as could be. There almost always some type of wrinkle or hitch in the plan when the heist actually happened. It was impossible to prepare for every single outcome imaginable, no matter how long or hard you tested and prepared. Some surprises were inevitable. Any seasoned operative, regardless of profession would tell you that.

Once he met up with Neal in the location specified, the man wasted no time in informing him that the nearby bank would be his target. It was a decent sized bank, nothing like one of the many bank chains around town; much smaller buildings but all a part of a much larger corporation. This bank most likely was the private bank of some rather unsavory characters around town. In fact, Mikajia wouldn’t be surprised if this bank was a front for one or more of the crime families around the area. It was much too nice, and situated in a location that wasn’t really suitable for casual travel or tourists.

Regardless of whether his instincts were correct or not, it didn’t matter, this was still a job and after all, he wasn’t the one that would actually be stealing from this bank. Though he doubted he’d be any more worried if he actually was going to help Neal steal from this bank. Neal then told him that his task this time around was surveillance and reconnaissance.

WC = 300/1,000

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He told Mikajia what he was most concerned with: the number of guards, how many cameras there were and where they were located, as well as employees, how many and where they were stationed. These were the most important details to him. If Mikajia could find out anything else useful, then of course he would be happy to know about it. He also mentioned that information on their main vault would be nice if he could get it without arousing suspicion, but that it would likely be difficult and probably attract too much unwanted attention. So, best to be careful.

Once he had conveyed all he felt he needed to Neal sent Mikajia on his way, wishing him the best of luck and a speedy return. With a simple nod Mikajia turned around and began walking towards the building. As soon as he entered the building, he noticed there were several Rune Knights stationed all over the place. The second thing he noticed was that these guys were the real deal. All of their heads practically turned in his direction the moment that he stepped foot in the building. So they were obviously very observant, and good at their jobs.

That alone would make this job a tad more difficult, but not impossible. The second thing he took note of were the employees. He counted four in total currently stationed in the bank. He figured the first one that he saw directly ahead of him after entering the building, was the receptionist. Two of the others he assumed were tellers, and the last one was currently organizing items in the very large vault near the back of the building. Before he could gather many more details about the safe his attention was drawn towards the receptionist as she tried to get his attention.

WC = 603/1,000

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The receptionist was asking if he needed any help, “Sorry, was just a little dazed. This is a very nice building.” He said with a soft smile.

She smiled in return saying, “Yes it is, isn’t it? One of the perks of this job is that I never get tired of coming in to work, cause it’s such a gorgeous building. Anyways, is there anything I can help you with?”

“Yes actually,” He responded, taking note of the several cameras lining the ceiling while he spoke to the receptionist, some of them aimed at the doors he had entered through while many others were aimed at the vault, angled several different ways so as to cover as many shots of the vault as possible, “This is a bank correct? Sorry, I suppose that should be obvious.” He said with a sheepish and apologetic smile, scratching the back of his head while he did, “I’m also a little new to the area, so I’m just trying to get a feel for it. And of course, it always helps to have a reliable bank.”

“Oh, you’re perfectly fine hun.” She replied with a soft smile and a little wave of her hand, “We honestly get that all the time. We are a bank yes, but we’re privately owned. So, you won’t see multiple of our buildings around, and we’re not quite as large. It’s pretty easy to mistake us as some type of other business, considering we don’t look like a typical bank. And yeah, having a reliable bank does always help, however, I’m afraid we might not be quite what you’re looking for.” She said with her own little apologetic smile, as she described how privately owned banks worked. They did come with a slew of benefits, but often were more expensive. She also noted several other details about the bank, informing him of the process for opening an account if he wished.

WC = 925/1,000

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All the while during their discussion Mikajia was analyzing everything he could about the bank and the vault’s security system in particular, making sure that his actions were innocent enough so as not to attract too much attention. “Yeah, I think you were right, I probably would be better with one of the other banks around, I just don’t think I really fit the criteria, but thank you so much for all your help.” He said with a kind smile, which the lady returned.

“Glad to be of assistance.” She said with another smile, “Was there anything else I could help you with before you go?”

“Yes actually. Well, it’s nothing really important, I just couldn’t help but notice the very large vault you guys have in the back there.” He said, motioning towards the vault, “That thing is absolutely massive. I’ve never seen anything like it.” He widened his eyes in wonder, getting a smile and chuckle from the receptionist.

“Yes, it’s quite the site isn’t it? If I remember correctly it’s one of the five largest vaults in Baska, sitting at around a thousand square feet.”

“Wow.” He replied, his brows shooting up in earnest surprise, “That’s much larger than I ever would have guessed. Is that why it’s on a private grid?”

This question seemed to pique the interest of a nearby Rune Knight that had apparently been listening in. He came over and in a stern voice said, “You seem to be awfully interested in the vault. What’s your business here?”

Mikajia arched a single brow as he turned to look at the Knight, “I’m sorry?”

“Why would you be asking if the vault has its own grid?” The Knight asked. Outside Mikajia appeared to be annoyed, but inside he was impressed. All it took was one simple question out of place, and they zoned in on him like a hawk.

Mikajia narrowed his eyes, “My apologies sir, I didn’t realize asking simple questions about a vault was something that could land you in an interrogation. I just happened to notice the magical crystal placed at the top of the vault, and I had never seen anything like that before. That’s all. No need to worry though, I was just getting ready to leave anyways. Have a good day.” He turned and smiled at the receptionist before he left and said, “Thank you for your time miss, I appreciate your help.” Then waved as he turned and left. He grinned as he heard her start chewing out the Knight for being rude to him.

As he exited the building, he took note of the several cameras placed on top of it. They faced all around the building, covering much of the alleyways and streets all around the bank, but oddly enough, none were faced towards the front of the bank. With all of the information gathered that he needed, he wandered back towards his meeting place with Neal. Once Neal arrived, he relayed everything he had learned about the bank. The man was very pleased with the information, especially regarding the private grid for the vault. That was exceedingly useful information. Neal then handed over the reward for a job well done, then told Mikajia to expect another call in a few days. He was nearly done with the preparations.

WC = 1,479/1,000

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