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Duperhero [Q: JUDINA]

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Previously: Not Boared ft. @Judina

Being  the first to arrive in the client's venue, Masami acts as if he was back in Hosenka and attempts to manage everything, like when he was in Hinoki Theater as the owner of the establishment, goes the same to when everyone was preparing for a short, real-life play. Waiting yet again for Judina, Masami gets a grasp for a short script, and wears the skin of his take-over form which made him appear more of a woman than a boy. He'd face Judina when she arrives, whether or not Alistair was brought, and then he'd say: "You're the hero!"

It would be a straightforward statement, because Masami is now a girl, in the clothing of a generic Fiorian woman. "So, I'm gonna get tied on that spot," he'd point at a nearby pole, where the others were already tied unto, "and then you're gonna act like a super evil mastermind! Hehe, ironic; I'm a Rune Knight, but I'm more like a princess, haha... eurgh." Despite Masami's extremely convincing female appearance, his take-over form changes his voice to a more masculine degree, putting the whole act off unless he changes the tone of his voice to a high pitch. "If you haven't dressed up yet, those guys will help you out," he'd lean closer for a whisper, "for some reason, these rich men waste their wealth on disillusioned brats. It's ticking me off—if they continue this, how about we turn into actual villains and burn the whole thing down?"

Silencing himself after that statement, he'd make everyone realize that it was not Masami whom was present, but Lucifer. "I'm joking," he'd add before everything is too late, "I'm gonna go be the princess and get Masami tied up now." Then, turning away, Masami gets himself escorted to the pole he pointed at before, and willingly becomes a victim.



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Judina †
Another day, another mission in the many task with Masami, Which seemed to turn out pretty well for her. At least in her view anyway it turned out pretty well so far, Surely the slight annoyance of her personal views of the people she ended up working for was tamed, But it did not interfere with tasks so far.

Judina would be having a cup of tea with Alistair outside of the place she was staying at for the moment with in the reality of her always moving areas of in which she was at. So she would read over what was on her list today to do."Oh...great still dealing with that kid..."Judina mentioned begrudgingly to herself, Nonetheless the task was set up and Judina did not mind baring with this child more, To continue working with Masami.

So she would get Alistair and head off to the this task, Wondering what exactly she would need to do, he would to do and if Alistair was just gonna watch or not again why? because that was just how the Cattain worked often just lazily staring upon whatever Judina did only asking every once and a while if she needed help. Most of the time Judina really did not need help since she managed a lot of herself.

So it seemed Masami had a bunch of things set up or was that Masami?"Ah...what did I walk into?..."Puzzled Judina would mention arriving with Alistair to where Masami was and with what seemed to be happening, Judina not realize that she in fact had no idea what was going on or happening.

Even now going to express it."Hold on, I am going to what now?"then again it would all come to light to her eventually as it would be explained to her. Taking into the information Judina realize what was going on, She need to be a part of the stage and a play wondering to herself if she had needed to take acting lessons because this was not something typical of anything she did.

Noting the offer of the whisper and that it was not typical of Masami it was what could be known as the final piece, This was not Masami but some one else."Very well, I will get in costume."For now being mentioned it was a joke, It still had her kind of on edge. This would be interesting, Whatever this costume was she sure hope it was not something too embarrassing.


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Masami didn't even want to question it either. "Dealing with that kid" landed a smooth impact not onto Masami's thoughts, but Lucifer's. Why did they have to make this harder for both the clients and the requestees, again? Although Masami wasn't the personality who complained at all, Lucifer decided to grumpily whimper in discomfort when his vessel leaned his back against the pole he was tied onto. I don't think that Luca kid can even untie this tight knot, his thoughts referring to the wrists tied behind his lower-back, Masami moves uncomfortably, and being taken-over by Lucifer is making him bratty. Sooner or later, once everyone is ready, the "producers" of the play will dim the lights, and Judina will be placed near Masami, acting as if she was the evil mastermind that kidnapped the princess.

Then, for some reason, a big explosion landed by the entrance, making it harder for Masami to see through the dim, and now hazy lighting. The voice of Luca would seep through in a panicked shout, going again with the heroic act. Through that, Masami cringes a little, the smoke later on revealing Luca in a fake knight garment, and a long sword. He huffs in tiredness, and Masami shrieked, "Save me, great hero!" he needed to act like the princess, after all—and Lucifer hates royalty, so he wanted to make the 'princess' look bad. Thus, he shrieked that sentence in an obviously fake female voice, because being taken-over by the demon soul apparently made not only Masami's appearance, but also his voice, seemingly more matured. Luca looks at Judina, and now having a staring contest as everyone looks back at the "hero" and the "villain," going to have the moment of their dreams. With his sword ready, Luca raises it in front of him, and waits for Judina to fight first.

