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Kuvakiri, Greinka

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Name: Kuvakiri Greinka, Goes by Kuva or Ku

Age: June 9th, X768 20

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual, Though is secretive about it.

Ethnicity, Father: Encan

Ethnicity, Mother: Encan.

Class: The Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Back, Between Collar Bones

Face: OC, Ross Draws


Height: 5'2"

Weight: 106lbs

Hair: White, neck length, with strands of red and black entertwined throughout.

Eyes: A dark purple, almost red color.

Overall: True to her Encan heritage, Ku has a dark tan complexion. Her most striking feature is her hair, though changing colors often when on hunts or quests, she always reverted it back to pale white in her down time. With red streaks and black feathers throughout, a black strand did give her a bit of a pout. Black lipstick did dangle and dimple her nose. She looked forwards through souls, resting face that brought woes. Many tattoos adorn Kuva's body. Some in the shapes of glyphs, on her lower back. Some in the lunar phases, at her shoulder blades, and one at the base of her neck, in her scalp, the hair of which is cut to reveal it. This tattoo is in the shape of a crown stylized to resemble a lotus. Lastly, a tattoo of an owl biting a snake is on her left ankle, while a tattoo of a snake biting an owl is on her right.

Extra: None, Yet


Personality: Quite often, Ku is known for being curious. Curious, yet not furious. A water among peers, home at ice and the fears. The depths of the oceans, the shroud of the ice blizzards. Ku was used to it all, Enca childhoods brought vigor. A risk-taker? Perhaps. It called for a touch.
It depended on some things, but on some days not much. On occasion it could be fun, but she were more posed. Calculated, frozen, she counted blight blows. Enemy woes and throws and flows and goes. Ambitious even, waiting and reacting to let go. The flow and the mow and the throw of the rows, curious by nature, she learned as it would go. She would learn by experience, doing the science herself. In time, perhaps she'd meet god, magic was science itself. Who was to say? That was a though she had often.

Self-Controlled for sure, yet she felt it so much. She was composed at all times, she didn't show such. A trained and honed soldier, by the Encan of ice. Of darkness and glory and valor and light. Nurturing by nature, and trusting to easy. Honest when needed and loyal; not greedy. Affectionate, sometimes, it was always a mood. Had to get warmed up, brought from ice was a feud. What else was one to do to keep warm in the night? Romantic? Somewhat, but not very often. The last one to date her said she felt like a coffin.

Flirty very rarely and a tad sympathetic, altruistic? maybe a tad but always optimistic. Observant? For certain; Logical to the crown. Social quite often, Emotions? Drowned down.


  • The colors black, white, blue, red, and green:

    As well as foods of these colors.
  • She also finds delight in:

    Smoking, Rum, Chocolate, Roast Beast, Wine, Stones, Furs, Bones, Weapons, Magic, Coffee, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Noodles, Eggs, Licorice, Beetles, Seafood, Seaweed, Kale, Rabbit, Duck, Gator, squid, clothes, jewelry, training, lessons, meditating, teaching, painting, fruit, water, swimming, running, climbing, sailing.


  • It's a no from me, dog; Boring people, backstabbers, obnoxiously bright lights, overly annoying drunk and/or high people.
  • You done fucked up; Slaughtering of innocents. War. Famine. Hunger. Boredom. Restrained lust. Restraints.


  • Who's Asking; Work, Peace, Self-Improvement, Planetary Improvement. For example, improved wage to caste ratios. Societal betterment. Personal gain. Power. Exploration of Science, Adventure, Magic, and fortune. Anything exhilarating enough to make it worth getting out of bed that day.


  • The Itsy Bitsy What Now? Ku is not feared by death. Ku is scared of suffering. Relationships. Friends. Family.
  • Extra: Living a life of boredom and no calling.


