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It's A TRAP! [Quest][Solo]

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It's A TRAP! [Quest][Solo] Empty Mon Dec 21, 2020 11:07 pm

He had taken care of the two adventurers that had been attempting to recruit members for a raid on a newly discovered tomb, but that apparently wasn’t enough. He now was being tasked with killing members of the raid party within the new tomb. Mikajia hadn’t been given many details as to what exactly was inside the tomb, just told to make sure that a good portion of the party came to an untimely end to the traps that would surely await them in the tomb. When he asked what kind of traps he could expect, he was told that most of them were your typical run-of-the-mill traps; floor triggers, spikes, flames and so on.

It would be easy enough to set off the traps, but he would have to make sure that his party wasn’t very intelligent so as to make it appear as an accident. However, fortunately for him, he didn’t need to worry about that for too long. Amongst the raid group he had joined, there was a group of four adventurers that looked as if they could easily handle themselves in a fight, but if you were to ask them what four times four was, their heads would probably explode. They would be the perfect targets. Just from watching them for a few minutes, he knew there wasn’t a chance in hell these morons would be smart enough to notice that he would be intentionally trying to get them killed.

Shortly after entering the tomb with the party, they would split into two groups, at which point, Mikajia made sure to join the four hulking idiots. They all seemed put-upon that he was almost half their size. He heard them make a few remarks about how weak he appeared compared to them which made him want to kill them all right then and there, but that would never do. He would fail his quest, and the others would probably come to their aid. So instead, he decided to try and get them to trust him first. He had planned on not pointing out any traps at all, and just letting the idiots kill themselves almost immediately, but instead chose to make sure and warn the first adventurer as soon as he was about to step on a floor trigger.

When Mikajia pointed out the trap, their tunes changed instantly. They started being much nicer to him, and frequently asking him if things looked fine ahead of them. Eventually Mikajia just took the lead, pointing out the extremely obvious traps, and a few of the less noticeable ones, but never said anything about the well-hidden ones. He decided he would make use of them later on, once he had them thoroughly convinced that they had nothing to fear. Mikajia waited until they were deep in the tomb, then pretended to be very confused about something. The dumbasses hung on every word as he told them that he thought they might have passed a secret tunnel earlier. He pointed out some random rocks, telling them that these perfectly ordinary rocks appeared to match a glyph they had passed shortly after splitting from the rest of the party.

It was all a lie of course, but these idiots couldn’t tell the difference between a glyph and a toddler’s scribbles. And with how much he had helped them out at this point, the four idiots practically worshiped him. It was honestly embarrassing how easy this had been to win their trust. Seeing as Mikajia had been leading the way so far, and had pointed out what they believed were all the traps, the four adventurers decided they could lead the way back, saying Mikajia could take the lead again once they had found the secret passage. Mikajia agreed and then simply waited for them to come to a particular trap he had made sure not to mention to them, instead deciding to save it for this exact moment.

There in fact were some glyphs in this area that symbolized traps, but they were almost completely undetectable. In fact, he might have completely missed them himself if Cain’s assistant hadn’t made sure to mention them to him. It was a trap that was designed to cause the floor to give way to spikes hidden beneath it, and all someone had to do was touch the glyph. He told the others they would need to gather together to avoid the traps that would be set off, saying that blades would pop up from the ground at certain points past the wall, ensuring they backed up enough that they would all fall into the trap. They believed him of course, not even so much as grumbling about having to huddle so close together. And then, before they knew what had happened, they were dying, painfully.

As soon as they were all within the area of the trap, he touched the glyph, but also made sure that he was pressed up against the wall. If he was too far from it, he could have fallen in to the trap as well. The moment he touched the glyph, the floor beneath the adventurers fell away, dropping them all on large and very sharp spikes. It was a cleaner death than he would have liked to give them, but he wasn’t going to complain seeing as he would never have to hear them speak again. Mikajia watched the life leave the eyes of one of the adventurers, a little smirk on his lips the whole time.

With the adventurers taken care of, a mysterious maid appeared before him. She didn’t say much, just handed him the payment for completing his mission then departed again. After that he went to work dirtying himself up; running into a couple walls to give himself some cuts and bruises before then making his way back to meet the rest of the party. He started to breathe heavily, forcing his eyes to tear up some as he ran to meet the others. He was practically hyperventilating as he tried to tell them what had happened to the four men he had been adventuring through the tomb with. It was a grade A performance. Absolutely no one else was any the wiser about what had actually happened to his supposed comrades.

After a good deal of ‘soothing’ from some of the other party, and a mask of disbelief, mild shock and grief on his face, he finally left the group to head home. Once home, he bathed, poured himself a glass of wine, then curled up in bed before falling asleep to the rather fond memories of watching the four idiots dying over and over.

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It's A TRAP! [Quest][Solo] Maxresdefault

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