"Go say something," whispers Masami to Judina, his face switching to a different emotion every two seconds. For a hyper and unpredictable persona, being tied up on one spot like this is definitely an awkward situation. Looks like I really needed to be saved, after all.



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Judina †
So getting into costume, Judina's outfit was her in a full outfit or very realistic looking armour, Helmet to cover her entire head and all, black in colour and masking her face, This was an act and Judina would do well if no one knew whom she was during her face. She would tell Alistair to wait some where by the side for her act, for he might be needed later,maybe as a get away or something for the act. Judina was going on the fly and already just seemed to be hating it, simply because she was never one for acting.

So what did she do now? She wore the outfit, Right change her weapon so it was a fake sword and not the real one she carried, So she would find a prop sword to use for this, She was far stranger and well trained in a weapon compared into a child, Last thing she wanted to do was hurt them.

Then Judina would do her best to seem...villainous. Which by that it might help how she was feeling."You can only do so little hero!"Trying to make it seem so real of a evil voice. Just how did she manage to make herself sound so evil? well by not hiding her emotions behind a shell like she normally did."For this will be your final battle with me!"Think maybe Judina was either really in character or taking it a bit far, one of the two.

"Now prepare yourself and face me, Prove yourself and save the Princess!"Well yes Judina was playing it up at this point, Even as dramatically as she could holding out her prop sword and taking the so to say swing to strike as she was told so, Ensuring it was going along with what she was told too.

Now Judina had to hope this all work, That she was doing everything she was told to on point, having a case of panic because she was playing something in front of a crowd, When never in her mind she took herself as an actor, It was making her nervous, Judina was doubting herself trying not to mess it this up. Hoping Masami's part was going help, As well as finally for whatever higher being exist that she did not do anything to hurt the kid and ruin this for everyone.



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Having Lucifer take Masami over like this, he relaxes in quite a stressful situation. Even though everything is made out of stage props and artificial atmosphere, the mages' ability to use great illusion magic allowed them to create such a realistic-looking scenario. Despite already looking like an actual girl, perhaps Masami looks completely different to Luca's eyes, so Masami looked nowhere else but Luca's irises and then cringed when he... started to cry? Wha—there was no doubt, Luca had started to cry because of Judina! This is the kind of hero that will save me? Even if he tried not to, Masami couldn't avoid making expectations out of different entities, so despite the disappointments Luca had brought upon Masami, the performer couldn't help but get even more disappointed.

Actually, maybe if Masami was in Luca's place, he would cry as well. A sense of fear struck Masami, knowing that Judina had been getting agitated because of the disillusioned client for a while now, what if she ends up actually striking Luca with the overly-realistic-looking sword in her hands right now? Masami gulped, yet kept his mouth shut, Hmm... maybe it would be rather exciting if there's some bloodshed and... eh, nevermind, that's kind of an overused thing. So, Masami played his role as a princess, and shouted Luca's name to make him feel like a hero. Enlightening him a little, Luca quickly wiped his tears off with the back of his hands, and then started to charged at Judina with his sword.

Metal would clank each other anytime soon, Come to think of it, watching this sort of fight from a meter away, is kinda scary, Masami looked up and ignored every other actors' reactions. Surely, everyone was trying hard not to laugh or to show eyes of pity unto Luca, knowing the truth behind all these. Masami, being in his form of Pride at the moment, didn't go with the majority and did the exact opposite. "Why is the hero being such a weak prick?" with a smug face, Masami couldn't control himself from laughing at Luca, "This villain looks more of a hero than you! Look at how manly Judina is! I'd rather be taken away by such a mascul—eurgh!" before Masami could continue, his mouth was covered shut by the actor beside him. Masami struggles to send his message, and depend only onto Judina.



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Judina †
Did Judina mess this up completely? Or just put an the act a bit to well, it did relieve a bit of stress with in her mind because well it was something she would almost expected, But Empathy was not lost on her being put on the spot and not normally a hero being thrown into this situation was entirely nerve racking.

If Judina had been his age and had to deal with this situation with the mind set of youth, However did that change the moment he was in now? No. Judina sadly had to keep acting this way to him for the sake of what they needed to do currently.

Any other situation, Judina would have walked away long a go, It would also show maybe Judina had deep rooted problems she might not be dealing with. So when he started to cry Judina just would say."So in the face of a great foe you weep in fear? how disappointing for a hero..."Judina could not express her empathy through her act because she was the evil one, no true foe cared about a enemy crying before them, It did not stop a fight or a foe striking.