Strength: 5

Speed: 5

Constitution: 5

Endurance: 5

Intelligence: 5


Magic Name: Blighted Owl

Magic Element: Frost

Magic Enhancement: Life Steal

Magic Description: Gambit Arrows - A homage to animals and elemental magics, it causes blasts, bolts, and shots of the appropriate element, typically in the shape of an animal.


History: Kuvira's name is known to have hailed from a small tribe on the outskirts of the world. An area where frost was rampant and afoot in abundance whilst nothing and everyone gathered in a twisted fusion of heat and ice blight. Frosty everglades of day and night's fright as the fight of the mighty and dainty and sainty rowed about all the time in this purpose yet hazy. Redheaded devils and pale vixen bruises. Toned twilight goddesses with raven's nest yet smoothen. Hair black of crow murder gowns and black crowns. Her birth was a celebration, a uninon, of families gone south. Rivaling agencies, warring backtime nations. The Enca, like all, had their own problems and frutrations. She hailed from a tribe, a nomadic of sorts. They traveled on the monthly, every corner, always north. In time her power boomed, they beaconed and blossomed. Her magic rang off her body, and she felt it quite often. From a young early age her mighty magic did quaver. Yet equally to, she brought out an odd flavor.

A quiver, a bow, a dagger, a hunter. A ranger? Quite likely. By all means, stare in blunder. Her class mattered not, it was a calling too hunt. A slayer, in the making, but what if Kuv wasn't? Who knows what could happen. She was sheltered but defiant. Flexible yet unyielding, her history a small triumph. A weird cauldron's brew, and the years they did pass. She worked stone, she worked water, she turned frost into glass. She learned on the magics, came up with some of her own. An odd experimental game with those that felt the call of the bone. What difference did it make? She didn't really quite know. Who cared what had happened? She had left home, in the snow. She decided it time, she made her way from the frost. She was burried in snow, yet she survived amongst the lost. An evil dark manner, twisted in her visions. She felt its dark courage, its hideous visage. What had she seen? A spark of light and blight's death? A frosty wild tangle grove speared through her chest. What a spell, she thought at once, and sought out for a teacher. She wanted for Magnolia, she needed some guidance. In due time, she should arrive, a young disciple of the brightest.

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Alright, I will be grading your application and we'll start from the top!

  1. On Class, delete everything and just put Ranger. You can do that on your sheet, but not the application.

  2. On Race, just have Human, no need to have the perk information on there. If you want, just do that on your sheet as said above.

  3. FC: You must have a FC, if it's an OC just put that and the artist who made her.

  4. Overall:, it's 75 words, must be 100 words.

  5. You done fucked up; If you had to ask, you probably didn't know her well enough. There's just certain lines you don't cross. Explain this more.

  6. Who's Asking; Work, Peace, sowing of roots and organized chaos. Exploration of Science, Adventure, Magic, and fortune. Can you organize this more? Explain exactly what the motive is and if there's more, separate them in separate bullets.

  7. Magic Description: Frosty Arrows You are a ranger, rangers don't get magic nor do they get an enchantment.

  8. History: It brings up that you do magic while also being a Ranger. You will have to change one or the other.

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to DM me with them. :)


Kuvakiri, Greinka Empty Wed Dec 23, 2020 10:22 am

Fixed.I think


Kuvakiri, Greinka Empty Mon Jan 04, 2021 11:19 am

Yo. Everything looks good, you're almost done.

Magic Description: Elaborate... what can you do with the magic? How is it used? Is there a lore?

After that, all good. Bump your app when you're donezo.


Kuvakiri, Greinka Empty Mon Jan 04, 2021 1:08 pm

You asked for it, Kuvira has lore for her Magic Description now.



Kuvakiri, Greinka Empty Tue Jan 05, 2021 9:43 am

My apologies one more thing; please explain at least one of those motivations. For example, what do you mean by planetary improvement? Why is that important to your character?


Kuvakiri, Greinka Empty Tue Jan 05, 2021 1:20 pm

done yay woo


Kuvakiri, Greinka Empty Tue Jan 05, 2021 3:20 pm

This character application has been approved.

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