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Ore Smuggling [Quest][Solo]

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‘This is getting good.’ He thought with a grin as Mikajia made his way outside the city. He was working for Godfrey once more, this time though he was helping the man smuggle an illegal ore into the city. Apparently, the stuff was highly toxic if not used correctly, so the Rune Knights were very thorough in checking people’s bags as they entered the city. However, that was only when you were actually working with the ore. As far as transportation of the material was concerned, a simple backpack worked perfectly well.

All they really needed to do was make sure that they had two very similar backpacks. Once he and the smugglers were at the checkpoint, they would only need a simple distraction and while the guards were busy dealing with that, then they could switch the bags. And once the guards turned their attention back on Mikajia, who they should have already checked, he would be clear to enter the city, but would be carrying the bag with the ore.

That was his plan, now he just needed to execute it. It didn’t take him too long to reach the location Godfrey had mentioned, where the smugglers were waiting. Once there, he relayed his idea. The smugglers weren’t entirely sure it would work, but Mikajia was convinced. Sometimes, simpler was better. He checked out the bag they had carrying the Cadmium, a simple brown leather bag, nothing special. One of the other guys also had a very similar looking bag, just a bit darker than the first. So Mikajia took that one, and told the girl that was carrying the bag with the ore to follow directly behind him. Aside from the girl carrying the bag with the ore, there were four others, three men and one woman.

Mikajia told the men that when the Rune Knights finished checking his bag, that they would need to start a fight, and to make it good. If the fight became violent enough, the Rune Knights would need to interfere, and that would give them the time to have Mikajia and the girl switch their bags. Once the Rune Knights came back after stopping the fight, Mikajia would then be free to continue on. Godfrey had made sure Mikajia understood that he didn’t want the Rune Knights killed. He felt it would make things easier for him in the future if things went smoothly this time around.

And Mikajia honestly agreed. Though this would all be much simpler if he could just kill the guards, he wasn’t quite ready yet to have to flee the city. There was still much more that he planned to do and accomplish in this city. He had barely scratched the surface, and doing that would only screw things up for himself.

Once he felt the others fully understood how the events were supposed to transpire, he hefted the leather bag over his shoulders and motioned for the smugglers to follow. They were currently well hidden amongst some trees just off the main road. Mikajia waited for the next cart to pass on by before motioning for the two female smugglers to follow and the three of them quickly darted out onto the road, following behind the cart but not too close. He had informed the men to wait just long enough for another cart to come on by, then dart out behind that one. He knew they wouldn’t have to wait too long, considering it was fairly busy right now. Mikajia simply felt it would be best if they guys starting the fight weren’t directly behind Mikajia. It would make it far too risky to do the swap then.

A few minutes later, as they were approaching the line forming at the checkpoint Mikajia glanced back and saw another cart coming around the corner. Another moment later, he saw the three other smugglers dart out behind the cart. Roughly ten minutes passed before it was his turn, the cart progressing on into the city and revealing the two Rune Knights that made up this little checkpoint into Baska. “Hello gentlemen. How goes your day?” He said with a nice smile and a little wave.

“We need to check your bag sir.” The Rune Knight on the left said with a stern voice, clearly not caring to chit-chat.

“Alright.” Mikajia said with another smile, unfazed. He tipped one of the straps off of his shoulder and slid the bag around before holding it out for the Rune Knight to check it. It was only a medium sized bag, so they finished quickly. Once they were satisfied that nothing dangerous or illegal was in it, they handed it back to Mikajia.

Just as they were about to motion Mikajia on through some shouting could be heard in the distance behind them. Mikajia, the Rune Knights and everyone else around him stopped and turned to see if they could make out what was happening, “What the…?” The Rune Knight that hadn’t spoken yet said as he stepped forward.

“Ugh, not again.” Said the one that had already checked his stuff. He heard some grumbling from the Knights as they jogged down the line, ready to break up the fight that had started. As soon as they were out of sight, Mikajia and the other smuggler with the ore switched their bags.

It wasn’t too much longer till Mikajia saw the other smugglers walking away from the line. He figured the Knights weren’t feeling too happy about this little disturbance and had told them to beat it. Soon after that he saw the Knights making their way back towards the front of the line. When they got close enough, the one that had checked his bag gave him a simple wave and said, “We’ve already checked your bag sir, you’re free to go.”

“Thank you.” He said in response, giving a little nod towards the Knights then turning and making his way into Baska with no further interruptions. Just like he’d planned. A small smirk lifted the corner of his lips as he made his way to the blacksmith’s shop.

Godfrey was more than a little impressed with Mikajia’s work. He honestly hadn’t expected it all to go so smoothly. The man laughed loudly when he told him that all it took was a good fight to distract the guards. Happy to have his material now, he thanked Mikajia once more before handing over the payment and Mikajia left.

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