But when he finally got up and charged at Judina she would acted interested."Oh...in the face fear and danger you finally rise up to face me? Good..." Judina's trying to stick to this character, after all any other situation she would not be like this most likely.

She would continue to act fearless. Judina would act like he dodged her first swing, but when he charged at her and when to block, loosening the grip of her weapon to give this kid a chance to disarm Judina to continue the act.

After all she needed to flee at some point, for the sake of the act and him winning. Masami or Lucifer might not be helping the cause at the moment, For now Judina did prepare an out and closing for the act but preparing to block the charge and loosening her weapon grip, It was a good set up.


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The Lucifer part of Masami rejoiced when they decided that they'd look up to Judina, even if they knew their relationship with Judith Karlinius, a person they have scarred at their most recent meeting. When they remembered what the woman's face looked like when Lucifer had almost killed them, Masami felt great guilt before brushing the memory off to save themselves from humiliation. Perhaps we were a bit too aggressive that time? even Lucifer, too, felt the guilt that Masami had brought to himself, because neither Lucifer nor Masami recalled the last day they met Judith Karlinius until now—Judina had distracted them a bit too much. Alright, then, let's sincerely apologize—the next time we meet that woman, Lucifer still does not like the idea of the woman's relationship with Masami's foster mother—a Nephilim, the enemy of Daemons and Demons—neither was he aware that she had become human just recently, as well. Lucifer's naivety of the situation, surely will bring Masami a great deal of aftermaths to fix.

Instead of dwelling unto the memory for any longer, Masami and Lucifer fixated their eyes upon Judina's act. Let's take her as an actress, she has some potential, subconsciously, there was a feeling of bitterness, knowing that Masami takes pride in such act, and that Lucifer is watching his own vessel blatantly looking up to the said woman with potential—it was as if Lucifer was getting jealous, no matter how subtle this is. At the same time, they were sort of glad that Judina wasn't an evil mastermind, compared to the role of her play. When Masami was thinking of Judina in different costumes, he didn't realize that the play was finally over, and that it was time for Masami to get rescued—whatever way the play ended, Masami being saved is the inevitable part.

"Oh my! It's finally time, wow, ever ordered something from an overseas shop and having to wait a few months for it to arrive? Goodness, my hero, you were way worse." Masami's charm, especially in take-over form, was enough to hide the sarcasm and was convincing enough to make Luca cry in joy, thinking that he was given such an honorable praise. "Why are you struggling? I'm not even that heavy..." was what he added when Luca attempted to carry the rescued princess to evacuate them from this horrid location; seeing that the "hero" will have no way of carrying Masami unless they use magic or if they undo the take-over, Lucifer thought that it was more interesting to do the latter. Thus, snapping his finger, Masami looked younger in an instant. Without that mean demon, Masami can finally act properly.

Now being carried the way he was supposed to be—in the first place, that was—Masami lets Luca feel like the hero he had always wanted. "Thank you for saving me, I really appreciate it," he was tired, and that unintentionally sounding sincere gave Luca the energy to carry Masami out of the set with tears upon his eyes... without questioning how the "princess" became a completely different person in an instant. Some people don't wonder about phenomenon like this, but maybe that's the better deal?



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Judina †
At it's end Judina figured out how she would end the show, with faking dropping her weapon well more like it being knocked away and acting like she had been dealt a horrible blow."Blasted hero....has bested me."As her sword willingly letting herself let go of it and send it flying away from her and the young boy just to kind of let it at it's ending that she would make it simply put what would be happening next.

She would have Alistair covered up to make sure the cattain, dressed up in armour enough to cover up how entirely he looked calling out."Come my steed! we must flee now!"Alistair would be covered armour that made him look like a demon, And so Judina would jump upon this mount to get away."You claim victory this day hero."With that Judina would make a get away from this play, her mission was complete as far as she knew.

Masami would deal with the end of his part and Judina would find a place to return all of the things she borrow in quiet and alone because she did not want to be seen with all of the things she had borrowed, After all this was all over and Judina was more than delighted about it.

Judina got to let out her problems, she felt far better about it. But she did not mention it because she kind of just enjoyed the quiet moment of it. Her mind of clearer now since it seemed peaceful and calm. Something Judina had not felt in a while.

Judina might not know about what Masami and or Lucifer's encounter with his mother was like, Nor since there was not a sign of it ever mentioned to her, Would it really become something for her to worry about it. Alistair and Judina seemed to have taken in the quite moment after returning the the stuff they had and completing the mission.

It was a relief, Judina had to realize that in fact, running from your emotions was horrible."I say that went well Alistair."Judina sounded some what happy with herself. even Alistair knew from her tone of voice, After all her normal slightly monotone voice was gone.



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