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Dahlia Train Station [Conquest]

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Dahlia Train Station [Conquest] Empty on Sun Dec 20, 2020 2:38 am

He walked down the station as he looked around the ruins, it really didn't seem like much now but he could certainly see the potential this place has, all he had to do was track down the gang that stole the money meant for the restoration and convince them to give it back, not such a simple task, especially since he didn't want to resort to any violence. He had already received some clues as to where he might find them and was going to look into them in the afternoon, for now he wanted to meet with the people of the restoration committee and talk about a potential negotiation.

After a brief meeting and having gone over some talks he was ready to offer a proposal to the members of the gang. It was still a few hours till sunset and Apollo made his way to the hideout following the leads he was given, turns out that having made friends with the police of this city was really helpful, if only they were a bit less scared to address issues. After some twists and turns he finally arrived as he came to a halt once he heard the voice of men and women around him. One by one they started appearing from around the houses and buildings, long abandoned now. He looked around and saw that they amounted to quite a large number, if he was able to get them to work in the restoration project instead of thieving the time it would take for it to be finished would be reduced to a matter of less than a couple months.

He introduced himself as a member of Sabertooth, asking them to return the fund money and see life different as they could be offered work at the station instead of thieving and stealing for a living. The people were ready to accept them and their help would be very well received as every citizen of the place near the station wanted to see the site restored to its former glory. With a side of sweet talk and a couple promises Apollo managed to create an alliance between the two groups that now agreed to work as a unit, got the money back and brought peace and quiet in the area, well quiet when they weren't working on rebuilding the station.


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